Robert Burke (S/F)

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One of the most revered paleontologists in the world. His theories on the Tyrannosaurus rex have made him most famous. Dr. Robert Burke spent most of his time on digs and lecturing college students at universities. He spent hours of his life studying the bones of dinosaurs and trying to recreate for everyone the habits of dinosaurs. InGen recruited him for his scientific genius, and his knowledge turned out to be valuable when identifying the different species of dinosaurs, even though he incorrectly identified a Composognathus as Procompsognathus. While Dr. Burke was attempting to flee the female Tyrannosaurus, he unfortunately became her meal when he panicked to find a Pueblan Milk Snake crawling down his shirt.

Dr. Robert Burke was played by Thomas F. Duffy and was meant to be a portrayal of real-life paleontologist Robert T. Bakker.