Camp Cretaceous Episode Seven: That Night


The episode begins with Yaz awakening in the submerged van, realizing her friends are still recovering, and the van is rapidly filling with water. As the group comes to, they see the Becklespinax outside of the van. The animal continues to attack the van, causing more water to flood inside.

The group realize that attempting to staunch the leaks is futile, and that they cant break through or leave the vehicle without help. As the Becklespinax climbs on the van to reach the surface, the van knocks against an underwater pole, and a door is opened, completely flooding the vehicle. The group use this as their chance to escape and swim to the surface. As the group catches their breath on the surface, they are thankful to be alive.

Sammy and Yaz realize both their phones are too water damaged, and Ben tosses them away.  They watch from a hiding place as the DPW agents force the Becklespinax back into the trailer. Just as the DPW agents are occupied, Sammy, Yaz and Ben hide on the truck.

Elsewhere, Darius and Kenji thank their rescuer as they drive away from the halfway house.  The group is forced to pull over due to Kenji having a panic attack over his father’s death, and Kenji embraces Darius. Darius recognizes the man as being an agent of the DPW, who was there the night Brooklynn died.  The man identifies himself as Mateo, and Kenji and Darius interrogate him about Brooklynn’s death.

Mateo claims the Allosaurus was there on purpose, and the other two agree to get back in the car with him.  After some time driving, Mateo confesses that he was a truck driver for the DPW, and accepted an offer for overtime pay. He was aware that some of these drops were contributing to the black market. However, that night for his delivery, no other truck showed to collect the animal. Just as he stopped, the lock on the truck let the animal loose, and the Allosaurus exited the truck.

The Allosaurus stalked him before it turned, and assaulted Brooklynn. Too terrified to move, Mateo believed the Allosaurus to have killed her, and waited until the animal left before inspecting the scene. He picked up Brooklynn’s phone, pocketing it just before Darius emerged from the bushes. They both stare in horror at the blood, and the Allosaurus runs as the DPW agents show up to the scene. After he still received his payment, Mateo realized that he’d been set up. The encounter made him quit the DPW.

Mateo further explains that he was able to track Darius down through the aid of his daughter’s internet research. He proceeds to give Brooklynn’s phone to Darius and Kenji. Darius confesses that Brooklynn had called him to the scene before her death as she had wanted to show him something. Darius unlocks Brooklynn’s phone, and realizes by using the map that Brooklynn has a home in Colorado nearby, and they decide to hide there.

Reaching the apartment, Mateo takes his leave of them and the pair thank him. The two of them enter the apartment. Darius finds a press release from Regional Director Dudley Cabrera of the DPW, and he manages to turn on Brooklynn’s laptop. He finds that the laptop was left on Dinotracker, and that she was on Dark Jurassic. Darius finds several potential leads such as an invoice for various ‘assets’, and he realizes that Brooklynn was getting involved with the dinosaur black market, and realizes that the DPW is involved heavily.

Kenji calls Darius into the closet where they find a bag full of money in various denominations, including a business card from Daniel Kon. Realizing there’s millions of dollars in the bag, Kenji becomes upset, and argues that they should go to the dinosaur drop listed on Dark Jurassic. The two leave the apartment as they resolve to follow this lead.


  1. Sammy Guiterrez
  2. Yasmina ‘Yaz’ Fadoula
  3. Ben Pincus
  4. Kenji Kon
  5. Darius Bowman
  6. Brooklynn
  7. Mateo
  8. Half Blind Allosaurus
  9. Hiraya


  1. Becklespinax
  2. Parasaurolophus
  3. Ankylosaurus
  4. Sinoceratops
  5. Allosaurus


  1. Brooklynn’s Apartment
  2. Dinosaur Free Zone