Novel-Canon Timeline (C/N)

The Ultimate Jurassic Park – Novel Universe Timeline
Compiled by Andrew Beard, AKA “beeurd”
Italic text indicates scheduled events that never happened, from
Jurassic Park.

1978 Alan Grant begins his dig near Snakewater, Montana.
1979 The Hammond Foundation leases Isla Nublarfrom the Costa Rican government for a biological preserve.Grant discovers the first clutch of dinosaur eggs in Montana.
1982 Donald Gennaro begins employment at the Cowan, Swain and Ross law firm. One of his first assignments is to help John Hammond found the InGen Corporation.
1983 Grant earns his fame by publishing his findings of communal nesting and the maternal instincts of dinosaurs.
September Hammond and Genarro begin raising capital to found the InGen Corporation, including touring with Norman Atherton’s genetically engineered cat-sized elephant.
1984 Norman Atherton, the brains behind Hammond’s dream, dies.Henry Wu begins a five-year contract with InGen, Hammond initially tells him that the “general area involves cloning reptiles”, and grants him a $10-million per year budget.

The Hammond Foundation begins supporting Grant’s dig in Montana, with $30,000 per year.

InGen ships 24 Hood automated gene sequencers (at a cost of $12m) and 3 Cray XMP supercomputers to Costa Rica.

March InGen Inc. pays Grant a $12,000 consultant’s fee for a paper on the eating habits of dinosaurs.
1985 Grant calls off the consultation with InGen, and settles for $12,000.
November By this time Hammond and Genarro have raised $870 million for InGen.
1986 The Genetic BiosynCorporation releases an untested bioengineered rabies vaccine on a farm in Chile.Howard King joins Biosyn and meets Lewis Dodgson.
InGen begins construction of the Isla Nublar resort, and employ John Arnoldas Chief Engineer.InGen begins developing adult-sized containment devices and weapons to handle their currently juvenile dinosaurs.

InGen buys Millipore Plastic Products, which had recently patented a plastic suitable for use as synthetic eggshells

Marty Guitierrez moves to live in Costa Rica.

1988 Robert Muldoonbegins employment as Game Warden of Jurassic Park.In 1988 to 1989, herbivores are fed macerated plant matter and carnivores are fed ground-up sheep extract, three times a day.
October 10 Site B starts taking action to halt the spread of infection on the production lines.
December 18 Site B begins releasing animals into the wild in an attempt to counter the spread of “DX” within the laboratory.
1989 Sarah Hardingreceives her doctorate.From the 1989 InGen Annual Report:
“In addition to its headquarters in Palo Alto, where InGen maintains an ultra-modern 200,000 square foot research laboratory, the company runs three field laboratories around the world. A geological lab in South Africa, where amber and other biological specimens are acquired; a research farm in the mountains of Costa Rica, where exotic varieties of plants are grown; and a facility on the island of Isla Nublar, 120 miles west of Costa Rica.”
January Dr Bobbie Carterarrives in Bahía Anasco, Costa Rica.An 18 year old InGen worker dies in Bahía Anasco after being involved in a “construction accident” on Isla Nublar. In truth, he was attacked by an escaped Velociraptor. After this incident the Safari Lodge security is upgraded
Spring Groups of unknown animals move up into the Costa Rican jungles of the Ismaloya Mountains from the coast, eating only lysine-rich foods.
June Grant’s dig outside Snakewater, Montana, have 100 cases of beer.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) begin an investigation into InGen
July Mike and Ellen Bowman visit a deserted beach at Cabo Blanco, Cost Rica, where their daughter, Christina (Tina), is attacked by a lizard.
July 16 Guitierrez discovers a dead lizard being eaten by a howler monkey at Cabo Blanco, similar to the one drawn by Tina Bowman.
Late July (?) The EPA interview Grant regarding his dealings with InGen.Grant identifies Guitierrez’s lizard as a Procompsognathus.

Hammond invites Grant and Ellie Sattler to visit Isla Nublar.

August Biosyn pays Dennis Nedry $750,000 (of a promised $1.5-million) to steal embryos from InGen. The Isla Nublar incident
The Isla Nublar facility is destroyed.The survivors of Nublar are held and questioned in San José.
October 5 InGen files for Chapter 11 protection in San Francisco Superior Court.
November Scheduled construction of Les Gigantes three-star dining room.Site B is abandoned.
1990 Construction scheduled to start of Jurassic Park Europe, in the Azores, and Jurassic Park Japan, near Guam. Sattler marries in Chicago.
February Malcolm is released from intensive care in Costa Rica. Sarah Harding helps nurse him back to health.
September Scheduled opening date of Jurassic Park.
Scheduled introduction of the Jungle River Ride and the Aviary Lodge Ride.Richard Levine meets Grant at a conference in Peking, and asks him about InGen; Grant dismisses it as ‘absurd’
1993 Hammond had previously predicted InGen to have annual revenues of seven billion dollars by 1993. And with JP Europe & Japan due to open this year also, they should exceed $10-billion.
August Malcolm presents his analysis of chaos theory in evolution at the Santa Fe Institute, in a lecture called “Life at the Edge of Chaos.” He also lectures that debating K-T extinction theory is pointless, and that humans are stubborn, self-destructive conformists.Levine meets Malcolm and Sarah Harding.

Sarah Harding returns to Africa.

Members of Biosyn pose as Swiss geologists while they search Costa Rican islands for ‘large animals’.
Since August 1993: Sarah Harding receives calls from Levine and Doc Thorne regarding equipment, anaesthetic, and protocols that would be useful for Levine’s ‘dinosaur hunt’.
February 10 Levine is arrested for driving 120 in a 15 zone. He loses his driving licence and is given community service; and starts teaching at Woodside Junior High.
February InGen’s assets begin to be sold off.Levine visits an ‘aberrant form’ in Costa Rica, along with Guitierrez. The specimen is burned, however.

The Isla Sorna Incident