InGen Harvesters (S/F)

6ac6b3d1e470a7bf35e83f0784d9915cA group of hunters hired by InGen which were taken to Isla Sorna in order to round up dinosaurs to take to the mainland.  Armed with snares, tranquilizer darts and tasers, they collected several dinosaurs and kept them in cages at their camp until they were let loose by Nick Van Owen and Sarah Harding.  With the equipment destroyed, the hunters and the explorers made their way to the Worker’s Village.

When the Tyrannosaurus Rex awakened the hunters, they panicked and fled and eventually made it to a field of long grass inhabited by Velociraptor.  The Raptors ambushed the hunters, first taking them out from behind.  When their presence was discovered and the hunters panicked once again, the remainder of the hunters was killed.

Various vehicles used by the InGen Harvesters: