Camp Cretaceous Episode Twenty: Clever Girl


The episode opens up as the children utilize the sealant to be able to patch the hole, however Darius notes that it takes 48 hours for the sealant to set. Kenji attempts to hasten the process, but quickly proves Darius right as they reattach the patch. Sammy enlists Brooklynn’s assistance on a personal matter, and Brooklynn asks whether or not she has a crush on anyone, but Sammy instead asks how she might protect er family against Mantah Corp, and asks Brooklynn to help.

The Compy steals the Compass

Sammy produces a map that she found at Kenji’s condo, and they go off to investigate E750, taking the gyrosphere to do so. Meanwhile Kenji informs Yaz that the compass is busted.they encounter a compy, which Darius briefly distracts with a coin. Just then, more compys approach them, as Kenji keeps throwing money at them. A compy grabs the compass, and runs off, forcing Darius, Yaz, and Kenji to give chase, leaving Ben alone at the dock.

The campers chase the Compys, but the dinosaurs manage to outmanuever them, leading them onto the ruins of the Original Visitor’s Center. Kenji is reluctant to enter the building, but they are forced to search the building after they see a Compy enter.. They witness the compies have set the compass on the second level, and determine to make their way up there.

Blue stalks the Visitor’s Center

The group utilizes a vending machine to try to reach the second level, with Yaz going first. As the children make it to the next level, they see the Compys fleeing just as the Velociraptor, Blue, enters the building. The children attempt to be as quiet as possible to try and evade Blue, however, Yaz attempts to get the compass from the Compys. She drops it, but Darius narrowly manages to catch it, even as Blue stalks and kills a Compy, and seemingly runs out. The campers relax, and get back on the ground floor, determined to leave.

However, Blue notices them, and engages in pursuit, as the campers run to the safety of the truck. Darius finds a tranquilizer rifle, but Blue quickly starts attacking the car. Blue jumps on the car, assaulting it from all sides, even as Yaz manages to get the car into gear, with Blue in swift pursuit. The chase results in the car becoming overturned, even as Blue is pinned underneath the vehicle.

The Campers and Blue reach a detente

Darius witnesses the compys approaching, and decides to distract the Compys away from Blue. Kenji runs back into the visitors center, knocking the vending machine with a stick, releasing coins which he uses to distract the Compys. The children then lift the vehicle so that blue can escape. As Blue approaches them, Darius encourages them to back up slowly, until Kenji throws a coin at it, which causes Blue to roar at them, however she does not pursue them as they flee.

Sammy and Brooklynn decide to head to the north as they compare two maps, determining that the section labelled ‘under construction’ is where the lab might be. The children follow the maintenance tunnels unsuccessfully, even as Sammy calls Brooklynn out on her really needing answers on how to defeat Mantah Corp. Brooklynn chases after Sammy, trying her best to apologize, and Sammy accepts the apology.

The Cryogenic unit is broken

The two girls find a lab in the northwest, taking the stairs to find a door labeled ‘E750. Entering the room, they find it in disarray, and scour the room for any clues. Brooklynn finds a laptop, and defers to Sammy to check the contents out, and they see a video of Dr. Henry Wu, talking about the E750, and it’s creation. He details the process of creation of the Scorpios Rex, and they witness what appears to be an attack onscreen before the video cuts out. The next video details Wu describing the process of placing the Scorpios Rex in cryogenic suspension. The episode ends with the children staring in horror at the broken cryogenic container



  1. Ankylosaurus
  2. Velociraptor
  3. Compsognathus
  4. Scorpios Rex


  1. Yacht
  2. Visitor’s Center.
  3. Secret Laboratory.

References/Continuities to Lore:

  • Kenji claims that the old visitor’s center is haunted.
  • Yaz references Hammond’s novel death.
  • Kenji’s  comment about  wasting a quarter on a broken vending machine is a reference to Paul Kirby’s attempt to obtain a snack from a similar machine in Jurassic Park 3.
  • Scorpius Rex is described as the world’s first hybrid dinosaur by Wu.