1993 Isla Nublar Incident (S/F) / (S/F-T/G)

islanublarNote: This article will cover the alternate canons of Jurassic Park: The Game and Jurassic Park: Survival, either of which may be considered canon to the films but not simultaneously. Points of divergence will be noted after Jurassic Park: Survival releases for players.

The 1993 Isla Nublar incident is a name commonly given to a series of events that occurred on the Costa Rican island of Isla Nublar between June 11 and June 13, 1993. During the incident, a disgruntled International Genetic Technologies employee sabotaged the as-of-yet incomplete Jurassic Park theme park’s security systems in order to commit an act of corporate espionage, which resulted in multiple de-extinct animals breaching containment. Several fatalities resulted, and the incident brought InGen to the brink of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


Between 1982 and 1993, entrepreneur John Parker Alfred Hammond worked to create a resort and theme park which he named Jurassic Park. The attraction was to feature various extinct animals and plants which he cloned from Mesozoic amber samples containing preserved DNA, with the help of geneticists Dr. Laura Sorkin (hired in 1985) and Dr. Henry Wu (hired in 1986). The project had been financially backed by Benjamin Lockwood prior to a falling-out between Lockwood and Hammond over the ethics of using InGen’s technology for human cloning; this would have occurred sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

In 1985, Hammond abandoned his initial planned San Diego location for the park and entered negotiations with the Costa Rican government to sign a lease on Isla Nublar, where he would build his park instead. A local Tun-Si awa was brought in to speak with Hammond on behalf of Costa Rica. InGen agreed to Costa Rica’s terms and purchased the island. In 1988, construction on Jurassic Park began on Isla Nublar. Dinosaurs were shipped from Isla Sorna later that year. Thanks to Dr. Wu, procedures had been developed to prevent breeding and escapes among the animals: the former by engineering them to all be female, the latter by making them dependent on lysine supplements.

In early June 1993, InGen Security was forced to transport three Velociraptors from their paddock to a holding pen due to the raptors’ aggressive behavior. Hammond scheduled a group of five replacement Velociraptors to be imported from Isla Sorna; these were housed in the southern quarantine pens. Additionally, Hammond decided to replace the raptors with Herrerasaurus owing to the latter’s lower intelligence making them (in theory) less dangerous. The Herrerasaurus were housed in a holding pen in the central island.

During the introduction of the three raptors to quarantine, which was overseen by InGen’s park warden Robert Muldoon, one raptor rammed the rear of the transport cage after attempting to intimidate members of InGen Security. This caused the cage to roll away from the opened gate to the holding pen, causing gatekeeper Jophery Brown to fall off of the cage where he had been manually opening the gate to the pen. Despite Muldoon’s attempts to rescue him and Security’s attempts to intimidate the raptors away from the gate entrance, Brown was mauled to death. In spite of his death, InGen Security did manage to introduce the raptors to the holding pen without further loss of life.

Brown’s family threatened to sue InGen for his death, bringing construction on Jurassic Park to a near-standstill. The Board of Directors would not approve of the park until a team of hired experts were brought in to analyze the park and give their endorsement. Legal representative Donald Gennaro was brought on by the Board to contact and hire the designated experts including chaotician Dr. Ian Malcolm, paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, and an unidentified geologist.

The Board reviewed the island prior to the endorsement tour. They recommended that Species (IG74726f6f646f6e) be euthanized in totality despite Dr. Sorkin’s protests, and also suggested that Sorkin be reassigned to population research and development on Site B as she had failed to contribute to InGen’s aims on Isla Nublar. The Board concurred with Hammond’s insistence that the geothermal power plant within Mount Sibo be regularly inspected for new magma vents, and agreed with Gennaro that the geologist initially selected to inspect the power plant not be brought in. The power plant’s control system was to have its access restricted to trained personnel only. Two upcoming attractions, the Bone Shaker and Marine Facility, were slated for Phase II opening six months after the park itself opened. Muldoon’s concerns that the Bone Shaker was too close to the raptor and herrerasaur holding pens were heard, but dismissed. The Board recommended a soft launch of the Bone Shaker during Phase I for financial reasons. Safety protocols for the Marine Facility were in place, marine biologists hired, and public relations campaigns pending approval. In general, the Board retained confidence that the park would be a success in spite of Brown’s death and the impending lawsuit.

