Mussaurus patagonicus "gigas" (IDW-JPR)

Mussaurus acts as one of the main herbivore species seen throughout the Jurassic Park: Redemption story. Along with Triceratops, the Mussaurus are taken out by to graze on Lexxcrops fields in secret. In issue three they are startled by a passing vehicle and run away, towards the town of Glen Rose, Texas. During this time the loose Carnotaurus finds them and chases after them killing one at least in the middle of the town.

The mussaurs in Redemption are labeled as “gigas” because they appear to be larger than normal mussaurs, which only reach about ten feet in length (three meters.) The size of the animals varies throughout the comics though. In issue three the Carnotaurus picks one up in its jaws, but in issue four (see first image) they are seen to be much larger than in the previous issues.