Modified Jeep YJ (S/F)

A few heavily modified Jeep YJ series were used by the InGen Harvest team to round up dinosaurs on a game trail on Isla Sorna in 1997. Difficult to recognize at a glance, the square headlights and YJ series dashboard from the interior identify this vehicle. Built for functionality, extra framework and lights were added along with holders for equipment such as snares at the front of the vehicle. Like the rest of the vehicles InGen utilized on Isla Sorna, all the Jeeps were painted in a uniform flat olive drab, with flat white InGen logos stenciled on the side. Some carried camouflage netting over the top of them.

ingenjeepThree variants were seen in during the round up. The first variant was of the one that InGen CEO Peter Ludlow, retired big game hunter Roland Tembo, and Tembo’s long-time friend, Ajay Sidhu, directed the round up from. It seated three, the rear passenger seat being open to the elements, the roll cage that protected the front seating not extending to the rear. The spare tire was mounted on the back and the vehicle sported overhead wing doors that swung upwards rather than outwards as is typical of normal cars. Paleontologist Dr. Robert Burke and two other unnamed harvesters were also seen riding in a modified Jeep of this variant.

Scan_Pic0016The second variant was more heavily built, and hunters Dieter Stark and Carter were seen pursuing a Parasaurolophus (nicknamed “Elvis” by Roland) in this variant of modified Jeep. The roll cage extended all the way to the rear of the vehicle, which seated two. This variant featured an extendable “outrigger”. The passenger seat was capable of extending outwards that gave the passenger a clear and unobstructed view of their surroundings. Because of this feature, this variant of modified Jeep lacked doors entirely. Also, unlike the other variants seen, the spare tire on this version of Jeep was mounted on the front of the vehicle.

EnclosedJeepThe third variation of modified Jeep had the least modifications. It’s enclosed cabin had been left untouched, though the rear passenger seating had been removed. Like the other variants, the front windshield had been removed and replaced with a heavy grate of bars, a grill cage and winch had been added to the front, and improved ventilation for the engine had been added by cutting into the side of the vehicle frame. A Jeep of this variation was seen parked next to a group of harvesters that had been attempting to wrangle a Pachycephalosaurus nicknamed “Friar Tuck“. The harvesters were incapable of snaring the Pachycephalosaurus on foot, and while Dr. Burke explained to one of the harvesters the Pachycephalosaurus‘ head ramming behavior, Friar Tuck burst through the group of harvesters and rammed into the passenger door of the Jeep. The impact crumpled the door, and sent Carter, who had been hiding behind the door at the time, rolling through the front seats and out the open driver side door.