Hammond was supposed to meet with Gennaro at the Mano de Dios amber mine in the Dominican Republic, but opted instead to visit his daughter to comfort her in her divorce proceedings. While Gennaro discussed the endorsement tour with the mine’s proprietor Juanito Rostagno, Hammond invited his two grandchildren to come to the island for the weekend alongside the endorsement tour.

Gennaro contacted Dr. Malcolm and convinced him to attend the endorsement, briefing him on InGen’s de-extinction project. Malcolm was skeptical of these claims. Hammond personally contacted Dr. Grant on June 7, whose paleontological endeavors he had funded, to invite him. By promising to continue funding his digs, he convinced Dr. Grant to come; inadvertently, Grant’s paleobotanist colleague and romantic partner Dr. Ellie Sattler was also present, and Hammond extended the invitation to her as well. Like Grant, she accepted it in exchange for funding.

InGen’s head veterinarian, Dr. Gerry Harding, also agreed to bring his youngest daughter Jessica to the island on that same weekend to attempt to address her shoplifting behavior. At roughly the same time, InGen’s lead programmer Dennis Nedry accepted a bribe from Lewis Dodgson, an employee from one of InGen’s corporate rivals, on June 10 to steal dinosaur embryos from cold storage.

On June 11, all of the above personnel had reached Isla Nublar.

