Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirty Two: The Long Game

Episode 5 the Long Game


The BRAD is pushed into the Ice by Kash

The episode opens as the campers sadly walk back to Dr. Turner after they have missed the plane. Darius decides not to leave, as they realize they have to stay to stop Mantah Corp from hurting the dinosaurs. The group states that they will split up. Meanwhile, Kash utilizes a snowmobile in the snow biome, as they search for the Kentrosaur and the remaining B.R.A.D.. Kash becomes upset that his B.R.A.D. cannot recover the other robot, and pushes it into the icy frozen water.

Dr. Turner, Ben and Darius stay in the tunnels trying to diagnose the Kentrosaurus as it becomes suddenly agitated. Dr. Turner uses her tablet to try to control the dinosaur, as she promises to take it home. Sammy and Yaz rest in the living area, as they start retelling what they miss from home as they fall asleep. Kenji and Brooklynn watch the Rex feeding area as they witness a B.R.A.D. placing pills inside the food, and they rush to remove them just as Big Eatie returns to to feed.

Darius attempts to bond with Pierce

Kenji and Brooklynn decide to follow the Tyrannosaur, as she attempts to feed the injured Little Eatie. Kenji and Brooklynn decide to return and tell Dr. Turner about this development. In the desert biome, Dr. Turner, Ben, and Darius take Pierce the Kentrosaurus as they discuss her research into Dinosaur communication. Darius uses Dr. Turner’s tablet to attempt to communicate with Pierce, as he is somewhat unsuccessful.

Yaz wakes up in her room to find a B.R.A.D. stalking through the living area, as the girls hide under the bead. They manage to observe Kash ordering the robot about, as they stealthily watch Kash take a document from Dr. Turner’s table. Sammy recognizes him, as she turns to inform Yaz of where she knows him from. Dr. Turner’s group is still attempting to assist Pierce, as Brooklynn and Kenji run in to inform them that Little Eatie is still hurt.

Dr. Turner realizes her boss must be on the Island, and goes to confront him as the children stay with Pierce. Sammy and Yaz run into the desert Biome as well, meeting up with the rest of the the group. Sammy informs the group that she knows who Kash is, as Pierce is still very agitated.  Sammy informs the group that Kash is the person who blackmailed her family. The others try to convince her that confronting him is too dangerous. Pierce becomes increasingly agitated throughout this exchange as the group tries to calm him. Sammy uses this distraction to run off.

Dr. Mae Turner travels to the Jungle Biome, as she is herded by several B.R.A.D.s who greet her. A velociraptor jumps out of the forest, and she stumbles back, only for Kash to catch her.  He informs her that the raptors are held off by an invisible fence guided by drones. He uses the BRADs to threaten her as he informs her he knows of her communication research, and plans to utilize it for his own plans.Sammy runs into the jungle biome, just as the others keep her from running into the clearing just in time.

Kash gives the order to kill Dr. Turner

Dr. Turner attempts to threaten him, but Kash sends the robot dogs and the Raptors after her as well. The campers rush to assist Dr. Turner as the BRADs begin to corner her, and prepare to attack. The various campers distract the robot dogs, as Ben and Sammy manage to escape with Dr. Turner. The group runs for their lives, as the BRADs continue their dogged pursuit. Ben manages to destroy one, and Darius does as well Sammy and Dr. Turner attempt to reac the airlock, only to be cornered by a BRAD. Dr. Turner attempts to attack the robot, only for her to be attacked by a Velociraptor. The raptors begin to surround the others, but Sammy grabs a malfunctioning Brad, and used it to stun the raptors.

Kash informs his superiors of Dr. Mae’s apparent death

The group flees off into the jungle as they attempt to care for an injured Dr. Turner. Sammy apologizes to the group for running off.  The group decides to play the long game, even as Kash observes his destroyed units, seeing Dr. Turner, and calling his superiors, informing them that this presents an opportunity. Ben, watching from the shadows, realizes Kash has a phone and decides to follow him.

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