2015-16 Isla Nublar Incident (S/F)

The 2015-16 Isla Nublar incident, also called the Jurassic World incident, was a series of events that took place on the small Costa Rican island of Isla Nublar on December 22, 2015 until January 2016. At the time, the island was home to Masrani Global Corporation‘s Jurassic World, a de-extinction tourist attraction and theme park built by Timack Construction and operated by International Genetic Technologies. The incident centered around the escape of an animal asset, the only surviving Indominus rex, which evaded detection long enough to cause significant damage to park operations. Other animals were inadvertently let out of containment during the incident, causing scores of tourists to become injured. Poor management practices meant that much of Jurassic World’s staff was entirely unprepared for an incident of this nature, resulting in the deaths of multiple employees and animal assets along with the many injured tourists. The incident brought on a class-action lawsuit against Masrani Global Corporation and generated enough negative press to permanently close Jurassic World, causing the largest financial disaster in the history of the company.


International Genetic Technologies was founded in 1975 by Scottish entrepreneur Dr. John P. A. Hammond, and with financial backing from Benjamin Lockwood, the company had succeeded in extracting ancient DNA from Mesozoic-era amber samples at the Lockwood estate by 1985. A year later, the first dinosaur was brought back from extinction on Isla Sorna, an island in the Muertes Archipelago eighty-seven miles to the southwest of Isla Nublar. Both Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar were leased by InGen from the Costa Rican government during the 1980s, Isla Sorna for research and development purposes and Isla Nublar for the construction of a de-extinction theme park called Jurassic Park.

De-extinction was made more efficient through the work of American geneticist Dr. Henry Wu, who utilized modern animals as gene donors to replace segments of ancient DNA that had become decayed over the millions of years. This hybridization caused unintended alterations to the dinosaurs’ anatomy and physiology, most notably the occurrence of protogyny in some species. Dinosaurs were shipped to Isla Nublar beginning in 1988, populating the park. However, construction on the Park came to a halt in early June of 1993 when a worker was mauled to death by a Velociraptor during a relocation. His family threatened to sue InGen, and the company’s Board of Directors demanded that experts review the Park and endorse it before major construction could recommence. During the tour on June 11, a disgruntled employee sabotaged the Park’s security system to steal InGen trade secrets for a rival company; his attempt was unsuccessful as he did not make it to the drop-off point. As the power was deactivated, multiple de-extinct animals escaped from their paddocks; the ensuing incident resulted in several deaths, mostly of InGen employees. The Park was never finished due to the incident, and was left abandoned. Some time thereafter, the facilities on Isla Sorna were also abandoned as InGen was brought to the brink of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by more wrongful death lawsuits.

Dr. Henry Wu, the geneticist behind InGen’s genetic engineering techniques, continued his research into genetic hybridization despite the loss of Jurassic Park. By May of 1997, he and his team had succeeded in engineering a new genus and species of flowering plant, Karacosis wutansis, by combining genes from the genomes of multiple donor species. This caught the attention of Indian telecommunications mogul Simon Masrani, CEO of Masrani Global Corporation and the son of Hammond’s friend Sanjay Masrani. Earlier that year, InGen had deposed Hammond as President and CEO due to his failure to save the company from financial ruin; his nephew Peter Ludlow replaced him, attempting to resurrect Jurassic Park’s original San Diego location in order to avoid Chapter 11. Hammond sabotaged the attempt by sending a team to counteract Ludlow’s operation on Isla Sorna, resulting in a widely-publicized incident in San Diego which resulted in Ludlow’s death and revealed de-extinction to the public.

After the San Diego incident, Hammond and InGen helped the American government put into law the Gene Guard Act, which restricted InGen from further attempts at de-extinction and gave them obligations to provide for the wellbeing of the organisms they had already created. Hammond died by the end of 1997, with InGen still in shambles; over the following year InGen was the subject of a bidding war. The primary bidders were Masrani Global Corporation and Tatsuo Technology; in the end, Masrani Global won the bidding war and purchased InGen. Within one hundred days of the merger, InGen activity resumed illegally on Isla Sorna; more research was performed with the intention to continue the Jurassic Park project. It is unclear if Simon Masrani was aware of this activity, but there is evidence that Dr. Wu was involved. Some parts of the research that occurred on Isla Sorna during that time was filed under “Amalgam Testing,” suggesting that more research into genetic hybridization was occurring. After nine months, this illegal research was abandoned due to fears of discovery. An archived log penned by Dr. Wu in 2003 reveals that some of his research on Isla Sorna led to the accidental creation of a genetically modified organism which demonstrated to Wu that gene splicing was a greater frontier than he had anticipated.

Conceptual planning for the second incarnation of Jurassic Park began as early as 1998, likely a short time after the InGen/Masrani merger was finalized. By October 23, 1999, Simon Masrani settled on a name for the park: Jurassic World. In December of 2000, Dr. Wu was promoted to lead genetic biologist at InGen; he continued his research into gene splicing over the next several years.

