InGen Harvester Encampment – Isla Sorna (S/F)

Nestled in a valley, surrounded by several rocky outcroppings, the InGen Camp was where the InGen Harvester Team, headed by Peter Ludlow, Roland Tembo, and Dieter Stark, had made base camp to capture specimen’s from InGen‘s now abandoned Site B Facility. Located near a small creek surrounded by the rock outcrops and tropical forest on the Northeastern side of Isla Sorna, the camp was broken up into two areas: living quarters and product storage. The living area of the camp held the InGen supplies tents, parking space for vehicles, room for small campfires, as well as one large canopy tent that held audio visual equipment and a scale model of the arena part of Jurassic Park: San Diego. The product storage held the caged dinosaurs that were to be brought to the mainland. This area was secluded and farther back into the forested area than the living quarters portion of the Encampment. Among the regular harvesting vehicles was an a large satellite dish on the back of a Hummer to maintain contact with the mainland.

Once the camp was completely built, Ludlow gave a progress report the the InGen board of directors on how far their operation had succeeded to that point. However John Hammond‘s research team hunted down the encampment to find out how far InGen’s mission had progressed under Peter Ludlow’s direction. At this point, Nick Van Owen revealed his alternative role that Hammond assigned him to as a saboteur hired in case the Harvest Team arrived while Hammond’s documentation team was still on the island. With Sarah Harding joining him, the two snuck into the dinosaur portion of the camp and released all the dinosaurs before moving to the Harvester’s vehicles. With the vehicles, the two snipped the fuels lines which ignited once the escaped dinosaurs rampage their way through the camp in an effort to flee the area. Chasing hunters and trampling supplies and equipment, one of the Hummers ignited and was sent flying to the air where it narrowly avoidwd hitting Roland and Ajay who had set up a makeshift trap to capture the Tyrannosaur buck.

Photo6In the aftermath, Roland found a cut padlock near the dinosaur cages, leading him to discover the presence of the other team. After rescuing the Gatherer’s team in the aftermath of the Trailer attack, both parties returned to gather what supplies were left at the smoldering remnants of the InGen Camp. There, they decided their next move and eventually chose on hiking to the abandoned Worker’s Village, which still had access to electricity due to it’s geothermal power source, in order to make a distress call to the InGen Harvest Base.