Karen Mitchell (S/F)

Karen and Scott Mitchell at the airport

Karen Mitchell was the mother of Zach and Gray Mitchell as well as the sister of Claire Dearing. Before the events of the Jurassic World incident, she was undergoing a process of divorce from her husband Scott Mitchell. The divorce proceedings were well underway, with the couple both consulting divorce lawyers and apparently going to settlement meetings. Karen was also estranged from her sister, their relationship contentious enough that she would get argumentative with her often.

Karen and Scott both drive their children from their home to the airport, acknowledging that her children don’t really want to go on the trip. The vacation was intended to distract the children from the impending divorce, as well as an attempt to reach out to her sister. As she says farewell to the boys at the airport, she directs Zach to look after his brother, being annoyed with him when he appears disinterested.

After the children have arrived at Jurassic World, Karen becomes distressed when Gray

Karen talking on the phone with Claire
Karen talking on the phone with Claire

telephones her to inform her that Claire is not escorting them through the park. Already distressed, Karen interrupts her business meeting to call Claire. Upset with Claire’s excuses, she breaks down in tears, prompting Claire to promise to spend more time with the children.

Karen and Scott traveled to Costa Rica the morning after the Jurassic World incident out of concern for their children. Seeing Claire, she hugged her sister, asking if she was all right before leaving with both of her children.