Incident Summary

Friday, June 11, 1993
  • Hammond, Gennaro, Malcolm, Grant, and Sattler arrive on Isla Nublar via Agusta A109A N293G at the landing pad. Jeeps 29 and 18 arrive to transport them into the Park, driven by InGen staff. Hammond and Gennaro are chauffeured in Jeep 29, while the scientists take Jeep 18.
  • Jess Harding and Nedry had already arrived on Isla Nublar, presumably by boat.
  • Hammond’s grandchildren, Tim and Lex Murphy, arrive on the island by helicopter at some point.
  • Two additional corporate spies hired by Dodgson, Miles Chadwick and former Isla Nublar native Nima Cruz, arrive on the island at some point, presumably by boat.
  • The endorsement tour enters the secondary herbivore paddock and witness several Brachiosaurus and a Parasaurolophus herd. This would be the first encounter with dinosaurs that the endorsement team had. Malcolm is impressed that InGen had succeeded, while Grant and Sattler are put into shock at seeing de-extinct life. Hammond describes that InGen also has cloned Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Park technician Ray Arnold makes an announcement regarding the last ship leaving the island today, which will be at 19:00 hours (7:00pm local time).
  • The endorsement tour is brought to the under-construction Visitors’ Centre, where they are given an explanation of the de-extinction process. The scientists leave the ride partway through in order to visit the laboratory, where Dr. Henry Wu explains their population control program. Malcolm expresses doubt that it will be effective. The group witnesses a hatching Velociraptor, and Grant asks to see the adults.
  • At the raptor holding pen, the endorsement tour meets Muldoon, who describes the raptors’ dangerous intelligence. The raptors are given their scheduled feeding while the tour group watches. All personnel present express horror at the live-feeding regimen.
  • Endorsement tour personnel are given lunch in the VIP dining room at the Visitors’ Centre. With the initial shock worn off and having seen the raptors’ feeding behavior, the scientists now express doubt that the project will succeed.
  • The Murphy children join the endorsement tour.
  • All members of the group, excepting Hammond, board electric 1992 Ford Explorers EXP 04 and EXP 05 to tour the island. The fore vehicle, EXP 04, is taken by Gennaro and the children while the rear vehicle, EXP 05, is taken by the scientists.
  • Muldoon hears from the National Weather Service that a tropical storm is bearing down on Isla Nublar, currently located seventy-five miles west of the island. The decision is made to perform the tour anyway, under the hope that the storm will make a southward turn like the most recent one before.
  • Endorsement tour passes by the primary Dilophosaurus paddock, but does not witness any dinosaurs, presumably due to the nocturnal habits of this species.
  • Endorsement tour passes by the Gallimimus paddock. The animals presumably were sighted, as Hammond later explicitly stated that there were only two no-shows. However, any Gallimimus sighted on the tour did not appear to make an impression on the guests.
  • After passing several presently-empty paddocks, the endorsement tour reaches the Tyrannosaurus paddock. Arnold sends a goat to the paddock’s feeding station to try and lure the reclusive animal from the forest, but it does not show.
  • Muldoon tranquilizes a sick Triceratops in the primary paddock at the behest of Dr. Harding. Shortly after, Harding finishes showing his daughter the Triceratops, returning Jess to the Visitors’ Centre before heading to tend to the sick animal.
  • The endorsement tour passes by the primary Triceratops paddock. Grant sights the veterinary jeep and departs the tour to investigate, followed shortly by the rest of the guests. They encounter Harding and the sick animal, and Harding explains the symptoms it exhibits. Sattler concludes that the illness has a pharmacological cause, and finds West Indian lilac nearby. An investigation of the animal’s dung provides no trace of the potentially toxic berries, but Tim identifies gastroliths near the lilac plant. In conclusion, the dinosaur probably ingested the poisonous plant on accident while foraging for gastroliths.
  • Muldoon reports that the tropical storm approaching Isla Nublar has not dissipated or changed course. To Hammond’s disappointment, the endorsement tour must be cut short and recommenced tomorrow. The vehicles are turned around, though Sattler opts to continue helping Harding with the sick animal. She remains behind as the storm’s outer edge reaches the island’s western coastline.
  • As the ship C-3208 prepares to depart earlier than 7:00pm due to the inclement weather, Nedry tries to convince Chadwick to delay the ship long enough for him to reach it. Chadwick cannot promise anything, as the captain is set to leave. Nedry uses a command code, whte_rbt.obj, to initiate a system shutdown so that he can retrieve the dinosaur embryos from cryogenic storage without the park’s security systems recording him. The backup generator for the cold storage was also shut down due to the virus, and the insulated pipes delivering liquid nitrogen to the cold storage units were severed (though it is unlikely that Nedry could have done this manually with the time he had). He then takes Jeep 12 and quickly drives for the East Dock, hoping to make it before the ship leaves.
