Lindstradt Air Rifle (S/F)

The Lindstradt air rifle, produced by an unnamed Swedish company, is type of weapon notably used by Eddie Carr on Isla Sorna. The Lindstradt fires a subsonic fluger impact-delivery dart, which can hold different substances in much the same way as other darts. Eddie Carr loaded his darts with the enhanced venom of Conus purpurascens, the South Sea cone shell, which is the most powerful neurotoxin in the world, and to which there is no cure; even if there was an antidote, Carr claimed that the venom acted so quickly that the target would be dead before they even felt the prick of the dart, acting within a 2,000th of a second, even faster than nerve conduction velocity. Sarah Harding later used a Lindstradt in San Diego in order to tranquilize the bull Tyrannosaurus so that it could be transported back to Sorna.

The prop used in the film was built off an Anschutz 1913 Super Match target rifle. J.G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG is a firearm company based in Germany which produces .22 caliber rifles used mainly for competitive shooting and small-game hunting. The “Lindstradt” logo is a direct lookalike to the Anschutz logo on their rifles.