Camp Cretaceous Episode Twenty One: Eye of the Storm


Brooklynn and Sammy evade the Stampede

The episode opens from the Point of view of a mystery dinosaur as it pursues and kills a Gallimimus. Meanwhille Brooklynn and Sammy rush out of the secret laboratory to attempt to warn the others. However, they encounter a stampede of dinosaurs running their way, which knocks the Gyrosphere off of it’s course. They witness a Brachiosaurus being attacked, and run away to safety.

Back at the Camp, Darius relieves old memories while he and Kenji wait for the boat sealant to dry. Darius mentions that he will go gather supplies for the trip, but Kenji offers to go in his place. Darius leaves Kenji in charge, as he leaves. As Ben arrives, Kenji immediately attempts to delegate the responsibility of packing to him, as he celebrates.

Elsewhere, Darius observes a herd of Gallimimus, writing a description of them for his field guide, even as Kenji calls him to reassure him that he is doing his job. Kenji attempts to pack the essentials, even as Yaz tells him they should go check on Ben to make sure that he is okay after Kenji has sent him on the errand. As Darius attempts to feed a Gallimimus, he is interrupted again by a call from Kenji informing him that Ben is missing, as he tries to reassure him he is capable of searching, just before Darius hangs up on him.

Darius backs away from the dead Gallimimus

As Darius follows the flock, he notices the Gallimimus suddenly becoming agitated and fleeing the area, and sees a dead Gallimimus fall out of the tree after noticing quills stuck. Darius scours his field guide for an answer to the killer, even as he is startled by a nearby noise, which is revealed to be Sammy and Brooklynn stumbling into him. They explain the situation with E750 to Darius, and inform him that there is another hybrid dinosaur is loose on the island. They resolve to leave the Island now.

Yaz witnesses the Yacht being shaken by the storm

Kenji and Yaz follow Ben to a Ankylosaurus herd, where he has introduced Bumpy to a new group.The group head back to the camp. As they reach the camp, they receive a call from Darius that there is another hybrid dinosaur and they have to leave the Island immediately. He tells Yaz to go to the boat while he and Ben would go to gather the supplies and wait for the other campers to go catch up to them. Yaz runs to the boat, reaching it just in time to observe that there is a storm approaching. The campers gather their supplies, as Yaz returns, inform them that the storm is too risky to try to leave in. Darius and Kenji trade blame, and the rest of the camp begin to argue about who was at fault for the situation, as they resolve to wait for the storm to pass, even as they fortify the camp in preparation.

Yaz has a falling out with Sammy, as she is afraid that they will never see each other again afterwards. Kenji has the idea to use the car battery to make an electrified fence. The storm begins, causing Bumpy to become agitated, and he runs off, even as the group hears a distant howling, and they retreat to the safety of the campsite.  Elsewhere, the E750 attacks a group of Parasaurolophus close to the camp, as the rain begins to fall.

E750 roars in agitation

The Scorpios Rex stalks the perimeter of the camp,  brushing against the electrified fence, and becoming agitated, attacking the fence and causing the campers to scream. It is able to utilize it’s infared vision to see the campers, before it disappears, having climbed to the top of the camp to catch them by surprise. E750 leaps down,  and the camps attempt to evade it to little avail, even as lightning strikes a nearby tree, and the fire distracts the predator long enough for them to be able to run away.

Sammy feels faint from the effects of the E750 poison

Sammy is injured as the tail sweeps against her, and the campers are cornered by the electrified fence, as the E750 roars at them. It is met by an answering roar in the distance, as it rushes to meet the challenge, running off into the jungle, as the campers sigh in relief, just as they realize that Sammy has been hit by the quills, just as she faints as the episode ends.




References/Continuities to Lore:

Gallimimus was Darius’s dad’s favorite dinosaur.