Mariana (S/F)

Mariana is a mother and wife to a family of five that is attacked by an Allosaurus in Big Rock National Park in 2019.

Mariana had married into the family in 2016. She and her family take a camper up to a campground in Big Rock National Park in northern California. As she and her family are sitting down for dinner in their camper one night, her daughter, Kadasha, and her son begin to argue at the table. She quiets them down, telling them they have been a family for two years and that she is grateful for that. Her husband chimes in, adding that they are indeed a family now and that is a gift.

Mariana suggests playing “Best of Day”, when the daughter pipes in that Greg, a neighboring camper, allowed her to shoot his crossbow. The husband yells out to Greg not to let Kadasha shoot a crossbow, but notices that the campground has suddenly emptied. A large Nasutoceratops then enters the campground, and Mariana realizes it’s a dinosaur. As the Nasutoceratops forages around the emptied campground, Mariana tells everybody to remain calm and wait for it to go away, citing advice she had been given by a US Park Ranger. A baby Nasutoceratops then appears, much to the delight of Kadasha. Suddenly, the adult makes a loud warning honk and an adult Allosaurus appears.

The Allosaurus attempts to nab the infant, which scares Gacie. Her father calms her, telling Kadasha it’s just nature. The infant is able to get away, scurrying to the adult, and the adult attacks the Allosaurus. As predator and prey duke it out, Mariana suggests maybe not watching the fight, however a second adult Nasutoceratops shows up, which makes the Allosaurus back down and allows the Nasutoceratops trio to escape into the forest.

At this point, Mariana’s baby begins to cry, alerting the Allosaurus to the family’s presence. Mariana begins to calm her baby, when the Allosaurus attacks the camper, flipping it. The family temporarily knocked out, the Allosaurus breaks through the camper window, about to eat the baby. Mariana and her husband wake up in time to defend their infant from the predator. Grabbing the baby out of its high chair, the parents begin evacuating their children from the camper, which is continuing to be destroyed by the Allosaurus‘ attempts at getting inside. As her husband uses a piece of scrap metal as a spear, Mariana uses a fire extinguisher to block the Allosaurus‘ vision.

Unfortunately, the fire extinguisher runs out, and the Allosaurus is about to close in on the attack when Kadasha uses a crossbow to fire two arrows into its face, causing it to retreat. The family regroup, and look around the destroyed campground as the neighbors begin to exit their campers and RVs to view the destruction for themselves.