Camp Cretaceous Episode Five: Happy Birthday, Eddie!


The episode opens with the campers walking through the jungle, all of them visibly tired after having been walking for hours. Ben startles the group by screaming after stepping on a log, causing the campers to pause to discuss their situation. The group is still very argumentative, particularly Brooklynn, who continues to accuse Sammy of stealing her phone, and Yasmina continues to defend her. Kenji steps up claiming that he should make decisions as he is leadership material, then promptly delegates all responsibility to Darius.

Darius quickly realizes they are near the Carnotaurus paddock, and leads the group. Coming upon the torn down fence, they discover that the Carnotaurus has escaped as well. A slip up by Ben, reveals that Kenji told everyone about the earlier incident with the predator. Darius states that the enclosure is due north of the main park, and so they have to head towards the opposite direction to try to reach the Visitor’s Center.  Before they leave, Darius comforts a worried Ben, who fears that even finding an adult will not resolve their situation. As they leave, they are stalked by the Carnotaurus.

Roxie discovers the radio storage.

Meanwhile, the counselors are forced to sit in a waiting room to speak to Claire Dearing, as Roxie argues with Dave over no one coming to speak with them. Dave is of the opinion that they should wait, as he signs his name on an employee birthday card. Roxie picks a lock to a storage cabinet, revealing a horde of radios, just as they all activate just in time for them to overhear the ACU’s failed attempt to confront the Velociraptors and the Indominus Rex.

Discovery of the wrecked Gyrosphere

As the group continues onward, Sammy wrestles with guilt over whether to tell the group about her theft of the phone. However, before she can make up her mind, the group encounters the corpse of the Ankylosaurus and the smashed Gyrosphere from when the Indominus Rex attacked Zach and Gray Mitchell. As the group hears a rustle in the jungle, they initially seek shelter, before it is revealed to be Bumpy. Kenji puts Darius on the spot again to think of a new plan, and Darius decides to go to the field lab they had toured earlier.

Ben encourages Bumpy to follow the group, despite the group’s disapproval. Ben stands up for himself, arguing that Bumpy should follow them, pointing out a van that he had discovered when they claim he would be too slow. The group finds tablets and a radio inside the van, but fail to establish communication. They find that the tablet has a program to electronically track all the dinosaurs, using it to determine that multiple animals are out of their designated areas, and that the fences are down.

The Indominus chases the ACU van

The group is suddenly alerted to an approaching dinosaur as Bumpy becomes agitated, sending the group of Campers into a panic. They get in the van, as Kenji opts to drive the van, claiming to have his learners permit. He starts the van just as the Indominus emerges from the jungle and begins to chase the group.  Yasmina’s intervention sends the van veering off road, eventually managing to evade the Indominus as they come to a stop near the research lab.

Eddie converses with the campers.

The group decide to seek shelter within the genetics lab, quickly encountering a scientist who was left behind in the evacuation. After serving them his birthday cake, the scientist informs them that all avenues of communication are down. Eddie rants about Dr. Wu keeping his work secret from Masrani and Claire, asserting that no help is coming. After being informed by Darius that they drove there, the scientists runs outside and flees in the vehicle.

Happy Birthday, Eddie

Yasmina gives chase, but the Vehicle is totaled by the Indominus and run off the road. The scientist attempts to escape, even hiding under the vehicle, but he is still killed by the Indominus Rex. The campers attempt to flee, but accidently run into a fence, blocking their exit. Yasmina argues with Ben, claiming that Bumpy prevented her from reaching the van, but Ben points out she’d have been eaten as well.

The Indominus continues to stalk the campers through the crates, even as Bumpy once again unintentionally signals their position to the predator in panic. Darius directs the group to make for the van to escape, throwing a rock to distract the dinosaur to buy them time. Yasmina stumbles while attempting to make it to the van, but is saved by Sammy. Darius once again distracts the Indominus, as Yasmina pushes Kenji out of the driver’s seat. Darius barely makes it into the van, as they drive away.

The group reacts to Sammy’s betrayal

Just then, Roxie calls the group via radio, admonishing them to stay at camp due to the emergency. However, Darius and Kenji inform them that the camp was destroyed, and that they are making their way to the main park in a van. As the campers are celebrating in relief, the van stumbles over bumpy ground, and in the commotion, the phone falls out of Sammy’s pocket in full view of the group. Everyone in the group is so stunned by this revelation, it even distracts Yasmina, to the point she crashes the car.




References/continuities to Lore:

  • The Carnotaurus paddock is due north of the main park.
  • The group comes upon the dead Ankylosaurus as well as the Gyrosphere in which Zach and Gray Mitchell were attacked by the Indominus Rex.
  • Character Notes;
  • Dave’s first name is revealed to be David
  • Roxie is subscribed to Brooklynn’s vlog.
  • The group finds an ACU van, and Kenji claims to have taken a tour around their headquarters.