Gas Grenade (S/F)

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A gas grenade is a type of hand grenade which, unlike the explosive variety used in combat, emit gas or smoke which are designed to disorient those in the affected area. Gas grenades can simply emit smoke in order to obstruct vision or emit actual chemical gas of varying composition which can have negative effects on affected creatures. In 2001, Eric Kirby used gas grenades to save Alan Grant from a pack of Velociraptors on Isla Sorna. These gas grenades were activated by pulling a pin which allowed a stinging gas to escape from the canister. These grenades were produced by InGen–their logo is printed on the side of the canister–probably to subdue dinosaurs in dangerous situations, as Eric demonstrated. The words “neural paralyzer” can also be seen on the sides of the can, indicating that they contained dangerous but nonlethal chemicals.