Kash D. Langford (S/F)

Kash Langford

Kash D. Langford is a programmer and engineer employed by Mantah Corporation as the head of research and development. He possesses administrative level access to the Private Research Facility on Mantah Corp Island. It was also his job to prepare the assets on Mantah Corp island for the arrival of investors and the company president. An engineering genius, he is implied to have had a hand in the creation of the B.R.A.D.s and their later upgrade, the BRAD-X, as he had direct administrative control over them.



Kash Langford was instrumental in blackmailing Sammy Gutierrez into acting as a spy to steal Masrani assets after she was accepted into Camp Cretaceous in the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. The Sinoceratops DNA that she stole was later utilized to create a hybrid Sinoceratops/Spinosaurus dinosaur, possibly under his direct supervision.

June 2016

Kash yells at a BRAD

Kash would arrive on the Island, via a supply plane, and immediately head for the main control facility in the Rainforest Biome. He was greeted by a B.R.A.D., which informed him of losing the Kentrosaurus, Pierce. Frustrated that he did not have a status update, Kash would hit the robot repeatedly, and make it carry his luggage. Kash would then utilize a snowmobile in the snow biome, as they search for the Kentrosaur and the remaining B.R.A.D.. Kash becomes upset that his B.R.A.D. cannot recover the other robot, and pushes it into the icy frozen water.

Kash gives the order to kill Dr. Turner

Dr. Mae Turner travels to the Jungle Biome, as she is herded by several B.R.A.D.s who greet her. A velociraptor jumps out of the forest, and she stumbles back, only for Kash to catch her. He informs her that the raptors are held off by an invisible fence guided by drones. He uses the BRADs to threaten her as he informs her he knows of her communication research, and plans to utilize it for his own plans. Dr. Turner attempts to threaten him, but Kash sends the robot dogs and the Raptors after her as well. Kash later observes his destroyed units, seeing Dr. Turner, and calling his superiors, informing them that this presents an opportunity

Kash would then attempt to fix the drone operating system, becoming frustrated and breaking a computer monitor when his plan was not immediately successful. He would then return to the main operational facility, utilizing his drones to force the Tyrannosaur, Big Eatie, and Pierce into a fight. He temporarily would leave the compound to determine the cause of an explosion caused by Sammy and Ben Pincus. However, Kash would send a BRAD back to his office to retrieve his phone. Just as Darius Bowman is about to make a phone call, Kash grabs the phone out of his hands and interrogates him.

Darius is cornered by Kash who questions him, as Darius quickly formulates a plan. Darius tells a partial version of the truth involving his boat being destroyed and washing up on the Island, having come from Nublar. Kash initially does not buy Darius’s story, as Darius plays the part of a lucky survivor of the Jurassic World Incident. Darius states that his father died on Nublar, and that asks for a phone call for rescue, but Kash refuses. Kash states that Darius must stay on the Island until he comes to a decision over what to do with him. Kash continues to interrogate Darius, as he claims to have been solely responsible for destroying the BRADS. As Kash continues the fight, Darius pretends to be interested, as he claims to want to seek revenge on the dinosaurs.

Kash enters the Med Bay with Darius

Kash introduces himself to Darius, as he subtly threatens Darius, and the two of them head to the med-bay.  As Darius expresses questions about the place, Kash expresses suspicions. Kash goes onto explain that the Island is meant to provide guided entertainment of Dinosaur battles for the super rich, with the different terrains meant to provide variety.

Darius asks more questions about the facility, as Kash begins to get frustrated. As Kash is distracted by a phone call from his boss, Darius heads to where Big Eatie is being treated. Darius pulls the Kentrosaurus spike from the Rex, and proceeds to try and comfort it. As Kash argues with his boss, he decides to activate an asset in the desert to see how long it will last.

Darius attempts to follow the BRAD to the elevator to escape, but fails. Kash throws a temper tantrum and confronts Darius. Darius attempts to manipulate Kash as he tries to convince him that his boss is wrong. As a BRAD drops a case of computer chips, Darius secretly takes one. Kash breaks into a villain monologue about controlling dinosaurs using Dr. Turner’s research. Kash promises that if Darius stays out of his way, he will survive. Darius jumps out of the elevator as he realizes the group managed to make it to the Med Bay. He catches up with the group, informing them of Kash’s plan. Kash heads back down to meet Darius, as Darius manages to cover for himself by pretending he ran out of the elevator to get the chip he had stolen earlier.

