Las Cinco Muertes (The Five Deaths) (S/F)

Satellite imagery of Las Cinco Muertes

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Lying roughly two hundred miles southwest of Costa Rica, is a string of five volcanic islands known as Las Cinco Muertes or The Five Deaths. The name of this archipelago stems for old Native American legends of a warrior who was given a choice between five manners of death and chose them all. According to the legend the five executions took place on each these off shore islands. Despite being large islands, the supposedly cursed archipelago never had a permanent colony due the massive amounts of superstitious fear most people held for them.

Jurassic-Pedia map of Las Cinco Muertes

As the name suggests, Las Cinco Muertes is composed of five main islands forming a long crescent. From north to south, the islands are Isla Matanceros, Isla Muerta, Isla Sorna, Isla Tacaño, and Isla Pena. There are also several tiny islets associated with this island chain that are too small to support any animal life other than nesting birds.