InGen retook Isla Nublar in early 2002, with InGen Security now under the supervision of former American security contractor Vic Hoskins. Dinosaurs were either placed into holding pens or transported temporarily to Isla Sorna while the US $1.2 billion construction operations took place. During a press conference, Simon Masrani abruptly revealed Jurassic World’s existence, giving an opening date of the summer of 2004 (this would later be changed to 2005, an announcement which was made through a complex viral marketing campaign). The Gene Guard Act was rolled back in March 2003 following an appeal from Masrani Global officials, permitting Dr. Wu and InGen to resume gene splicing research legally and continue creating new de-extinct and hybrid species.

In 2004, scientists monitoring Isla Sorna reported an alarming population drop; this was theorized to be due to territorial behavior, disease, or other factors. In reality, a combination of poaching and InGen’s illegal activity in the late 1990s had unbalanced the island’s ecology. Masrani Global Corporation began the process of relocating the surviving dinosaurs to Isla Nublar throughout 2004, where they would be introduced to habitats where paleoveterinarians could provide them with proper care and poachers could not reach them. That year also saw the Bright Minds internship program, in which a select few college students were chosen by Simon Masrani to intern at Jurassic World during the late summer and early fall before the park was to open. These interns included Claire Dearing, who would go on to become the park’s Senior Assets Manager and Operations Manager. By the time the park opened, Isla Sorna was supposedly devoid of dinosaurs, though poaching vessels continued to appear in the archipelago and Masrani Global Corporation kept the islands heavily guarded and off-limits to the public.

Despite several incidents during construction, Jurassic World opened successfully on May 30, 2005 and saw 98,120 visitors in its first month. With twenty years of de-extinction behind them, the park’s staff was now much better prepared to provide for the organisms in their care. As a result, the park continued to operate without any major incidents. By 2007, Dearing had been promoted to a senior staff position, and by 2012 was the park’s Operations Manager as well as Assets Manager.

On April 4, 2008, InGen’s Board of Directors unanimously agreed that Jurassic World needed to produce even more impressive attractions to continue drawing investors; already the park’s operating costs were creeping up on its revenue. Simon Masrani and Claire Dearing authorized Dr. Wu to look into gene splicing as a method to create the new attraction desired by the Board, essentially giving him free rein to do whatever he wished so long as it was, in Simon Masrani’s own words, “bigger, scarier, cooler.” Wu took full advantage of this opportunity to further his research. By 2009 (with a possible date of April 9), Wu succeeded: by using the Tyrannosaurus genome as a base, he was able to splice in genes from Velociraptor, abelisaurids, and various other animals to yield a hybrid creature called Scorpios rex. The first and only specimen was designated E750 after the experiment in which it was created. Unfortunately, Simon Masrani found the creature too ugly for park use. Within a few months Wu determined that it was easily triggered into a violent state, making it unpredictable and dangerous. After an incident in which he was attacked and envenomated by the animal, Masrani demanded that it be put down; Wu did not comply, secretly keeping E750 alive in cryonic stasis so he could study it and determine what went wrong.

At some point between 2009 and 2012, Head of InGen Security Vic Hoskins approached Dr. Wu with a proposal. With funding provided by Eli Mills of the Lockwood Foundation, Hoskins was interested in using Wu’s hybrid project to test the possibility of military bioengineering, using gene splicing to create the perfect military animal. Wu agreed to help Hoskins, as this direction would benefit all three men. Wu’s concerns lay with his ability to continue research as he pleased, and this would provide him with a reliable source of income should Jurassic World’s operating costs eventually overcome its revenue. Hoskins’s angle was more patriotic; a former soldier, he was all too familiar with the ways in which drone technology could be outsmarted and believed that using weapons provided by nature would turn the tides of war in America’s favor. Mills, unlike the other two, was purely concerned with turning a profit, and sought to use genetically-modified animals to add to the Lockwood fortune that he planned to eventually acquire from his employer.

2012 saw the beginning of two major InGen Security operations. One was the official start of the Integrated Behavior Raptor Intelligence Study (I.B.R.I.S.), overseen by Hoskins. This project employed former U.S. Navy member Owen Grady in the research and training of raptors, which had been set aside for classified use since 2004. Simon Masrani had hoped to learn more about the raptors’ intelligence in order to properly integrate them into Jurassic World as tourist attractions, while Hoskins instead believed that, like Wu’s hybrid, the raptors could be trained for use as military animals. Four Velociraptors were specially engineered by Wu for the project early that year; they were named, in order of age, Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie. The second was the successful hatching of Wu’s hybrid, a theropod dubbed Indominus rex. Two were bred in the event that one did not survive infancy, and ultimately the stronger sibling would cannibalize the younger by November 2014. The surviving Indominus was maintained in Paddock 11, far to the northwest of the island in the restricted Sector 5 where the other work-in-progress dinosaurs were kept.

By 2013, the park was considered to be at its peak; after this point revenues reached a plateau. The public was now accustomed to de-extinction. Jurassic World’s operating costs continued to climb as its dinosaur population grew past the point of efficiency, causing concern that the park might soon start to lose money. Simon Masrani had been busy with other divisions of the corporation and had not yet been able to visit Isla Nublar to see the Indominus; the animal was planned to be put on exhibit in May of 2015, but as it exhibited worrying behavioral issues, its release date was delayed first to June and then to January of 2016. I.B.R.I.S. also ran into difficulties beginning in 2013, as the growing raptors challenged Grady for authority; despite this, Hoskins continued to request a field test in which the animals would be let out of captivity. Grady recommended that his friend Barry Sembène be brought on board I.B.R.I.S.; Hoskins granted this request.

