Glen Rose, Texas (IDW-JPR)

This is where a majority of the story takes place. Home of Dinosaur Valley Park in the comics, which is the location where the new Jurassic Park scientists are creating the dinosaurs this time. Once the dinosaurs are on the loose they run amok through the town and the surrounding area.

Glen Rose in reality is home to one of the most significant paleontological finds ever made. In the Paluxy River bed there are some very well preserved dinosaur tracks of both herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs from around 113 million years ago. It’s also home to Dinosaur Valley State Park, which plays a vital role in the Redemption story. Dinosaur Valley is where Tim and the shady investor (Ludlow) set up operations and the cloning facility for the new Jurassic Park.

Glen Rose in Redemption is seen as a fairly small town, but in real life it is bigger than what it seems to be depicted in the comics. It is home to nearly 2,122 people. (year 2000 stats from also really is a nuclear plant near Glen Rose though. The Comanche Peak Steam Electric power plant is a two-unit nuclear fueled power plant. The plant plays a fairly important role in the Redemption story. The lake outside of the power plant is where a loose Mosasaurus claims its territory, and it’s also where the final show down of the series between the people and the dinosaurs takes place. The Giganotosaurus heads towards the power plant because it’s attracted to the alarm that the workers set off when the mosasaur started attacking. Once there the people shut off the alarm in time before the large theropod dinosaur destroys the complex. Velociraptors then attack the giganotosaur before it attacks the humans, which forces the giganotosaur into the water where the large carnivore and the Mosasaurus battle it out.