Parasail (S/F)

Parasailing was developed by parachute instructor Pierre Lamoigne in the 1960’s.  He attached a parachute to the back of a truck which pulled the parachuter to a predetermined height and was then released, allowing them to practice parachuting.  This exercise was later developed into a recreational sport.

A parasail is a modified type of parachute, sometimes equipped with straps to allow for a degree of steering.  Usually in parasailing, a rider is attached to a harness with a rope that leads to a moving vehicle (usually truck or boat) and the rider is towed along.

The illegal company DINO-SOAR used parasailing to bring tourists along the outer edge of Isla Sorna.  In an unprecedented accident, the company’s owner, Enrique, was killed by an unknown animal off the shores of Sorna.  Ben Hildebrand released the parasail and guided it into the interior of Isla Sorna.  Eight weeks later, the parasail was recovered by Billy Brennan and used to save Eric Kirby in the Pterosaur Aviary.