Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirty Three: Mission Critical


The campers tend to Dr. Turner’s wounds, as they think of what to do. Yaz and Sammy agree that they need to find Kash’s phone so that they can go to get some help. The group hide from the BRAD scans, as they are forced to move an injured Dr. Turner. The BRADS run off due to new orders, as everyone except Ben goes off to follow the BRADS.

The BRAD facility

Brooklynn and Yaz witness a BRAD entering a secure facility, as they realize that it is home to dozens of robots, as they overhear Kaz. Ben sneaks into the snow biome to take a Snowmobile, and he manages to find some medical supplies. However, he swiftly has to run to flee from a BRAD. A dropped water bottle forces him to hide underneath the snowmobile, as the BRAD runs off into the jungle biome.

Big Eatie roars in frustration

Sammy, Brooklynn and Darius watch as the Brad confronts Big Eatie and Little Eatie, determining that Big Eatie is suitable for a Test. Suddenly drones arrive, using their invisible walls to herd the Tyrannosaur away. Big Eatie destroys the BRAD in frustration as she attempts to approach Little Eatie, but is herded away. The children decide to follow to see where she is being taken, but decide to head back as another BRAD comes on scene.

Brooklynn and Yaz sneak into the office as they watch Kash attempting to fix the drone operating system. Brooklynn attempts to sneak close to the phone, but is pulled back as Kash throws a fit over not being able to connect. They hide as he walks off. Ben attempts to provide medical aid to Mae, but is reflexively punched twice by her.

Kash forces Big Eatie and Pierce into fighting

Brooklynn and Yaz follow Kaz as he heads to the jungle Biome. They witness him herding the raptors away, and decide to head back to Ben and the others due to the difficulty of approaching Kash. Darius informs the others that Kash wants to use Big Eatie for a test. Meanwhile, Kash goes into his control room, and brings up several monitors, as Darius witnessed Pierce being herded by the Drones into a confrontation with Big Eatie.

The campers watch horrified as Pierce and Big Eatie are forced to fight. The campers decide they must save the dinosaurs. Yaz collapses as she watches the dinosaurs fight, and Darius and Sammy come to her aid. Yaz confesses to Darius that she’s been having nightmares, and reveals the other kids have been having them too.

Darius decides to head in to stop the fight, just as Kash pressures the animals closer and closer together. Ben arrives in a snowmobile, and he, Sammy and Yaz use the machine to work as an improvised battering ram, running over a BRAD in the process. They jump out as the Snowmobile crashes into the facility, having made it into an improvised bomb, as the facility explodes.

Kash heads out during the fight to observe what is going on. Darius is chased by the raptors, but is saved by the drones creating an invisible wall.  Running to the safety of the facility, Darius manages to reach an office. Kash gets a call from his superior, and informs the BRAD to retrieve his phone. Kenji and Brooklynn try to get into the main office, but are eld off by BRADS. In the office, Ben attempts to shut down the fight, just as he witnesses Pierce clearly losing the fight.

Frederick Bowman realizes his brother is still alive

As he steps into a panel, he discovers he can control the drones,  using them to block off the two animals from each other. He is forced to hides as the BRAD enters, and the Drones resume their positions. The Brad retrieves the phone and leaves, Darius runs after the BRAD, grabbing a golf club to destroy it. Grabbing the phone, he attempts to make a call, before Kash grabs it out of his hands. It is revealed that Darius’s brother had answered the phone just as it was cut off.


Dinosaurs/Prehistoric animals: