Camp Cretaceous Episode Fifteen: Step One


The episode opens as Sammy and Darius are forced to guide Mitch and Tiff to what they assume to be the watering hole. As Mitch and Tiff start to argue, Sammy tries to formulate a plan with Darius on how to get away. The four of them eventually make their way onto Main Street, which arouses the hunter’s suspicions.

The hunters turn on Sammy and Darius, cornering them in a gift shop as they threaten them. As the adults attempt to attack them with shock prods, the kids swiftly dump a shelf on them, and attempt to flee with their guns. As the adults recover, Tiff remarks her intent to kill the pair of them, despite Mitch’s statement that they need them alive. Sammy and Darius flee through Main Street, splitting up in an attempt to evade their pursuers.

As Mitch and Tiff stalk them through a dining area, the pair attempt to bargain with them. Sammy inadvertently drops the gun, making noise so as to attract the adults, and they begin to corner them once more. However, the adults are distracted by screeching in the distance, as well as Mitch nearly tripping on a scooter, allowing the children to get some distance between them and the adults. A Compy screeches past them, alerting the hunters once more.

Ben and Bumpy reconnect with the other remaining campers, even as Yasmina embraces him glad that he is alive. They inform him of Darius’s plan, and all of them decide to attempt to help them as they travel to Main Street, taking a short cut through the maintenance tunnels. Making their way through the dark maze, they eventually reach what appears to be a dead end. Ben utilizes Bumpy in an attempt to break the gate.

Ben and Bumpy walk through the Maintenance Tunnels

As the group attempts to break through, Brooklynn hears a noise, as they follow the source down a tunnel to a locked door. She uses her keypad to open the door, revealing a hidden corridor that is at a much lower temperature. They follow the tunnels to another locked door, and upon opening it, are able to access a control room. They begin to try to activate the controls, believing it to be a secret power center.

Unknown creature frozen in ice

Kenji manages to turn the control room power on, even as Brooklynn manages to turn back the lights on in Main Street, as well as the rest of the park. Meanwhile at the control room, Kenji sees a glowing green button, pressing it, which shorts out the power to a tank containing an unknown cryogenically frozen creature. Yasmina manages to find Darius and Sammy on the computer monitors.

Mitch and Tiff stalk the kids

Darius and Sammy manage to trick the hunters by manipulating an umbrella to give a false impression of their real position. Tiff shocks what appear to be the kids, but turns out to be the standee of Brooklynn. Meanwhile, as the power comes back onto the park, Darius and Sammy try to get into a shop, but are alerted just in time over the intercom that the hunters are attempting to ambush them.

As the hunters have them cornered, they threaten them again, but the ACU tablet starts beeping due to the power being restored. Tiff is able to see the locations of all the dinosaurs on the tablet, including the watering hole. Just then, they are interrupted by the sound of something large.  Darius and Sammy begin to run, as they realize that the Tyrannosaur is coming.

Rexy roars at the hunters

The Tyrannosaur approaches, roaring at the hunters as they attempt to flee through Main Street. Mitch and Tiff begin to desperately fight Sammy and Darius for the guns, even as the Rex attacks them. The Rex lunges, snatching up the guns, and causing the group to scatter. Still attempting to get the guns, Mitch is caught holding onto the gun case, as the Rex shakes him around. He is thrown violently to the floor, and Tiff narrowly evades the Rex’s jaws, as she tries to escape with the guns and Mitch.

The Rex roars at the hologram

Believing the Rex not to be able to catch him, Mitch attempts to shock the Tyrannosaur. They flee into the jungle, even as the Rex roars in frustration. Darius and Sammy realize that the Rex is about to head back to the nest, but turns around as she smells the kids. Darius and Sammy are forced to hide under a table, but quickly have to run for their lives, attempting to hide in an alley. However, the other campers in the control room manage to distract it by playing a pre-recorded message, as well as messing with the power settings. Lastly, a Tyrannosaur hologram appears before the innovation center, which the Rex roars back at, allowing the other children to escape.

Darius and Sammy run to safety, even as they hear Kenji over the intercom, then try to inform the others that Mitch and Tiff have gone to the watering hole through charades. The episode concludes with Mitch and Tiff following the ACU tablet to the location of the watering hole.


  1. Darius Bowman
  2. Brooklynn
  3. Kenji Kon
  4. Sammy Guiterrez
  5. Ben Pincus
  6. Yasmina ‘Yaz’ Fadoula
  7. Bumpy
  8. Mitch
  9. Tiff
  10. Rexy
  11. Blue
  12. E750