  • The tour program shut down due to the sabotage as well, leaving EXP 04 and EXP 05 in front of the tyrannosaur paddock rest stop area. Sattler is now back at the Visitors’ Centre after Harding dropped her off and picked up Jess.
  • The storm is now in full force, passing over the island in an eastward direction. The Tyrannosaurus emerges under cover of darkness to feed on the goat, and in the process, accidentally touches the electric fence around her paddock. Realizing that the paddock is no longer protected by electricity, she experimentally pushes against it. Gennaro abandons the Murphy children in fear and runs to hide in the restroom. The tyrannosaur breaks free of her paddock and begins establishing new territory. After toying with the Explorer containing the children, she is distracted by Grant using a road flare; Malcolm attempts to do the same, but causes himself to become injured as the animal rams him through the restroom wall. The dinosaur finds Gennaro and uses him as a plaything, to fatal effect. Gennaro is the first known casualty of the incident. Grant is able to extract Lex from the damaged Explorer, but the tyrannosaur returns to continue playing with the vehicle as she had before. She also tries to make Grant and Lex move so she can chase them, but when they fail to comply, she becomes frustrated and shoves EXP 04 over a cliff in her paddock. Grant and Lex escape by rappelling down the concrete moat using a severed fence cable.
  • Nedry crashes his jeep in the stormy weather, and when he tries to winch it free, he is investigated by a juvenile Dilophosaurus that had escaped captivity. After a few minutes of investigation, it decides that he is a food source and attacks him. Nedry is killed.
  • Chadwick and Cruz become anxious that Nedry has not returned, and so bypass an InGen Security guard named Barney as the ship is about to leave. They enter the jungle in search of a tracking beacon in the cryonic stasis device Nedry was given by Dodgson. Shortly before Nedry enacted his sabotage, Chadwick had phoned Dodgson regarding their next course of action should Nedry fail to show. They arrive at and investigate the crash site and find Nedry’s body, releasing the dinosaur from the jeep in the process. They retrieve the canister, but are then attacked by the entire pack which returned after the first one was intimidated away by Chadwick. In the attack, Chadwick is killed and mostly eaten while Cruz tries to escape with the canister. Cruz tries to escape in the jeep, killing one dilophosaur in the process, but crashes it. She is briefly saved when the pack is driven away by rival Troodons, but she is wounded by one of the newcomers and is forced to flee. Cruz, now affected by the poison, tumbles over a cliff and into a service road where she is rescued by Harding and his daughter. They give her medical attention, but this additional delay ensures that they will miss the boat.
  • Grant retrieves Tim from the tree in which EXP 04 had become stuck. They travel westward, eventually leaving the tyrannosaur paddock and entering the primary herbivore paddock.
  • The Aviary‘s Pteranodons escape at some point, presumably during the storm.
  • Sattler and Muldoon take Jeep 10 to the last known location of the deactivated Explorers, recovering a wounded but alive Malcolm, finding Gennaro’s remains, and discovering evidence that Grant and the children are alive. The tyrannosaur returns to pursue them down the tour road. The animal cannot keep pace and gives up pursuit. By now, the storm has mostly passed.
  • Grant and the Murphy children take shelter in a large Moreton Bay fig within the primary herbivore paddock. They encounter several Brachiosaurus.
  • With C-3208 departed, the only remaining personnel on the island are the surviving tour group members, Jurassic Park control room staff consisting of Hammond, Arnold, and Muldoon, the Hardings and Cruz, and Dr. Laura Sorkin and her research assistant David Banks. The storm has made the access road from Sorkin’s field laboratory impassable, trapping her and Banks in the remote north of the island.
  • The Hardings discover that the Triceratops paddock gates are open, a juvenile having escaped. Harding herds her into the paddock, but the jeep’s horn (used to frighten the animal into fleeing toward her surrogate mother) angers the alpha. The older animal rams the jeep, threatening Jess and Cruz. The tyrannosaur, fresh from the jeep chase earlier, attacks the Triceratops while the Hardings carry Cruz into a maintenance building for shelter. The tyrannosaur makes a kill and has a meal.
  • At the Visitors’ Centre, Sattler and Muldoon return with Malcolm to give him medical attention. Sattler confronts Hammond about his failures. He is clearly regretful of the damage caused so far, and appears at a loss for his next course of action.
Saturday, June 12, 1993
  • Grant, having stayed awake all night to protect the children, witnesses a feeding Brachiosaurus. Its activity awakens the children as well, and the group once more makes its way toward the Visitors’ Centre. Along the way they pass through the presumably-empty Velociraptor paddock and discover a clutch of hatched eggs, demonstrating that some of the dinosaurs have found a way to breed. Grant assumes it is due to amphibian DNA, reasoning that the filler genes InGen sourced from certain frogs had included the genetic instructions for protogyny.