By the end of 2014, Simon Masrani was still booked six months out; he would ultimately not reach Isla Nublar until December 22, 2015 to see the Indominus three weeks before it was put on display. Dearing had scheduled meetings with the vice-president and representatives of Verizon Wireless to discuss sponsoring the hybrid’s attraction. Dearing’s sister, Karen Mitchell, and her husband Scott had begun their divorce proceedings by this time, and opted to send their two sons to Jurassic World where they could hopefully spend time with their aunt and avoid discovering the divorce until later. The Mitchell boys traveled from Dane County Airport in Madison, Wisconsin to Juan Santamaría International Airport in San José, Costa Rica by airplane on December 21, taking an early ferry to Isla Nublar and arriving there by midday. Dearing had hoped for the boys to join Camp Cretaceous, which was by December 22 on its third day of operations, but the head counselor Roxie did not take them in due to safety concerns at the camp.

The incident began partway through the day on December 22.

Incident Summary

Tuesday, December 22, 2015
  • Simon Masrani arrives to Isla Nublar in JW001, which he is piloting. This afternoon he will travel to the operations building, but for now he is elsewhere in the park.
  • Camp Cretaceous head counselor Roxie and her assistant Dave decline to have the Mitchell boys at Camp Cretaceous due to safety concerns. Already at camp are Kenji Kon, Sammy Gutierrez, Brooklynn, Yasmina Fadoula, Ben Pincus, and Darius Bowman. Roxie attempts to reach Claire Dearing and is directed to voicemail, but her mailbox is full. Since they cannot reach Dearing by phone, Roxie decides to drive to the park and inform her of the camp’s difficulties in person; Dave reluctantly agrees, despite this leaving the campers alone for the morning. He leaves a note for them to stay at the campsite until the counselors return.
  • The Mitchell boys arrive to Isla Nublar at the Ferry Landing and take the monorail to the Hilton Isla Nublar Resort in Sector 3, just south of the Jurassic World Lagoon. They are accompanied by Zara Young, Dearing’s assistant, as Dearing is unable to meet them personally due to business obligations. She will meet them at 1:00pm; in the meantime they are given VIP passes for later, but wait in the hotel room.
  • Dearing meets with the Verizon Wireless representatives at the Command Center, taking them on a tour of the Hammond Creation Laboratory while discussing, in brief, Jurassic World’s history and why they currently need more corporate sponsors. With some help from Dr. Wu, Dearing convinces Verizon’s vice-president Hal Osterly to sponsor the Indominus rex.
  • Jeanie escapes from Facility 4; this is not the first time, but on this occasion she heads south toward Gyrosphere Valley. She is pursued by her caretaker Dr. Kate Walker and ACU operative Oscar Calderon, though when InGen’s recently-hired Head of Special Ops Kurt Reed is notified he leads his own taskforce to handle the situation.
  • At approximately 1:00pm, Dearing meets her nephews at the Samsung Innovation Center at the end of Main Street. Dearing is unable to go with the boys on their tour through the park, but promises to meet them at the hotel at 8:00 following other business she has in the late afternoon. She also promises to show them the control room tomorrow. Young takes the boys out to tour the attractions in Sector 3.
  • From here, Dearing goes to the control room to relay the news about the Verizon sponsorship to the rest of management. The West Plains are closed due to a male Pachycephalosaurus roaming outside its zone; this is the second such incident this month, as the animals’ tracking implants short out when they butt heads. Simon Masrani arrives in his personal helicopter JW001; Dearing is surprised to see that he is flying it, and she learns from his flight instructor that he is two days away from getting his pilot’s license. They travel north toward Paddock 11.
  • Upon arrival, Masrani is surprised to learn that the paddock is still under construction as the Indominus is larger than expected. Dearing briefs him on the hybrid’s intelligent and aggressive nature, and how ACU had recommended that they delay the opening of its attraction. Masrani is apprehensive based on what he learns of its behavior, but is still extremely impressed at the creature. Nonetheless, he recommends that Owen Grady inspects the paddock for weaknesses, as the I.B.R.I.S. raptors often attempt escape. Dearing is reluctant to comply, as she and Grady had previously had a short-lived romance that ended badly. In spite of her reservations she agrees to bring Grady in to inspect the paddock.
  • Jeanie harasses herbivorous dinosaurs and two tourists in a gyrosphere in the valley, and is soon found by Dr. Walker and Calderon. Before they can get her to voluntarily return to her pen, Reed and his taskforce arrive to do so forcibly.
  • At the raptor paddock, Grady performs a training session to a group of scientists and InGen Security personnel, including his superior Vic Hoskins. The exercise is uncharacteristically successful, with Blue stopping her attack on a small pig when commanded to do so by Grady. Hoskins is impressed, though Sembène insists despite his pride in Grady’s success that the raptors are not suitable for military use. The pig accidentally escapes while the exercise is being cleaned up, and a handler is dragged into the paddock by Echo during the struggle; Grady enters the paddock unarmed to rescue the worker. He barely escapes with his life, as the raptors attempt to kill him when they sense vulnerability. Both Grady and the worker manage to get out of the paddock alive, further impressing Hoskins.
