Jurassic Park Fan Art Design Contest with Hot Topic!

Do you have a design you want to see made into a T-Shirt that is Jurassic Park related? Well Hot Topic is holding a contest on their For Fans by Fans Community about designing your own Jurassic Park Merchandise to be featured in their stores. Below are some Do’s and Don’ts for the contest:

How To Enter

DOs & DON’Ts

  1. DO: Make something original! Have fun and be creative. Research to make sure your design idea isn’t already out there.
  2. DO: Make stylized art! Let your style shine through on your design.
  3. DO: Celebrate the characters as they appear in the film. Keep Dinosaurs in their distinct looks inspired from the films. Keep characters in the costumes they wear in the films.
  4. DO: Properly scale dinosaurs to one another and to humans. A velociraptor is not the same size as a T-Rex!
  5. DON’T: Use any copyrighted, 3rd party or inappropriate materials.  This contest is to submit art designs to be officially licensed.  If it is obscene or mixes 3rd party, or copyrighted materials, it will NOT be approved.
  6. DON’T: use the terms, “Beasts, Cute, Pet, Monstrous or Evil” and avoid goofy puns such as dino-mite, dino-mazing, egg-static, ect.
  7. DON’T: Submit images or pictures from the films. Please create your own art!
  8. DON’T: Create your own characters for the show. Only Characters in your own art style from within the films are allowed.

And here are the brand guidelines:

“Jurassic Park” Brand Guidelines

Brand Overall

  • If human characters are used please avoid the actor likeness – characters should be stylized. Keep characters in exactly their costumes as they appear in the films.
  • Dinosaurs cannot appear to be endorsing a product or holding product/co-branded with logos.
  • “Jurassic Park” has broad appeal but should never verge on R rated material (over sexualized characters or push the limits of blood, gore and intensity).


  • Dinosaurs should never be depicted or referred to as beasts or monsters and are never comedic.
  • Dinosaurs are characters in their own right and must not be anthropomorphized, i.e., given non-dinosaur characteristics. They do not talk, wear clothes, or gesture like humans.
  • “Jurassic Park” Dinosaurs must never be shown with generic or other dinosaurs that were not featured in the “Jurassic Park” film.
  • All “Jurassic Park” dinosaurs were engineered female. When referring to “Jurassic Park” dinosaurs always use she/her pronouns.
  • Avoid words like: beasts, cute, pet, monstrous, evil.
  • “Jurassic Park” dinosaurs have a distinct look inspired by the film. Artwork should leverage that look even if based on scientific findings (such as feathers).
  • Ensure dinosaurs are featured in scale to one another.
  • Dinosaurs should not be posed so that they are intentionally eating various items.


  • Never use puns (e.g., dino-mite, dino-mazing, egg-static etc.).
  • Editorial used on designs must derive from the “Jurassic Park” film.

So now that you’re interested in either contributing or just voting, we’d like to take the opportunity to point out that two contributors (one present and another past) have entered the contest. The Jurassic Park Collection has many of her designs submitted such as “Tour Vehicle“, “Spitter“, and “Don’t Spray It!” and Joshua Malone (known as _Veritas_ to us) who helped out on the IDW Comics integration of information) with “They’re Watching“, “Ur Ass Park“, “Postcard From Hell“, “Evolution“, and “Closed“. Go ahead and click the banner below to head on over to the contest and submit and/or place your votes for your favorites today!

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