  • At the Visitors’ Centre, Arnold attempts to overcome Nedry’s sabotage by resetting the park’s breakers. This shuts down all remaining sources of power in the park, including the raptor holding pen. Arnold reluctantly heads toward the maintenance shed to finish resetting the power so that they can phone the mainland for rescue. The others shelter in the emergency bunker.
  • The raptors discover that they can escape and tear through the fencing of their pen.
  • Both quarantine pens fail, allowing the remaining captive Velociraptors and Troodons to breach containment. This likely results in the death of David Banks, though details are currently unknown.
  • Arnold heads to the maintenance shed. He is pursued by the alpha Velociraptor, which follows him into the shed and stalks him through its passageways. When he tries to reset the breakers, the raptor kills him. The remaining two raptors, dubbed “Randy” and “Kim,” lurk in the surrounding forest.
  • Grant and the children pass through the island’s central valley on their trek westward. Here, they encounter an escaped flock of Gallimimus, narrowly avoiding the stampede and witnessing the tyrannosaur ambush the smaller dinosaurs and make a kill.
  • At the emergency bunker, the remaining survivors note that Arnold has been gone too long. Muldoon and Sattler volunteer to follow in his footsteps to restart the power. They depart. Along the way, they discover that the raptors have escaped, and Sattler makes a run for the shed while Muldoon tries to hunt the raptors down.
  • Grant and the children reach the perimeter fence, and the edge of the paddock area. The power is still out, making the fence safe to touch. However, they cannot find a way through; the sound of the tyrannosaur roaring nearby makes them rule out the long way around. They decide to climb over the fence.
  • Muldoon is outmaneuvered by the raptors, which set a trap to distract and kill him. He is mauled to death.
  • Sattler reaches the breakers and begins resetting them. She succeeds in getting the power back on following Malcolm and Hammond’s direction. Turning the power back on causes Tim to be electrocuted, as he was still holding onto the fence when it was reactivated. Grant manages to resuscitate him. The Big One attacks Sattler, but fails to capture her as she uses the screen doors of the shed to slow it down and shuts it inside the building.
  • Grant and the children reach the Visitors’ Centre. Grant leaves the children in the restaurant while he goes to look for any other survivors. He locates Sattler near the maintenance shed. Meanwhile, Randy and Kim enter the Visitors’ Centre. The children hide in the kitchen, but Randy works out how to open the door. She calls Kim over and both raptors stalk the children. Kim accidentally stuns herself while attacking Lex’s reflection. Tim manages to lure Randy into the walk-in freezer, locking the raptor inside and allowing the children to escape. Grant and Sattler find the children and take them to the control room.
  • The Big One figures out how to escape the maintenance shed and makes for the Visitors’ Center. She is unknowingly stalked by the tyrannosaur.
  • Lex manages to undo Nedry’s sabotage while Kim attempts to get inside the control room in the same way Randy had managed to enter the kitchen. With the power rebooted, Kim is locked out and all park systems are operational.
  • With the park systems up and running, Sorkin is able to see the Hardings stranded in the park and sends EXP 01 on its way to pick them up. She determines that the phones at the Marine Facility are working.
  • Grant contacts Hammond, telling him to send a helicopter from the mainland. Kim breaks through the glass of the control room, forcing the survivors into the ventilation ducts. A helicopter is dispatched while Grant leads the other survivors toward the main rotunda. They manage to escape into the rotunda, pursued by Kim. Using the fossil displays, they escape to the main floor, but are cornered by Kim and The Big One. The tyrannosaur, still stalking The Big One, enters the rotunda through an unfinished wall and kills its prey. Kim, now ignoring the humans, retaliates against the much larger dinosaur. While the predators fight, Grant leads the other survivors out of the building. Hammond and Malcolm pick them up in Jeep 10 and head for the heliport.
  • The tyrannosaur kills Kim and consumes both raptors.
  • The Hardings and Nima board EXP 01 and head for the Visitors’ Centre to get Cruz better medical care. Sorkin is familiar with the venom and knows how to treat its effects.
  • At the heliport, the survivors from the endorsement tour board a helicopter and leave the island.
  • The Hardings and Cruz reach the Visitors’ Centre, finding it abandoned and with signs of a dramatic struggle everywhere. Sorkin advises the Hardings to give Cruz a quarter-milliliter dose of carfentanyl, despite this being a lethal dose under normal conditions. They have no carfentanyl but they have access to an etorphine blend in the form of tranquilizer darts, which Jess retrieves from the Explorer. Harding calls the mainland for help. The tyrannosaur returns to the building and menaces them; Dr. Harding manages to treat Cruz regardless, and they escape through the windows as Cruz recovers. The tyrannosaur pursues them out of the building and is lured away down the road as Sorkin reactivates EXP 01. As the tyrannosaur chases and attacks the vehicle, Cruz takes the Hardings hostage and leads them northward into the forest.
