Tyrannosaur Nest – Isla Sorna (C/N)

Rex NestThe apex predator of Isla Sorna was the Tyrannosaurus rex. Their huge size and power allowed the two parent Tyrannosaurus to stake out their own territory in the island’s interior, where they built a nest to raise their young. By the time of Dr. Richard Levine‘s arrival on the island, the Tyrannosaurus had already bred and produced several offspring, which were still so young that they hadn’t yet left the nest. Levine noted that since Tyrannosaurus Rex was a complex hunter, it might also have complex childrearing behavior as well. He speculated that adult Tyrannosaurs had an extended parenting role. He also speculated that young Rexes were taught to hunt by the practice of finishing off wounded animals brought to the nest by the parent.

After Lewis Dodgson, Howard King, and George Baselton arrived on Isla Sorna, they sought out as many different dinosaur nests as they could. By sheer chance, the second nest they came across was that of the Tyrannosaurus. Dodgson’s sonic device managed to hold off the parent Tyrannosaurus, but only to a certain point: when one of their offspring was accidentally injured, the Tyrannosaurus promptly attacked, killing Baselton is short order while Dodgson and King escaped, and the Tyrannosaurus continued to pursue them until Dodgson crashed their car. Just before Dr. Ian Malcolm and his group left the island, Dodgson attempted to steal their modified Ford Explorer, only to be found and taken to the nest by one of the Tyrannosaurus. Dodgson’s suffering wasn’t terribly long: in short order, he was killed and devoured by the baby Tyrannosaurus.