Chaos Theory Episode Six: Free Fall


The episode begins on a flashback as Brooklynn is assisting Yaz through her PTSD by enrolling her in Dino Immersion Therapy. The two discuss Yaz’s relationship issues, and Yaz’s hopes for going to college. In the present, Yaz receives a phone call from Sammy, but hesitates before she answers it.

Ben and Sammy are in the car driving as Sammy is finally able to have a conversation with her girlfriend. They inform her that they are coming to visit her. After the call, Sammy confides in Ben that she worries over Yaz still dealing with her PTSD. The van reaches a gatehouse which leads to a protected Island, marked as a ‘Dinosaur Free Zone’. They are allowed admittance into the Island as the gates close behind them.

Yaz greets the both of them as they arrive on the Island. Ben and Sammy try to convince her to leave the Island and that they are being hunted. However, Yaz believes they might be safer on the Island. Yaz shows the pair of them around the Island, as she explains after the incident at Big Rock, a market for dinosaur free zones popped up. The Island is meant to be a place for people to heal from dinosaur related trauma.

Yaz explains the Island’s defences, and she shows them a hologram simulating various dinosaurs, which is used for dinosaur therapy. Sammy again tries to convince Yaz to go, but Ben blurts out that they are being pursued by people using dinosaurs to hunt them, and that Brooklynn may have been the first victim. Yaz becomes upset that Sammy didn’t tell her earlier, and the two begin arguing. Sammy storms off, leaving Ben and Yaz to talk it out.

As Ben and Yaz talk about their relationship issues, just as they hear a dinosaur roaring in the distance. Just then, a Becklespinax emerges from the trees and pursues the pair of them.  Ben and Yaz run into the car, a civilian attempts to follow them, but is killed by the animal. As Ben drives off, Yaz attempts to call Sammy. However, Sammy is wandering off into the tunnel leading out of the island, just as Ben’s van drives towards her, still pursued by the animal.

Yaz reaches for Sammy, but the Becklespinax rams the car, attempting to get inside the vehicle. Sammy manages to get in while the Becklespinax is still trying to break through. Ben backs up the car, making a break for it, however they are forced to stop due to a second Becklespinax emerging on the other side. Yaz realizes the gate was intentionally left open. Cornered, they see DPW agents arrive, but they are attempting to hit the van and not the Becklespinax. As Ben attempts to escape, the Becklespinax pushes the van over the bridge, and both the van and the animal fall off, just as the DPW agents watch, and walk away from the scene.


  1. Sammy Guiterrez
  2. Yasmina ‘Yaz’ Fadoula
  3. Ben Pincus
  4. Brooklynn


  1. Stegosaurus
  2. Becklespinax


  1. Dinosaur Free Zone
  2. Dinosaur Immersion Therapy


  1. The flashback in this episode is stated to be from 14 months before the events of the show.
  2. Yaz is going to college in Wyoming.