  • A mercenary group operated by a man named Haskell is contacted by InGen to retrieve Sorkin, Banks, and the Hardings from the island. Meanwhile, the United States Air Force is advised to bomb the island with napalm under pretense of a biohazard threat.
  • Bravo Team, one of two of Haskell’s teams sent to Isla Nublar, scouts out the Visitors’ Centre. One of their men, Vargas, falls victim to the Troodons that had been stalking Cruz. He begins hallucinating that he is fighting on a beach and attacks his comrade Garza. The third team member, Linares, attempts to lift off in the helicopter; Vargas shoots it down and kills Linares; he had hallucinated that he was facing enemy communists stealing the aircraft. Vargas shelters in the building as the dinosaurs wait for him to succumb.
  • Alpha Team, the other of Haskell’s teams sent to Isla Nublar, surveys the eastern island in a Bell UH-1N Twin Huey. Alpha Team consists of pilot Daniel “D-Caf” Cafaro, tactician Oscar Morales, and equipment specialist Billy Yoder. After surveying the paddocks, they land at the Visitors’ Centre to find the carnage left over. Morales subdues Vargas while Yoder tries to figure out what happened using security footage. He sees the Hardings on the footage led away at gunpoint by Cruz. Meanwhile, Vargas is dragged away by the Troodons and presumably killed or used as a host. Jess Harding manages to get a radio call back to the Visitors’ Centre, alerting Yoder and Morales to their situation.
  • Alpha Team heads northward in search of the Hardings. An aggressive Pteranodon downs their helicopter while chasing after a flock of Franklin’s gulls, injuring Cafaro and causing the helicopter to make an emergency landing. Cafaro recovers and tries to fix the helicopter while Yoder and Morales search for the captives. In the process, Yoder accidentally destroys a Dilophosaurus egg and incites the anger of its parent. Morales rescues him. They find evidence of the captives and proceed north, following them.
  • At the helicopter landing site, Cafaro is ambushed by Troodons. In his paralyzed state, he is dragged into the maintenance tunnels to be used as an incubator for the gravid alpha female’s eggs.
  • While making for the North Dock, Cruz had meant to use an ancient goat path to travel downhill. However, she finds that InGen had bulldozed the goat path to clear ground for the Bone Shaker ride. The group puts the ride in maintenance mode and prepares to use it to get down the cliff. In the process, the now-escaped Herrerasaurus attack; all four are killed when they are fought off and fall down the cliff. The ride collapses due to the stress of the fight taking place on it, but Yoder and Morales rescue the Hardings and apprehend Cruz.
  • Returning to the helicopter, the survivors find Cafaro missing and the helicopter’s battery still in need of replacement. Morales manages to put the new battery in just in time as the tyrannosaur approaches. A hurried liftoff brings them to safety and northward to Sorkin’s lab.
  • The survivors arrive at Sorkin’s research laboratory. She refuses to be rescued, insisting that she be allowed to continue her research on the dinosaurs now that they are in the wild. Yoder manages to convince her to leave, but she insists on treating the lysine deficiency of her four Parasaurolophus specimens first. She has the Hardings help her draw the animals out of the paddock while Yoder, Morales, and Cruz load her paperwork. Sorkin administers a modified adenovirus into the animals’ water supply; the adenovirus will deliver her lysine cure, spreading through water. This water supply is actually connected to that of the park, so effectively, all the dinosaurs will be cured. The raptors from the southern quarantine pens attack, killing one of the hadrosaurs and cornering Sorkin and the Hardings atop the paddock’s water tower. Meanwhile, Cruz hijacks the helicopter, barely being stopped by Yoder and Morales. In the struggle, the helicopter collides with the water tower and crashes some distance away. Morales and Yoder jump, dragging the unconscious Cruz out of the vehicle before the spilled gasoline ignites and causes an explosion.
  • Sorkin and the Hardings manage to get down from the water tower and get into the maintenance tunnels before the raptors can make another attack. Morales heads toward the paddock and lab while Yoder watches Cruz. In the process, he discovers the cryopreservation canister and learns its true purpose. He persuades Cruz to split the profits with him in exchange for his silence. One of Sorkin’s Parasaurolophus flees past, pursued by the tyrannosaur. When its quarry escapes, the predator turns its attention on Yoder and Cruz, who flee toward the research paddock and lab.
  • Morales witnesses the loitering raptors, done feeding, figure out how to open the service tunnel entrance door. They are now traveling parallel to the Hardings and Sorkin, who are in the adjoining maintenance tunnels. Morales follows the raptors through the tunnel to try and protect the other survivors. Shortly thereafter, Yoder and Cruz enter the area, followed by the tyrannosaur. The dinosaur turns its attention on the parasaur carcass and sole remaining raptor, which tries to escape but is caught. The tyrannosaur claims both as food. Yoder and Cruz flee into the maintenance tunnels.
