Elizabeth Gelman (C/N)

Head of research at the San Francisco Zoo  research laboratory. She was taking care of a snow leopard name Dorje when Dr. Ian Malcolm went to visit her to check her results on the skin sample. She was aware of the unknown creatures washing up shore, and told Malcolm that his material had gained a lot of interest. She had taken close up, microscopic images and then presented Malcolm with a total of four slides in a small  conference room. She mentioned that the pigment cells suggested the ability to change skin color like a chameleon. She noticed and asked Malcolm about Site B found on the tag. When Malcolm denied any knowledge, she knew better but did not push him much further. Right before Malcolm left, Elizabeth asked him how the animal died, because they also found foreign skills, indicative of a fight.

“And you should also know there were signs of chronic vasoconstriction in the arterial vessels. This animal was under stress, Ian. And not just from the fight that wounded it. That would have disappeared in early postmortem changes. I’m talking about chronic, continuous stress. Wherever this creature lived, its environment was extremely stressful and dangerous.” Quote found in the First Configuration- Tag: The Lost World novel. (page 60 in the paperback edition)