Jurassic World Security Officer Costuming Guide

Adding to our pantheon of costuming guides is the Jurassic World Security Officer. A popular costume often seen at conventions along with others like Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and the Park Vets, the Security Officer is a fairly straight forward and lightly customizable costume.

The shirt is fairly recognizable by its double arching pocket flaps, pinch spots at approximate badge location, and front pleating as the polyester short-sleeve uniform shirt in tan by the brand First Class. This shirt is available through Wal-Mart and other retailers both online and in store. This shirt is customized with a sewn-on Jurassic World Security patch on each of the sleeves. The patches are available through many fan vendors on both eBay and Etsy. The shirt also has a black clip-on police-style tie, like the one made my Rothco.

Original screen-used shirt (above)

Original screen-used patch (above)


The pants are Dickie’s brand original 874 work pants in Air Force blue. The pants are IDed by the label on the pants seen when a security officer is attending to a park cook. The pants are accompanied by a brown leather belt with squared buckle.

Note the Dickie’s logo just above the back pocket.



The boots are never seen close up, and are fairly nondescript dark brown leather work boots. Really any dark brown leather work boot would work. The pairs worn in the movie appear to be at least 6 inches tall, but this may be negotiable as the pant hem hangs over the tops of the boots. Pictured below is a pair of Red Wing boots.

The hat worn by the security officers is fairly unique, and can be IDed as a straw US National Park Service hat. The official manufacturer of the NPS hats is by Stratton Hats, with their NPS S44 model of hat. The hats are identified by their shallow dents, tall crown, and the triple vent holes above the chinstrap holes in the brim. The hats have a black ribbon, also available to add on the Stratton website, here: https://strattonhats.com/products/uniform-hats/straw/border-patrol-hat/


NPS S44 straw hat

Along with the various uniform pieces, the security officers also possess a number deco on their uniforms, including a metal badge and a radio. The radio is IDed as a EF Johnson Viking VP6000 radio with lapel speaker mic. The radio is worn attached to the belt at the hip, with the speaker mic attached to the epaulette of the shirt. In the movie, the radio is seen worn at either hip side, so pick whichever is best for you.Security Badge
Security officers wear a silvered metal badge above their left chest pocket. Replicas are available through various providers. Pictured is the replica available from Merchoid.

ID Badge
Like other Jurassic World employees, the security officers wear an ID badge. Theirs are pinned to their right breast pocket, though in promotional material the badge is secured on a lanyard, which may also contain other small Jurassic World related badges. The lanyard is optional.

Badge template by Jurassic Outpost.
Accurate lanyard pattern (optional)