Isla Sorna: Site B (C/N)

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Isla Sorna is an island off the western coast of Costa Rica, about 10-20 miles from the town of Puerto Cortes. It is on this island that the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park were first¬†engineered. Ian Malcolm went to the island in order to find Richard Levine, accompanied by Eddie Carr, “Doc” Thorne, and (secretly) R. B. Benton and Kelly Curtis. Isla Sorna has many, if not all, of the dinosaurs that were seen in the first novel, and a few others besides. The island’s history indicates it once was a German mine. The mining operation ended and InGen (and subsequently the Hammond Foundation) took possession of it. Isla Sorna is one of five islands in the Five Deaths chain, which involved a local legend about a man who took all five deaths available to him, going from island to island. – It is unknown whether the dinosaur life will survive further after the encounter in 1995. The dinosaurs are infected by a disease known as DX, which has affected growth rates of animals, making them die without reaching adulthood.


This map serves as the “official” map of Isla Sorna in the Jurassic Park novels. This map is located on the inside cover of the novels in the hard back release of the novel. An alternate color version was design by this site in 2007.

This map, designed by T-PEKC, is identical to the official map, but presented in color.

Notable Locations

  1. Main Compound
    Conference Room
    East Wing
    West Wing
    Assembly Bay
    Holding Pens
    Loading Bay
  2. Worker Village
    Convenience Store
    Gas Station
    Managers House
    Swimming Pool
    Tennis Court
    Putting Greens
    Geothermal Power Station
  3. Roads
    Swamp Rd.
    Mounitain View Rd.
    Cliff Rd.
    River Rd.
    Ridge Rd.
  4. Nests
    Tyrannosaurus rex
  5. Miscellanous
    Where Dodgson Lands
    Helicopter Landing Area
    River Dock
    Jog Path
  6. Site B Radio Network points
    Zone 1 (River)
    Zone 2 (Coast)
    Zone 3 (Ridge)
    Zone 4 (Valley)

Isla Sorna Bestiary

  1. Tyrannosaurus rex
  2. Velociraptor “giganticus” (*)
  3. Carnotaurus sastrei
  4. Apatosaurus excelsus
  5. Parasaurolophus walkeri
  6. Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis “calvus” (*)
  7. Stegosaurus stenops
  8. Triceratops serratus (*)
  9. Procompsognathus triassicus “pentadactyl” (*)
  10. Maiasaura peeblesorum
  11. Hypsilophodon foxii
  12. Gallimimus bullatus
  13. Mussaurus patagonicus “vegrandis”
  14. Unknown Tree Herbivore: Possibly Othnielia or Microceratops
  15. Ornitholestes hermanni (?) Levine examined a beached “aberrant form”. He was not able to make a precise identification, but his best guess is that it was an Ornitholestes; however, this is not a complete confirmation, but it is recognized as a species on Isla Sorna.

Native Inhabitants:

  1. Snakes

(x -Genus Name-) – Hybrid
(?) – Debatable or formerly a subject of debate
(*) – Modified Scientific Name only for the purposes of this project.