Kash continues to work on his computer as he updates the computer chip. Darius overhears Kash talking about the potential arrival of investors in under a week. Darius runs for the elevator, as the others wait for him to arrive. Darius attempts to meet back up with the others, but is interrupted by the appearance of a new and upgraded BRAD model, called BRAD -X.

Darius claims to have been bored and wanting to move around, Kash agrees, but insists on having BRAD-X follow him around. He demonstrates that BRAD-X is indestructible by destroying a golf club. Defeated, Darius heads back into the facility, as he sends a secret signal to the group waiting in the bushes. Back in the facility, Darius is greeted by more BRAD-X models, as he attempts to bargain to see if Kash needs any help. Kash sends him to clean up the Jungle, and subtly threatens him if he goes off on his own.

Darius returns to Kash, as he then orders him to inject a control chip into a dino, threatening him if he refuses. He orders him to inject the Spinosaurus, ordering BRAD-X to chip the dino or else. Darius returns to Kash pretending to have accomplished his goal. Kash attempts to activate the chip but it doesn’t work. Asking BRAD-X what happened, he is answered with Brooklynn’s hacking, and seems to reluctantly accept it for a simple mistake. He then assumes that this means he must implant chips in juveniles.

That night,  Kash runs into Darius, who initially commands him to go back to his room. However, Darius claims to be bored and to distract Kash, he claims to be a gamer. He manages to convince Kash to play a game with him, distracting him from the med-bay. Darius and Kash play the Jurassic World Video game. The two of them select their characters as they begin the game. Darius plays as Dr. Meriweather and manages to beat Kash at the game. Kash gets frustrated initially, as Darius manages to goad him into a rematch. Kash messes with some settings on his tablet before the game begins. Kash uses his tablet to cheat at the game, but Kash offers a rematch. Darius becomes increasingly frustrated at Kash’s blatant cheating, as Kash is alerted to a power outage in med-bay.

Darius makes up an excuse to follow Kash down to the Med Bay, but Kash accepts it. Kash is confused by what is happening in the Med Bay, and Darius alerts him to a Ceratosaurus on the rampage. Kash runs into the elevator with Darius just in time. The pair return to the med-bay to see that a BRAD X has managed to tranquilize the animal. Kash follows down the hall, where he sees the nursery is empty and blames Darius, but Darius is able to successfully deny it.

Kash is frustrated that all the fuses are blown, continuing to blame Darius. Kash claims that they need to sweep the Biomes, but concedes to Darius that they need to check the underground area first before they search the Biomes. Kash searches the underground, as he finds out that the elevators were used without permission. He orders every BRAD to search for the baby dinosaurs. The Baby Brachiosaur is swiftly captured by the BRADs and forced back to the main facility. As they arrive, KASH forces the BRADs to hold her down as Darius attempts to switch the chip in the injector, but Kash has a backup.

Kash gloats over controlling the Brachiosaur

Despite Darius’s protests, he injects the Brachiosaurus with the chip, as he operates his tablet. Using the tablet, he forces the Brachiosaurus to obey his commands, as Darius and Ben can only watch horrified. Darius claims to have a stomachache and runs off, as Kash continues his experiments with the baby Brach. . Kash continues his experiments, threatening to kill the animal if it doesn’t follow commands.

Darius lures Kash into a trap, as he chases after the Spinoceratops into the forest biome. Kash and Darius enter the forest biome as they are attacked by a Pteranodon who forces them to hide. He heads back to the facility, as Darius reluctantly follows him. Kash and Darius walk back into the forest biome, as they hear the Spinoceratops calling from the waterfall. Ben uses the tablet to control the BRAD, as Darius stands behind him as the gas fails to dispense. Kash runs off to behind the waterfall into Mae’s quarters, as Ben uses the tablet to lure it. Getting into the bedroom, he realizes he’s been tricked, just as he sees Darius closing the door on him.

Darius overhears Daniel and Kash discussing their plans

Kash would shortly escape due to utilizing the tablet left in the bedroom, and meet up with the company president, Daniel Kon. Returning to the operations center, they would talk about the imminent arrival of investors and discuss a plan to feed the Kentrosaurus to the predators. He would also hijack a B.R.A.D., using it to send Yaz, Sammy, and Brooklynn, a recorded message supposedly from Darius, into a trap. He would wait until the campers and Dr. Turner were all assembled in the Swamp Biome, before surrounding them with B.R.A.D.s.