  • While near the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo, the Mitchell boys manage to evade Young as she makes plans for her upcoming wedding. They attend the 2:00pm Tyrannosaurus rex feeding at T. rex Kingdom, featuring the park’s eldest theropod. While there, Karen Mitchell learns that Dearing is not accompanying the boys in the park, and calls her sister. Dearing promises to take the next day off of work to spend with the boys.
  • Dearing meets with Grady at his residence. Despite the awkwardness between them, she manages to inform Grady about the existence of the Indominus; apparently he did not know about it until now. She tells him about Masrani’s wish to have him inspect the paddock, which he agrees to do.
  • The Mitchell boys attend the 3:00pm Mosasaurus feeding show, then take the monorail north toward the Gyrosphere attraction.
  • The Indominus claws up one of the walls of its paddock in an apparent escape attempt, though Grady would later suggest that it had made the claw marks to fool its human caretakers into thinking it had escaped so that they would enter the paddock. However, this assumes that the dinosaur had a much more in-depth understanding of human psychology and behavior than is likely from its limited interactions with them. After marking up the wall, it uses its camouflage and infrared output modulation abilities to hide.
  • Grady comes to Paddock 11, meeting with Dearing and paddock supervisor Nick Letting. Grady is upset to find that the hybrid is kept in complete isolation, without any real stimulation or proper care. The Indominus, however, is nowhere to be found; the thermal scanners fail to locate it. Grady spots large claw marks on the paddock wall, suggesting that the animal has climbed out. Dearing races to her car to return to the Command Center to track it using its implant, while Grady takes the initiative to enter the paddock with Letting and a worker named Nick Kilgore.
  • While driving back to the Command Center, Dearing calls system technician Lowery Cruthers and his coworker Vivian Krill to start the tracking process before she gets there; they are surprised to find that the Indominus is still inside the paddock. Krill attempts to warn Grady, Letting and Kilgore; the three men try to flee, but the Indominus blocks the maintenance door. Letting is the first to spot it, and as Kilgore is violently torn apart and eaten, Letting opens the dinosaur access doors to escape.
  • Masrani commands Cruthers to close the Paddock 11 gates. Cruthers hesitates, since Grady is still inside. This moment of hesitation allows Grady to escape the paddock, though the gate closing sequence is initiated too late to stop the Indominus from getting out. It is briefly pinned by the closing gate, but uses its muscular bulk to break the mechanism.
  • Grady hides underneath the Terex RT 450 crane truck, using its heat to mask his thermal signal. Letting hides behind a Chevrolet C-2500 and is quickly located by the animal, which eats him; Grady uses gasoline to hide his scent and evades detection. The dinosaur stalks off into the jungle.
  • As Dearing arrives to the control room, she begins to formulate a plan to recapture the dinosaur. It is moving southward, apparently toward the visitor-accessible sectors. Its implant should shock it if it gets too close to a zone boundary. Krill attempts to issue a park-wide alert, but Masrani vetoes this, insisting that they recapture the animal without causing a panic. With Paddock 11 located four miles from the closest park attraction, Dearing believes that they can accomplish this.
  • A squad of eleven ACU personnel, led by Austin and Katashi Hamada, are mobilized to intercept it. They are instructed to use non-lethal methods to capture the dinosaur. A Code 19 is issued.
  • Sembène and Hoskins learn that the Indominus has escaped. Hoskins realizes that this is a good opportunity to field-test the raptor response team; both the raptors and Indominus can have their combat applications tested simultaneously. He reaches out to his Security contacts to plan for this.
  • On the northbound monorail, Gray Mitchell reveals to his older brother Zach that he has learned that their parents are divorcing. Zach fails to comfort his younger brother.
  • As the tracking implant begins to shock it, the Indominus discerns the implant’s location based on memory (and likely also the physical sensation caused by the electric shock) and claws the implant out of its body.
  • ACU reaches Sector 5 via the Jungle River, moving westward to intercept the Indominus using its tracking implant. They disembark their vehicles four hundred meters from the site. Grady joins the control room staff to watch remotely, appalled that ACU is armed only with non-lethal weapons. The Indominus hides using its camouflage abilities as ACU approaches, ambushing them. As no one other than Dr. Wu and possibly Hoskins were aware of the chromatophores in the animal’s skin, ACU was completely unprepared for the ambush and suffered heavy casualties. Commander Hamada and troopers Craig, Lee, Spears, Cooper, and Miller are among the deceased; commander Austin and four troopers including Meyers survive. After witnessing the carnage, Grady insists that they evacuate Isla Nublar completely; Dearing refuses, knowing that the bad publicity could permanently close Jurassic World. Ultimately she compromises by closing everything north of the resort in a Phase 1 Real World scenario, concentrating all the visitors in Sector 3 until the incident is resolved.
  • Brooklynn finds her phone has been taken from its charger. The culprit is not immediately obvious because all the other campers have used it, since she was the only one allowed to bring a cell phone into this sensitive area. Brooklynn suspects Sammy, having accidentally filmed evidence of Sammy taking a skin sample from a Sinoceratops the previous day. The campers overhear an Indominus roar and go to investigate from the camp’s observation tower. Having left, they miss a transmission from the Park Rangers regarding the Code 19. Two rangers attempt to warn the campers, but are attacked and killed. The hybrid attacks the observation tower and the campers escape via zipline. Damage to the tower triggers the emergency brakes, but Darius and Yasmina manage to override them manually. Nonetheless, the tower collapses and deposits the campers in the forest below. Brooklynn’s phone is broken in the fall.
