Topps Comic Book Canon Continuity Notes

– Missing Issues and their canonicity?
The Return to Jurassic Park series is missing at least four issues from final release in continuity. Do these count as placements into the series if they were canceled? There is no way to know what content these comics would contain otherwise than their general storyline and on top of this they were purely only listed in the conceptual stage of development. Unlike the cutscenes for the films these films have nothing other than a paragraph to explain, generally, what the story was to be about.

– The Jurassic Park 3 Factor
With no comic adaptation of Jurassic Park 3 for the comics it is therefore canon in this series that JP3 does not exist anywhere in the continuity.

– Super Raptors, Muldoon from the dead, and more.
A lot of the problems that arise from the comics are the multiple contradictions that exist and fantastical story elements that take place in the many series out there. Example, Muldoon rising from the dead and proclaiming he escaped his fatal encounter with the Velociraptors as he was merely playing with them. In the film we know this is impossible due to the fact that an unidentified Velociraptor mauled him to death as he was distracting the Raptors so Ellie could restore power to Jurassic Park’s computer systems. Another element, that appeared in Jurassic Park 3, is the Super Raptor. The “Super Raptor” in this case shows the nublarensis being able to communicate on a level compared to the Sornaensis and even bestows names upon the Velociraptors to humanize them in the Raptors, Raptors Hijack, and Raptors Attack series respectively. Other elements that discredits the comics from from the strong and varying futuristic almost X-Men style designs of the control room on Isla Nublar, in fact there is no clear and consistent view of the control room throughout the Jurassic Park Series.

– The Lost World Comic, and what it does.
The Lost World: Jurassic Park comic adaptation is directly from the film and a lot of the cutscenes were included (like in the Jurassic Park film adaptation) that had existed in the film. Unknowingly when the boardroom scene was adapted over to the comic from the film the “Muldoon Risiing from the Dead” bit changes the storyline of the Raptors series and the Return to Jurassic Park series drastically. The only way to reconcile this fact is to suggest that Muldoon again died in the span after Return to Jurassic Park and before The Lost World Jurassic Park’s comic adaptation.

– Nublar and it’s many dinosaurs.
We have to keep in mind in the comics that we’re operating in a range before a sequel’s storyline or plot was even made. The comic’s writers took many assumptions and canon mixing to make the stories interesting and fulfilling.

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