Camp Cretaceous Episode Twenty Three: A Shock to the System


The episode opens up as the campers watch over Sammy’s recovery after taking the antidote. The campers decide to leave the island as soon as possible, and gather supplies to be ready for the journey. As the campers are busy, Ben runs off into the Jungle after Bumpy. Meanwhile, Sammy embraces Yaz in gratitude for saving her, as she is still weak from her injury. The campers notice that Ben is missing, and Darius tells them that he is going alone to go find him.

As the other campers protest, Darius distracts them and disappears off into the jungle on his own to find his friend. Kenji resolves to go to the boat and wait for Darius. The children notice that the Scorpios Rex’s trampling has messed up the path, and now they are lost. Sammy is still weak from her injury, as Yaz reassures her. Kenji and Brooklynn do not have much luck finding the path, as Sammy needs to take a water break. Sammy tells Yaz that she is freaking the rest of the group out by the way she was acting in attempts to reassure Sammy.

The Bioluminescent Parasaurs stampede

Meanwhile, the group is forced to take shelter from a rampaging herd of Parasaurolphus as they are fleeing. Kenji realizes the dinosaurs are making a path in their panic, and exhorts the group to follow them. Finding his bearings, he proceeds to follow the pathway to the dock, even as the Scorpios attacks the group, killing many dinosaurs as it chases them. They make it to the yacht, running for safety as they board it.

Ben saves Darius

Darius turns off his radio, as he looks for Ben.  Hearing rustling noises in the undergrowth, he is scared, until it turns out to just be a Sinoceratops that has been injured by one of the poison quills. Darius attempts to remove the quill, but this causes the dinosaur to become agitated and attack him. Darius barely manages to run away, even as he narrowly falls off of a cliff. The cliff falls out from under him, but he is saved by Ben in the nick of time.

Ben is worried about Bumpy’s whereabouts, telling Darius to return to the boat if he wants, but he follows him instead. They come across Bumpy after a short period of searching. Ben hesitates, claiming he does not want to leave the Island. Darius insists they can all go together, but Ben claims to be happy on the island. The two argue, and it escalates into a physical fight, as Darius tries to convince him to stay. Just as Ben is about to hit him, Darius cries out that he is not abandoning him again, as Bumpy cries.

The Ankylosaurs maneuver to protect Bumpy

Ben and Bumpy walk back to the Ankylosaurus herd, as Bumpy receives a warm welcome. Darius receives a call from Brooklynn informing him of the attack. Just as Darius is about to leave, the Scorpios attacks the Ankylosaur herd, but the Ankylosaurs mobilize in formation to protect Bumpy. Scorpios circles the herd looking for an opening, even as Darius prevents Ben from running to Bumpy’s defense. Scorpios finally gives up and stalks away.

The two Scorpios Rex encounter one another

Ben realizes that the herd can protect Bumpy better than he can, but still resolves to stay, on the condition that he go to the boat to say goodbye to everyone. As the sun rises, Darius and Ben race for the boat. However as the episode ends, it is revealed that the dock is empty, and Scorpios rex stalks out of the jungle as it proceeds to attack the children, as a second one appears from behind a tree.



  1. Ankylosaurus
  2. Parasaurolophus
  3. Sinoceratops
  4. Scorpios Rex