  • Having lost the campers, the Indominus continues on to the campsite where it has a battle with park rangers. In the process, the elevator to the treetop cabins is damaged and part of the cabins collapses. The dinosaur kills at least one ranger before leaving the area.
  • The campers retreat to Camp Cretaceous to find that the camp has been destroyed by the Indominus. They resolve to travel south to the main park and find help.
  • The Real World alert reaches Facility 4 moments too late. The Indominus attacks the paddock, breaking through the Level 1 gate; her large size fortunately prevents her from getting inside, but the facility’s Troodon specimen Jeanie becomes trapped under a broken hot water return pipe. Her researchers Drs. Kate Walker and Martin Riley, along with other Facility 4 personnel, are forced to abandon Jeanie in order to evacuate.
  • Dave and Roxie have been shut in a waiting room while issues in the park are addressed, but are not informed of the Code 19. They overhear the Indominus attack the ACU team on the radio after Roxie picks the lock on the secure cabinet.
  • The Mitchell boys had departed from the gyrostation in Gyrosphere 07 moments before the Real World alert was issued, so they are still out in the valley at the time the announcement is given for them to return. They assume manual control of the vehicle rather than returning when instructed.
  • Masrani meets with Wu, who openly states that Masrani himself is not authorized to know what the genetic makeup of the Indominus includes. When Masrani confronts him about the dinosaur’s abilities, Wu explains that these are supposedly-unintended side effects of the animal’s gene donors and that Masrani himself authorized its creation. Masrani denies responsibility for Wu’s actions and insists that the Board of Directors will shut down Jurassic World and seize all of Wu’s laboratory materials.
  • The Indominus approaches the Carnotaurus paddock and is challenged by Toro, responding by mimicking Toro’s territorial roar. This establishes communication between the two theropods. The Indominus weakens the fence and Toro breaks it the rest of the way down from the inside. The campers discover the damage afterward and are stalked by Toro.
  • Dearing discovers from Young that the Mitchell boys ran off hours ago, so she calls them immediately. The gyrosphere unfortunately has very poor reception, so they do not learn about the danger as they cannot hear her clearly. She locates them with Cruthers’s help, but as ACU is busy helping return visitors to Sector 3, she has to retrieve the boys herself. She recruits Grady to assist, and he readily agrees.
  • At some point, the Indominus breaches the wall between Sector 5 and the park proper. In the Gallimimus Valley area, it slaughters a group of Apatosaurus that have never seen a predator before, and later breaks through a security gate from the Gyrosphere part of the valley back into Sector 5. Shortly thereafter, the Mitchell boys discover the damaged gate and pass through it into the restricted area. They enter the Ankylosaurus habitat, where they witness the Indominus ambush the herbivores and kill one. During the fight, Gyrosphere 07 is damaged; this leaves the boys stranded.
  • Dearing calls Zach’s phone while she and Grady head to the valley using Mercedes 05. The vibrating phone on the gyrosphere’s overturned hull makes enough noise to draw the attention of the Indominus, which breaks apart the sphere. The boys flee, escaping by jumping over a cliff into a deep pool. Having lost its quarry, the dinosaur leaves in frustration.
  • The campers discover the Gyrosphere 07 attack site and the ankylosaur carcass. The deceased animal was the adoptive mother of a juvenile named Bumpy, who had imprinted on Ben upon hatching at the field lab. Bumpy is adopted by the group. They discover an abandoned ACU vehicle and a tablet, but the tablet is not connected to the radio network. They discover that the invisible fences have been partially deactivated. The Indominus arrives and gives chase, with Kenji at the wheel. They make for the field lab. Research scientist Eddie, traumatized from the disaster, blames Wu and declares that survival is impossible, but tries to steal the van when he learns of it. His effort is stopped by the Indominus, which kills him. The campers take shelter in the lab’s shipping yard, trying to reach the van again. They ultimately reach it and escape.
  • Grady and Dearing discover the slaughtered Apatosaurus herd. One of the animals is still alive, though mortally wounded; they comfort it as it dies. They realize that the Indominus did not eat its victims; Grady surmises that it is killing for simple enjoyment.
  • With the incident now well underway, Hoskins has brought a team of InGen Security personnel to the island. Sembène witnesses their arrival and tries to warn Grady by radio, but Grady is not responding.
  • Grady and Dearing discover the ruined gyrosphere with an Indominus tooth embedded in it, and Zach’s broken smartphone. They follow the boys’ footprints to the waterfall, Grady suggesting that Dearing go back to the Command Center as she is not trained in wilderness survival or tracking. Dearing, however, is insistent on taking responsibility for her nephews’ safety as her sister trusted her with them, and goes with Grady despite his protests. In the woods, they discover fresh Indominus dung, which they use to disguise their scents.
