Kadasha (S/F)

Kadasha is an 8 year old girl who goes on a camping trip with her parents and two siblings to Big Rock National Park in northern California, and survives an Allosaurus attack that occurred there.

One evening while camping in the park, Kadasha is helping her father cook chicken legs for dinner. Her father tells her that the chicken is cooked perfectly, being crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, but Kadasha notes that this is not his supposed secret recipe. Kadasha is shooed back into the camper by her father, being warned about bears.

Kadasha tells her mother, Mariana, that dad burned the chicken, but Mariana calls is Chicago style. Kadasha joins the dinner table, and begins being entertained by her brother with attempts at magic card tricks. However, Kadasha is not impressed with the attempt and simply tells her dad that her brother can’t do magic. Kadasha then knocks over the deck of cards, but is then chastised by her parents. Mariana suggests playing “Best of Day” and Kadasha tells her parents that Greg let her use his crossbow, which her father then yells at Greg for.

Noticing that the campground has suddenly cleared, the family is surprised to spot a large, adult Nasutoceratops enter the communal area. As the Nasutoceratops begins foraging and nipping at a cooler, Kadasha’s brother asks if it’s supposed to eat people food, to which Kadasha responds that it’s a dinosaur, it eats whatever it wants. When her father asks how the ceratopsian got to the campground, Kadasha says that they migrate, and that one had been spotted in the woods behind her school.

When her mother worriedly brings up a separate incident north of Big Rock National Park, Kadasha notes that that particular incident involved a carnivore, and that this dinosaur, a Nasutoceratops, identified by its horns, is an herbivore. At this point, a second Nasutoceratops makes its appearance, an infant, much to the delight of Kadasha. However, the delight is short lived as an adult Allosaurus makes its appearance.

As the two dinosaurs square off, Mariana asks what the new dinosaur is, and Kadasha identifies the animal as the carnivorous Allosaurus. The Allosaurus rounds the campfire, and snatches the infant Nasutoceratops, making Kadasha shout out in fear for the little dinosaur’s safety. The Nasutoceratops infant gets away, which Kadasha cheers for, and the adults dinosaurs begin to fight. As the Allosaurus gets the upper hand, a second adult Nasutoceratops appears, making the Allosaurus think twice about attacking.

As the trio of Nasutoceratops go back into the forest, Kadasha’s baby brother begins to cry, attracting the Allosaurus, which flips their camper, and briefly knocking out the family. As the family comes-to, the parents rush to retrieve their baby as the Allosaurus quickly begins to close in. As the Allosaurus shreds the RV, Kadasha and her brother huddle together in fear. As the two siblings escape through a broken window in the camper, their parents begin defending the family using a piece of broken metal and a fire extinguisher. Just as the parents are about to be eaten, Kadasha fires uses the crossbow to fire two bolts into the Allosaurus‘ face, causing it to retreat in pain. Kadasha puts down the crossbow, and hurries over to her family, who hug her as they look at the devastated campground.