  • In the tunnels, Sorkin reveals that she has cured all the dinosaurs’ lysine deficiency, to Harding’s anger. Jess steals a pack of cigarettes from Sorkin and sneaks away to smoke one, but is ambushed by a raptor. Morales stalks and kills one of the raptors using his combat knife, and then reunites with Yoder and Cruz. The Hardings and Sorkin are ambushed by the remaining three raptors. They manage to fight the animals with help from Morales, Yoder, and Cruz; Morales wounds the alpha female’s left eye in the scuffle.
  • The geothermal plant’s pressure release system fails. Pent-up steam begins building up in the pipes, which Sorkin claims could threaten the entire island. Jess gets the group into the power plant where they are able to restart the system and vent the steam. The island is safe, but the emergency protocols shut the blast doors around the plant. The three raptors slip inside at the last minute, becoming trapped in with the survivors. While the others make a distraction, Morales sneaks around the raptors to open the blast doors. The leader he wounded earlier discovers his attempt at sneaking around, and though she kills him slowly and painfully, he does manage to open the doors. The remaining survivors escape, pursued by the raptors.
  • The survivors take shelter inside a maintenance and storage room. The raptors give up pursuit and flee, apparently unnerved by something nearby. The group discovers Cafaro’s body with eggs implanted in his stomach cavity. Sorkin admits to knowing what animals caused this gruesome scene. Yoder, overwhelmed by grief at the death of one of his closest friends and the apparent brain-death of the other, threatens to kill Sorkin, who he blames. Sorkin, under threat, reluctantly admits that it is her fault for not euthanizing the animals when the Board demanded it. The Troodons return to defend their nest; the survivors fight them back and escape further into the tunnels. They make for the Marine Facility, where Sorkin assures them the phones are working. While navigating the tunnel system, Harding and Cruz are separated from the others, taking refuge on the surface while Yoder, Jess, and Sorkin make it to the Marine Facility.
  • Harding and Cruz share a moment while Cruz explains her history with Isla Nublar and InGen. EXP 01, severely damaged but still operating, appears and they take advantage of it to ride to the Marine Facility.
Sunday, June 13, 1993
Early Morning
  • The whole group reunites in the facility’s upper level. Cruz’s plan to split the profits of corporate espionage with Yoder is exposed, and Yoder reveals that the island is scheduled to be bombed with napalm. Sorkin, in a horrified state, takes the elevator to the main rotunda to call the authorities. She locks the door behind her, but Harding manages to find the code to unlock it again. They head into the rotunda, where they find Sorkin calling various InGen personnel to try and call off the bombing. Instead, she is labeled a terrorist when she threatens to open the lagoon gates and free the Tylosaurus contained therein. Yoder breaks into the control room to confront Sorkin. The marine animal, instead of making a break for the open sea, rams the building. Sorkin loses her balance and falls into the moon pool, where the reptile drags her underwater and consumes her. Yoder calls the mainland and confirms the bombing to proceed. Yoder decides to abandon the Hardings to die on the island, regarding them loose ends. Cruz refuses this change to the plan; Yoder then decides to leave all of them and take the spoils for himself alone. Jess manages to steal the canister from Yoder, who uses the elevator to head to the surface and drops a grenade into the corridor. The resultant explosion damages the facility, and it begins to flood. They release feeder fish into the lagoon to distract the Tylosaurus, and they all don scuba gear to escape through the caverns that Cruz used to explore in her childhood.
  • Using the rocks and artificial structures within the lagoon, the survivors evade the Tylosaurus and escape via the caverns under the island. Harding closes the gates to prevent the animal’s escape. They surface near the North Dock, where a smaller boat left by Dodgson’s people awaits them (its crew is absent, presumably eaten). Yoder confronts them, fighting Cruz to get the canister back. The tyrannosaur enters the harbor, and Harding uses the canister to entice Yoder into moving to grab it. As a result, he is immediately noticeable to the tyrannosaur and is eaten. The animal pursues Cruz and the Hardings through the harbor as they try and reach Dodgson’s boat.
  • Cruz’s fate is unknown, as different conflicting versions of the story exist. Jess was under threat at the time and the canister was easily accessible. By some accounts, Cruz abandoned Jess to retrieve the canister, valuing her daughter’s financial security over Jess’s own safety; this account insists that Cruz died in the incident. By other accounts, she abandoned the canister to rescue Jess, and the canister was allegedly destroyed. In this account, Cruz survived along with the Hardings and escaped the island via Dodgson’s boat. By either account, the Hardings lived, and Dodgson’s boat had unwisely come with the money promised to Nedry. As a result, Cruz’s daughter Atlanta would have the financial security that Cruz had desired all along.

