Toyota Land Cruiser (C/N)

A line of light-weight Toyota Land Cruisers were designed specifically for use in Jurassic Park by the car company stationed in Osaka, Japan.  These fully electronic cars emitted no pollution, in conjunction with the non-polluting policy for the Park in an attempt to keep the air as clean as possible.  Two computer monitors were mounted on the dashboard, attached to a CD-ROM.  Radio antennas were also equipped, allowing passengers to speak with one another between vehicles, and with the control room.

Other equipment inside the cars included night-vision goggles and a park map.  While not in use, these vehicles were parked automatically in an underground garage.  Approximately twenty-four electronic Land Cruisers were parked here, the vehicles used on the tour were numbered BB4 and BB5.

It is unknown what model of Toyota Land Cruiser was meant to be in the tour, but it could easily be assumed it was a model made in 1989, the year of the Isla Nublar incident, or 1990 as new car models are generally released in the fall.  Coloration is also a mystery and is left to the reader’s imagination.