Ken Wheatley Costuming Guide

Ken Wheatley, the great white hunter underlacky of Eli Mills in 2018’s “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” wears a surprisingly amount of khaki clothing for his venture to Isla Nublar. However, his costume components are actually rather easy to identify.

Wheatley’s shirt is easily recognizable as a Second World War era khaki U.S. Army Officer’s twill shirt, likely a reproduction and not an original. The 45 degree angled corners on the pockets make this identification easy. The shirt is dirtied from age, and Wheatley rolls the sleeves to just below the elbow. These shirts are easily available through most vintage military costume sites. Costume dirt is likewise easily available through online retailers. 
Like the shirt, Wheatley’s pants are also army surplus. They are khaki BDU pants. Dirty like his shirt, Wheatley tucks the bottoms into his boots. These are also easily available through most army surplus retailers both in store and online, including Amazon.

Continuing the desert camo khaki wear, Wheatley’s boots are easily identified as a pair of khaki general issue style jungle boots with Panama sole. These are also available through most army surplus stores, as well as Amazon. Wheatley skips the top two eyelets to wrap the laces around the leg before tying them.

Like his shirt, pants, and boots Wheatley’s belt is a khaki nylon military style slide belt with a gold colored buckle. Attached to this belt, worn on the right hip is Wheatley’s side arm. These are available online, including through Amazon.

Wheatley’s hat, like the rest of his out costume, is military surplus. A standard issue khaki cadet cap, Wheatley’s is somewhat dirty like his pants and shirt, and has a strongly rolled bill. These can be found as most military surplus stores both online and in store, and even some retailers outside of military surplus, due to the popularity of military wear among civilians.

Keeping up with his military persona, Wheatley’s sunglasses are a pair of Ray-Ban model no. RB3561, aptly nicknamed “The General.” These are harder to come by in store, but can be found on Amazon or on the Ray-Ban online shop.
At his right hip, in a worn leather sheath, Wheatley carries a Smith & Wesson 500, with 4 inch barrel, although he is never seen using it in the course of the film. The S&W 500 is a five shot revolver, which matches up with the number of notches in his cartridge pack. Keep in mind that open carry is illegal in most places both inside and outside the United States, and it is not suggested to open carry a firearm where not permitted. Most toy revolvers would suffice in this case.

Ken Wheatley carries his fictitious tranquilizer rifle in a waxed canvas case that is worn on the body with an adjustable leather strap. The leather strap has double notches and is worn across the right shoulder, with two leather ammunition pouches attached to the strap near the left hip as well as to the case itself, and a leather cartridge wallet with five slots attached at near chest level. The cartridge wallet is where Wheatley carries the tranquilizer darts for his rifle, which hold a powerful sedative of unknown substance. The entire rifle case and accessories to it was likely put together through various sources, and is not one singular piece readily available. The pouches MAS-49 rifle magazine pouches. The cartridge wallet appears to be the full leather 5 loop cartridge carrier wallet by Tourbon, with the closure for it cut off. The identification on the rifle case itself is still ongoing.

Magazine pouches (will need 2)
Tourbon leather Cartridge wallet (the film version removes the cover and clasp)

With him, Wheatley carries a 10inch pair of Vise Grip pliers, which he uses to cruelly extract teeth from his prehistoric victims. The teeth are held in a folded olive drab bandana. The pliers themselves are stained with blood from their grotesque usage.



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  1. you can find the rifle case at red Rock it is actually a molle rifle scabbard

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