Following the incident, InGen was left on the verge of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Lawsuits from families of the deceased, money spent on covering up the incident, money lost due to damaged or destroyed equipment, and the $126 million cost of deconstruction on the island pushed the company to its limits. An extensive investigation into the incident was carried out the following year, before Hurricane Clarissa forced InGen to abandon Site B in 1995.

Despite plans for B-52s from the United States Air Force to napalm-bomb the island, no such event ever occurred. Possible reasons for the airstrike being called off might include the legal quagmire of bombing a sovereign country’s territory, even if it was technically owned by an American company at the time. As the Hardings (and Nima Cruz, if she survived the incident) were the only survivors who knew of the airstrike plan, they may have had a hand in getting it called off. Either way, Isla Nublar would remain an untouched region until 2002, with geomagnetic anomalies discouraging commercial and civilian boat traffic in the area. Without human interference, however, Isla Nublar’s dinosaur population took a significant downturn as the island’s small size was insufficient to support megafauna.

Aside from the financial crisis caused at InGen as a result of this incident, as well as the environmental impacts it had on Isla Nublar, the incident had a personal effect on many of the survivors. John Hammond’s views on nature were dramatically changed; over the next four years he abandoned his capitalist approach and became a naturalist in support of animal rights. This would put him at odds with the Board of Directors, as he failed to save InGen from financial collapse. The incident also drastically affected the personal life of Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, whose relationship ended sometime before the turn of the century. Sattler and Grant both showed signs of trauma following the incident, particularly where raptor vocalizations were concerned. Grant did remain a paleontologist, while Sattler eventually left the field and took up writing dinosaur books as a career instead. Dr. Ian Malcolm, unlike the other survivors, chose to violate his nondisclosure agreement and spoke publicly about the incident. InGen’s Peter Ludlow took steps to discredit Malcolm in public, resulting in Malcolm losing tenure at his university and becoming disgraced in academia. Veterinarian Dr. Gerry Harding expressed interest at going back to working at zoos, and apparently did not disclose to his daughter Sarah what happened on Isla Nublar; Sarah Harding would instead travel to the hospital in San José to try and learn the truth from Malcolm. The two would end up forming a romantic relationship, but Malcolm would remain discredited for the next four years until the San Diego incident redeemed him in the public eye.