Mobile Field Systems (S/F)

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Mobile Field Systems is a company that was managed by field equipment expert Eddie Carr. The shop is where Eddie Carr was preparing for the Gatherer Expedition to Isla Sorna to preserve and document the animals present on the island. Located in a warehouse, the shop is comprised of two levels. The first level is where the main construction activities take place and is seen cluttered with the vehicles Eddie has been tasked to build as well as various other equipment. One end of the shop is cut open with a set of large doorways where a rail-road track is built into the floor. The second level has space for office areas. Several artist benches  for designing vehicles as well as desktop computers are located here.

Eddie OfficeIn 1997, Carr was commissioned by InGen founder Dr. John Hammond to build a series of vehicles and equipment pieces for an expedition to Isla Sorna, InGen’s Site B. Mobile Field Systems built a set of specialized RV trailers from a pair of Fleetwood RVs. These were connected by an accordion walkway. Also built were a trio of Mercedes-Benz M-class AAVs. All were customized with barred windows and observational equipment. However, only the Fleetwood RVs and two of the M-Class AAVs actually went to the island. Mobile Field Systems also built an observation platform they called a “high hide“, which could be lifted into a tree via a car winch, and would be used to observe and document dinosaurs without interference. It is unknown what became of Mobile Field Systems, or the last Mercedes M-class after the death of Eddie Carr on Isla Sorna. The only known evidence as to the existence of this company in the Film Canon is a small sticker beneath the video feed monitors in the trailers.