Jurassic-Pedia Celebrates One Year

While we celebrate another anniversary for The Lost World: Jurassic Park, we are also celebrating our first two years into operation here at Jurassic-Pedia. We’ve been doing a ton of improvements behind the scenes with appointing some important, familiar faces from the Jurassic Park Legacy days in order to streamline the operation of the site on the back end and behind the scenes. We are also planning to add more features cosmetically to the front page as well in those revisions.

One such change already, for example, our random entry that pops up along the right-hand side now features an image that comes from the article it is linking to, pretty neat, huh? That said most of the other changes have been focusing internally on the operations of the site and security of it as well. We’ve also discovered the need to change up our formula as well to hopefully get people willing to partake in the encyclopedia process and give some much needed transparency to our activities here. We are taking a peer-review approach like a lot of the sciences do, and our aim is to find what specifically the facts say and to embrace that as the final answer. That is not limited to the answer being an ‘unknown’ either for us, which there is a lot of when it comes to the canon and interpreting it. Outside of everything on the Jurassic-Pedia domain we enter our second year of partnership with Jurassic Mainframe, as well as expanding our social media presence by forging a partnership with one the largest Jurassic Park Fan Groups on Facebook as we move forward.

There’s many other reasons why 2018 is a special year here. First off, the 25th Anniversary of the first film and the subsequent celebration was held in Hollywood, CA. Right there at Universal’s Jurassic Park section. Testimonials from the event indicate it was basically the best of all events and utterly awesome. We have some of the questions and answers session embedded on our page here for convenience on our new gestating YouTube Channel. Jurassic-Pedia did have a few of our own were there to record history, survey the surrounding, and take in the sights while at the event. The general consensus of the event that it very much was a blast! Outside of the 25th anniversary we are also getting the release of the new Jurassic World sequel (Also Jurassic Park 5!) called Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. J.A. Bayona directed this and from the trailers we can honestly say we are hooked and wondering the context of everything. We will continue to add and append entries and share information we’ve documented from the Jurassic series we appreciate you staying and checking the site as often as you do. Thank you for the great year everybody!

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