Veterinary Clinic (S/F)


The Veterinary clinic

The Veterinary Clinic was a staff-only area at the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. The primary purpose of this clinic was to provide medical treatment for animals that were sick within the park. This clinic was open air and was enclosed by a chain-link fence.

The Campers discover the caged dinosaurs

The clinic was separated into several different sections, the first was primarily for storage, and consisted of a single shed, with a large yard that had various crates containing food and medical supplies. The second section was separated into dinosaur holding cages, with a separate subsection to put carnivores at removal from herbivores. At the time of the Jurassic World Incident, the dinosaur species being housed inside of the Clinic included Sinoceratops, Stegosaurus, and Baryonyx.

The campers encounter Grim

Sammy, Darius, and Brooklynn would investigate the Veterinary Clinic in their initial search for supplies. While gathering the supplies, they would discover the caged dinosaurs, and decide to free them. Among the animals freed is Grim, whose presence attracts his other pack mates Limbo, and Chaos and they manage to scare all the others out of the clinic. At some point after this incident, the children went back to the clinic to retrieve the supplies.