Main Street – Isla Nublar (S/F)

Main Street was located at the center of Isla Nublar and served as the beating heart of the Jurassic World resort. Newly arrived visitors would be transported here directly after reaching the island, and wrsz_main_streetould be greeted by a wide range of restaurants, stores, and attractions. Main Street housed 20 restaurants, including, but not limited to: Winston’s Steakhouse, Ben & Jerry’s, and Margaritaville, and over 35 shops. Visitors could reach any attraction on the island, either by walking or taking a monorail, from this central location. Main Street had varied nightlife options for tourists of all kind; from an IMAX cinema showcasing documentaries on Jurassic World’s prehistoric animals to various bars and eateries where visitors could eat, drink, and mingle after a long day. In addition to all this, the grand Innovation Center served as a backdrop to all the action.

After Victor Hoskins‘ failed attempt to utilize Owen Grady’s velociraptors to track and destroy the escaped Indominus Rex hybrid, Owen, Claire, Gray, and Zach made their way to Main Street in an attempt to reach Lowery Cruthers in the Control Center. After entering the Innovation Center and finding Dr. Henry Wu’s secret lab being ransacked by InGen soldiers, they were interrupted by Victor Hoskins, who divulged his plans for future hybrids, before he was attacked and killed by Delta*. After this, the group ran outside where they we confronted by the three remaining raptors, Blue, Echo, and Delta. Owen was able to calm down Blue by removing the video-camera that had been attached to her head. Soon after, the Indominus Rex walked onto Main Street and attempted to test the loyalties of the raptors whom hadCIjylVAUEAARMEg seen her as their alpha moments prior, but they had already taken back Owen as the leader of their pack. The Indominus Rex swiped her arm and flung Blue into a column, where she collapsed, the two other raptors retaliated immediately. While the animals were attacking each other, the group hid within a Jurassic Traders gift kiosk; it is here where Gray suggests that to defeat the hybrid they would need “more teeth”. This prompts Claire to release the Tyrannosaurs Rex from to its paddock, but before she is able to complete this the Indominus Rex kills the two remaining raptors, Echo and Delta. Once the T. rex is released, the two animals fight each other to the point where the hybrid has the upper-hand. At that moment, Blue emerges from the rubble and mounts the Indominus, distracting the animal and providing an opening for a retaliatory strike by the Rex. The three creatures continue to fight until the Indominus Rex collapses near the Isla Nublar Lagoon. The mosasaur then emerges from the water and drags the hybrid to the depths, putting an end to the chaos.

Main Street was left in shambles: decorations shattered, kiosks destroyed, and building facades demolished.

*Tie-in media identify Echo as the raptor that attacked Vic Hoskins, but the coloration of the animal within the movie suggests Delta as the assailant.