Radio Equipment (S/F)

The Operation’s Center in the Isla Sorna Worker’s Village. During the 1997 InGen expeditions, the stranded survivors were forced to hike to the Worker’s Village in order to utilize the radio equipment and call the mainland for rescue. It was here that Nick Van Owen radioed the InGen Harvest Base to deliver the news that the Harvest Operation had failed and that an immediate airlift rescue was urgent.

The radio equipment is located at the back of a room that occupies the southern half of the Operation’s Center. A complex radio system, similar in construction to a Ham Radio system, the radio equipment requires a microphone in order to be used for making conversational radio calls. By the time Nick Van Owen made the rescue call in 1997, the equipment had been covered by vines and other foliage that had grown in the absence of maintenance. Fortunately, however, the presence of the jungle foliage had not effected the durability of the equipment, which had stayed in working order.