  • The Mitchell boys cross through part of Sector 4, heading south through the gyrosphere valley. Here, they enter into another restricted area, this one containing the abandoned remains of the Jurassic Park Visitors’ Centre. There is evidence that the Indominus has been here recently in the form of the freshly-damaged Kawasaki Teryx4 LE #26 and the remains of a construction worker; they shelter inside the building to keep safe from the creature. Inside, they discover old Jeep Wranglers in the garage.
  • By now, the Real World scenario has progressed to Phase 2. In the control room, Cruthers notes that each successive Indominus attack occurs farther south than the last. Krill reasons that she can sense the body heat of over twenty thousand visitors packed into Sector 3, and is heading that way. Hoskins joins them, and insists to Masrani that the raptors be used to track down and kill the Indominus. Masrani strongly disagrees with Hoskins’s plan, and takes matters into his own hands by attaching a machine gun to JW001. Though his instructor is nowhere to be found, he takes two ACU troopers with him and heads north to gun down the creature. Krill is the last person to see them before they depart.
  • Using a battery from the damaged Teryx4, the Mitchell boys start up Jeep 29 and drive it south toward Sector 3. The noise of the vehicle gets the attention of Grady and Dearing, and also the nearby Indominus, who all converge on the Visitors’ Centre garage. Grady and Dearing barely escape the building as the dinosaur pursues them; it is distracted by JW001 passing overhead, and flees west with Masrani in pursuit.
  • The campers succeed in reaching Roxie and Dave, this time with Yaz at the wheel. Brooklynn discovers that Sammy stole her phone, causing a distraction that leads to the van crashing near the Aviary. Sammy admits that she is a corporate spy for Mantah Corporation. They witness JW001 pursue the Indominus through the jungle.
  • Masrani chases the Indominus westward out of Sector 4 and into Sector 6, the troopers opening fire. The dinosaur is protected by the tree cover, which hides it for much of the chase, and also Masrani’s shaky flying which makes aiming more difficult for the troopers. The Indominus approaches the Aviary from the south; Grady and Dearing follow using a Kawasaki Brute Force. As the ACU gunner opens fire, the Indominus breaks into the Aviary to save itself. Here it disturbs the Pteranodon and Dimorphodon flock; several of the pterosaurs flee from it through the hole it broke in the transparent polymer wall. Once outside, they are further panicked by JW001, which they perceive as a territorial threat and attack. Both troopers are killed in the attack, and the helicopter plummets through the Aviary dome; its fuel is ignited as it crashes, causing an explosion that frightens the Indominus and the rest of the pterosaurs out of the Aviary. Masrani is killed in the explosion. Though most of the employees mourn their CEO’s death, Hoskins realizes that this is his opportunity to take charge.
  • The campers are chased by Pteranodons into the Cretaceous Cruise‘s River Adventure entrance, intending to use a kayak to reach the main park. Boarding kayaks, the campers take the underground tunnel southward along the Jungle River.
  • Dave and Roxie steal a park vehicle to rescue the campers after requests for assistance are denied by InGen Security.
  • The Mitchell boys exit the restricted area in southern Sector 4, heading southward towards Sector 3. The flock, meanwhile, first heads south from the Aviary but then wheels westward. When they pass over the boys in the Jeep, they follow it south. The tourists in Sector 3 are warned at the last minute of the approaching flock, which instinctively makes for the nearest large body of water and beings collecting food for their new nesting ground. The boys enter Sector 3 through the western Gate 5 just ahead of the pterosaurs, where Young comes to bring them to safety. Caught up in the attack, Young is snatched by a Pteranodon; the animals squabble over her until she is dropped into the Lagoon. The Pteranodon that comes after her is eaten by the Mosasaurus, and Young is caught up between them and consumed as well. Grady and Dearing, who had joined ACU in tranquilizing as many pterosaurs as possible to minimize the carnage, are reunited with the Mitchell boys as the situation is brought under some semblance of control. There are scores of injuries along with mass panic.
  • The campers pass through the Jungle River tunnel, but get caught in the current of an outflow tunnel where the grate has been damaged; this shunts them into the Jurassic World Lagoon. The Mosasaurus investigates the intruders. Kenji and Brooklynn are the first to reach the ladder by the Feeding Show arena, and Yaz distracts the mosasaur to save the others. With the other campers’ help, she escapes the arena using the cable used to dangle the animal’s food. In the process, the cable is snapped and Yaz breaks her left ankle. The ranger tablet is dropped into the Lagoon, where it shorts out; this means that Roxie and Dave can no longer track the campers’ location. Since the tablet was lost in mosasaur territory, the counselors fear that the campers have died.
  • Hoskins commandeers the control room with a squad of InGen Security personnel with the full authorization of InGen’s Board of Directors. Cruthers warns Dearing of Hoskins’s plan to use the raptors to hunt down the Indominus. More InGen soldiers arrive to the island by helicopter, taking over the raptor paddock. Kurt Reed, Security’s Head of Special Ops, is involved in directing InGen soldiers during this stage of the incident.
  • The campers overhear an announcement stating that the last evacuation ferry will leave in two hours. They rush to reach the arena’s monorail station,before the train leaves, but must evade Toro to get there. By this time it is sunset, or roughly 5:19pm.
