Hap (S/F)

Hap was a human male who was hired as an expedition guide for married big game hunters Mitchell and Tiffany. Approximately 22 days after the fall of Jurassic World, Hap guided Mitchell and Tiff on an illegal hunting trip to Isla Nublar, where they hoped to poach dinosaurs as trophies for their collections. Hap was tall, middle-aged, with greyed hair and goatee, and had green eyes. His hair was styled with a swept back high-and-tight haircut, and he had a double lined scar across his left eye. He also had a faded tattoo of a skull and a snake on his scarred left arm. His accent suggests his nationality may be from a non-American, English-speaking country, possibly Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand.

During the 2016 Events of “Camp Cretaceous”
Approximately 22 days after the destruction and closure of the Jurassic World theme park in late December of 2015, big game hunters Mitch and Tiff illegally landed on Isla Nublar to hunt dinosaurs. Unbeknownst to them, six surviving members of the new Camp Cretaceous program were still living on the abandoned island after being stranded there during the Indominus rex‘s rampage across the park. At some point when arriving on the island, Hap assisted Mitch and Tiff in  successfully hunting and decapitating a Sinoceratops, which they stowed in their supplies yurt at camp.

A campfire in the distance.

The campers, attracted to the sight of Mitch’s, Tiff’s, and Hap’s camp fire, rushed into the jungle in search of the camp, believing it to originate from possible rescuers. On the way, the campers were ambushed by a sole Ceratosaurus, which attacked the children. The children were saved from being eaten by a flare fired by Hap, which startled the large carnivore. Hap, accompanied by Mitch and Tiff, then proceeded to fire more flares at the Ceratosaurus, chasing it away.

On their way back to their camp, Mitch and Tiff introduced themselves to the wayward campers, claiming to be “eco-tourists” on the island to photograph the dinosaurs now released to the wild to fend for themselves. The campers believed that the couple had been alerted to their presence by the distress beacon they had set off back on Main Street a week earlier, and the couple played along, claiming to have received the signal right after landing on the island.

Hap using his machete to clear a path.

As Hap cleared a path through the jungle ahead with his machete, Mitch introduced him as their guide, claiming he was highly recommended, and was well versed in camera equipment and outdoorsman lifestyle, but was “not much of a talker.” Arriving at the hunter’s camp, a breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast was prepared, and while the campers made conversation with their new hosts, Hap ate quietly and did not easily respond when Brooklynn attempted to ask him questions. When asked where he’d previously been to, Hap only responded “Nature places” and slammed his plate against the table, saying “No more questions” when Brooklynn tried to push further. Despite the initial gruff response, Hap relaxed when he saw he’d frightened the girl, adding that her food would get cold if she didn’t eat.

Hap confronts Brooklyn.

However, the aggressive respond made Brooklynn suspicious of Hap, and while Darius Bowman took Mitch and Tiff to the watering hole to photograph dinosaurs, Brooklynn recruited Kenji Kon to spy around the camp. When attempting to access on of the yurts, alarm bells sounded, alerting Mitch, Tiff, and Hap to the attempted intrusion. Hap immediately admonished the two children, and demanded that they stay out of his yurt. Tiff then apologized, and pulled Hap away, where they spoke together, and Tiff calmed Hap down.

After the altercation, Darius once again left with Mitch and Tiff to the watering hole, while Kenji and Brooklynn again remained behind, hoping to try to sneak into another yurt. When the two kids tried to access a different yurt, the curtained doorway was pulled aside, revealing that Hap, who had suspected that the children may try to sneak around again. Hap then sat the two down around the campfire, where he waited for the kids to fall asleep from boredom. Kenji quickly fell asleep, but Brooklynn only faked falling asleep, and Hap, believing both the no longer be a problem, left the two kids alone in their faux slumber.

Hap keeping an eye on the kids.

As Hap left the campfire to answer a radio call from Mitch and Tiff, Kenji and Brooklynn awoke, and eavesdropped on the conversation. Overhearing Hap tell the couple that he’ll take care of the kids himself, the two kids fled, only to be spotted by Hap running off into the jungle. While Hap chased the two through the jungle, Darius, and the rest returned to camp to find it abandoned. As the kids looked around, Darius found the Sinoceratops head that the couple had already hunted, which forced Mitch and Tiff to reveal that they were actually poachers, not photographers.

Hap finally managed to corner the kids against a rock with an electric shock prod, only to be knocked unconscious with a stick by Ben Pincus, who had been separated from the rest of the campers during the evacuation of Jurassic World, and been previously presumed dead by his companions. The three children tied up Hap with a long vine, then threatened him with the electrified pole when he came-to. Hap insisted that the kids must trust him, and that Mitch and Tiff

Hap feels shame for what Mitch and Tiff were planning.

would leave them to die, but he wanted to help them get off the island. Hap revealed that their boat was moored on the East Dock, and that he could get them off the island with them on it. The kids debated trusting Hap, and decided to gather the rest of their friends and head for the boat, but kept Hap with them tied up. As they went off looking for their friends, Hap attempted to make small talk with Brooklyn, where Hap seemed regretful for the intentions of his companions.

The group made it to a research outpost seeking a vehicle, only to be encountered by a trio of Baryonyx. Brooklynn used a recovered key card to access the facility, where they searched for a vehicle, only to accidentally open the garage door instead. Cornered by the Baryonyx pack, the group ignited a stack of barrels carrying an inflammable substance, while they fled on a motorcycle during the ensuing explosion, with Hap in the side car.

Hap faces down the Baryonyx pack.

The Baryonyx then chased the group through a crag of rocks, while Hap gave Brooklynn instruction on how to properly maneuver the motorcycle. Hap demanded that he be untied so that he could help, and the kids agreed, and untied him. Realizing the side car made the motorcycle too slow, Hap sacrificed himself, bidding that the kids have a “good, long life.” Using the electric pole, Hap detached the side car from the motorcycle, and jumped from it. As the Baryonyx trio surrounded him, Hap smiled at the fleeing children. Hap was able to hit the Baryonyx with the pole several times before meeting his fate.