Lux Alga (S/F-CCJW)

The lux alga is a species of microorganism found in flooded lava tubes beneath Isla Nublar. Although its range is restricted, it is very common where it grows. It is bioluminescent, emanating an unusual purplish-blue color; this was one of the species used by Dr. Henry Wu to engineer lux variant animals that produce a similar bioluminescence. Since the species of alga is fictional, it is unknown whether they are truly algae. Since they live underground, they are not photosynthetic, and so may instead belong to a different clade of single-celled eukaryotes or even one of the simpler prokaryotes such as bacteria. Since they are so prolific in their environment they are probably not predators, but without sunlight to fuel their growth, they most likely get their energy from chemosynthesis.