  • An email is sent from Camp Cretaceous staff to parents alerting them of the evacuation and assuring them that their children are safe. This email was probably sent by staff outranking Dave and Roxie, since they were unavailable at the time. At least one of the parents received this email at 9:41 local time, suggesting it was most likely sent at 5:41 CST.
  • While the campers head south, Roxie and Dave spot them on the monorail. They try to follow them.
  • Grady and Dearing arrive at the raptor paddock in MVU-12 to rejoin Sembène and confront Hoskins about his plan. They have the Mitchell boys with them, Dearing refusing to let them out of her sight. They accuse Hoskins of wanting a disaster like this in order to test the dinosaurs in a real combat scenario; Hoskins does not deny this, and it is clear that with InGen’s private security division given complete control by the Board, there is nothing they can do to stop it. To try and minimize the damage, Grady takes Hoskins’s offer to lead the hunt.
  • Hoskins returns to the control room to observe the hunt from a safe location while Grady and Sembène prepare to take the raptors and InGen Security out on their hunt. Dearing remains in MVU-12 with the Mitchell boys to keep them safe. Using the recovered sample of Indominus flesh containing the tracker, they give the raptors its scent and then turn them loose to chase it down deeper into Sector 5.
  • The raptors locate their target, Echo responding to the Indominus‘s vocalizations. As it appears, InGen Security waits for Grady’s signal to fire, but Grady fails to give it as he is distracted by the raptors’ non-violent interaction with the Indominus. The hybrid and Blue bark to each other, both attempting to establish authority. They recognize one another as similar animals, most likely by scent as well as their compatible vocalizations. With a more powerful creature imposing itself as an authority figure, the raptors begin to question Grady’s role in their social structure. Meanwhile, Hoskins grows tired of waiting for the raptors to attack; he gives the order to fire, which the soldiers comply with. The gunfire frightens the raptors and drives away the Indominus, which again escapes major injury due to its thick hide.
  • The InGen soldiers are ambushed by the raptors, with many casualties. Hoskins, watching remotely, is horrified to see how badly his plan has gone wrong and prepares to evacuate InGen off the island. Charlie is killed during the firefight, and the surviving soldiers flee back toward the raptor paddock. With her closest packmate dead, Blue flies into a rage and attempts to kill Sembène; Grady draws her away to save his friend.
  • Everyone reaches the raptor paddock, but the raptors are in close pursuit. An InGen soldier warns Dearing about the coming danger but is killed by Delta while he tries to board the MVU; Dearing drives away from the scene with the Mitchell boys still in the rear of the vehicle. Blue attempts to stop the vehicle, but is loses her grip. Delta and Echo continue to chase it down the road to Sector 3, though they are fought off by the boys; eventually the Indominus recalls the raptors to its side in the jungle. Grady rejoins Dearing on his motorcycle and they drive back to Sector 3 together. Dearing calls Cruthers, and he calls a rescue helicopter.
  • Wu evacuates the lab, having his technicians pack everything up. Hoskins contacts Wu, informing him of the field test’s failure and that he has decided to relocate offsite. Wu believes that the embryos will be safe in his private laboratory; however, Hoskins predicts that the park will be permanently closed by tomorrow and he does not want investigators discovering what he and Wu had been working on.
  • The NMS Center is evacuated by monorail, with the Center being locked down and the raptor specimens sealed in. After the last employees are evacuated, the Indominus tears apart a section of the monorail track, rendering the Center inaccessible by monorail.
  • Tourists are now being evacuated via the Ferry Landing on a regular basis, while the injured are tended to. Employees are being evacuated via the East Dock. Cruthers opts to remain behind so that Dearing has a loyal ally in the control room, though Hoskins’s Security personnel are being evacuated along with the normal employees.
  • Wu is evacuated from the island by an InGen Security contractor and several men via helicopter. Hoskins does not join them, which worries Wu further. He is taken off the island with a briefcase of samples while the rest of his work, including the experimental hybrid embryos, are collected by Security under Hoskins’s observation. Wu is flown northward, where he will shelter at the Lockwood estate under the protection of Eli Mills to avoid the inevitable government inquiry.
  • Grady, Dearing, and the Mitchells arrive back to Sector 3 and make for the Hammond Creation Lab. There, they discover that it has already been evacuated; they meet Hoskins and several of his private security underlings removing Wu’s specimens and equipment from the building. Hoskins outlines his plan to engineer a smaller version of the Indominus to be used in military operations. Before he can finish, Delta breaks into the lab. The soldiers have already left with some of Wu’s materials and so are unavailable to protect Hoskins as Delta kills him. Grady, Dearing, and the Mitchells flee the lab toward the Command Center, but are stopped by Delta; they flee out the main doors of the Innovation Center.
  • Outside the Innovation Center, the group is surrounded by Delta, Echo, and Blue. The raptors await Blue’s kill order, but she does not make it. Grady manages to appeal to her using the paternal bond he has with her, and she calms down. The Indominus catches up with them, now separated from the vulnerable tourists only by the Lagoon. The dinosaur gives a kill order to the raptors, but Blue refuses. The Indominus, unable to tolerate any challenge to its authority, swats Blue into a building where she is stunned. Presuming her dead, Delta and Echo refuse the Indominus as an authority figure and revert to Grady’s authority again. He instructs them to attack the creature, and as the dinosaurs brawl, he provides support with his rifle. Dearing leads the Mitchells to safety inside the Jurassic Traders Outpost. Gray asserts that the raptors are not fearsome enough to kill the Indominus, which gives Dearing an idea. She has them continue sheltering in the Outpost as she heads toward the Paddock 9 dinosaur gates.
  • Dearing radios Cruthers, who is still in the control room, instructing him to open Paddock 9. Despite his hesitance, he complies and opens the gates. Dearing uses a flare to lure the Tyrannosaurus out of the paddock. Meanwhile, the Indominus overpowers and kills both Delta and Echo; Grady hides with the boys in the Outpost while the Indominus searches for them. It finds them, trying to drag them out of the building. Dearing leads the tyrannosaur onto Main Street and uses the flare to direct its attention to the Indominus. The tyrannosaur, recognizing another apex predator and a threat to its territory, challenges the hybrid; the animals clash as Grady, Dearing, and the Mitchells take refuge in the Main Street shops. The tyrannosaur is wounded, but Blue recovers from her attack and attacks the Indominus in a rage over the deaths of her sisters. While the hybrid tries to toss Blue off, the tyrannosaur gets back on its feet and makes a heavy assault on its rival. This forces the Indominus toward the edge of the Lagoon, where the Mosasaurus is drawn to the commotion and ambushes the Indominus. It is dragged underwater and killed; the mosasaur will eat its lower half, leaving its upper body to rest on the Lagoon floor. The tyrannosaur, winded from the fight, heads into the forest to recover; Blue tries to return to Grady, but he does not take her back as the park will surely never reopen. Instead, he sends her into the wild, presuming that he will never be able to come back to Isla Nublar.
  • Cruthers shuts down the control room, realizing that the park is never going to recover.
  • Grady, Dearing, Cruthers, and the Mitchells are evacuated by the helicopter Cruthers called in.
  • As the monorail passes the golf course, its lights agitate the Pteranodons, which attack. Another monorail has already been disabled, blocking the route. To avoid a collision, the campers switch the track, knocking the disabled monorail off the track as they grind past. The resulting explosion draws most of the Pteranodons away, but several attack Ben and drag him from the monorail, squabbling over him and eventually dropping him into the muddy jungle below. After he is taken, they realize the monorail has rerouted north since they switched tracks. The campers jump into the forest; Bumpy is separated from them. To reach the dock in time, the campers take a southbound maintenance tunnel, but the automated security system has caused a lockdown and the security gates are closed. With thirty minutes until the ferry leaves, they once again face Toro, who has entered the tunnels as well.
  • Infrared scans fail to detect any of the Camp Cretaceous survivors; all except for Ben are in the tunnels and thus go undetected, while Ben appears to have fallen into a blind spot after his tussle with the Pteranodons. The campers are presumed dead.
  • Kurt Reed informs his superiors off-island that the Indominus is dead and that the last evacuation ship has left. He confirms that Wu was safely evacuated with the embryos, and is given the order to abandon the island altogether.
  • Last tourists are evacuated from the island, excepting Camp Cretaceous.
  • All the park’s security systems are disabled. This allows the dinosaurs to roam outside of their zones, establishing a kind of pseudo-natural ecology on Isla Nublar.
  • The campers arrive at Ferry Landing, finding it abandoned and sealed off. They are trapped on Isla Nublar.
Wednesday, December 23, 2015
  • Toro enters the Ferry Landing harbor building; the campers use bandages and tape to create a fuse, which they attach to a container of oxygen canisters and light using a shock prod and hand sanitizer. They push the crate at Toro using a rail cart, but the dinosaur strikes the crate and scatters flaming debris across the harbor. The campers flee while Toro attacks. Darius intentionally ignites the oxygen canisters, causing a massive explosion that badly burns Toro. The dinosaur leaves the campers alone. The explosion also creates a hole in the harbor building, but the last ferry left a long time ago.
  • On the mainland, the wounded are tended to by Costa Rican and international medical services. Dearing ensures that the Mitchell boys are reunited with their parents. Sembène has also safely gotten off the island after being left in the northern jungle, and he and Grady assist the injured. Grady and Dearing leave together after ensuring their friends and family are safe, their feelings of attraction having been reinvigorated during the incident.
  • In the jungle on Isla Nublar, Bumpy finds the injured Ben, who survived his fall into the jungle. Ben begins to regain consciousness. Ben panics, realizing he is alone. Compies emerge, surrounding them and moving in to attack Ben, who prepares for the worst, but he is defended by Bumpy. The compies flee to find easier prey. Ben resolves to reach Ferry Landing, where the others would logically go. However, he has lost his map, and upon finding a leech on his right leg, he passes out.
  • Freed park animals have begun to explore their new habitats. Blue uses the maintenance tunnels to navigate around the island while avoiding larger predators. The campers, sans Ben, make their way north overland.
  • The tyrannosaur chases down a Parasaurolophus dangerously near the campers, forcing them to take shelter. She succeeds in making her first kill in the wild in over a decade. The campers realize that they have just passed the Innovation Center, and make for Main Street in search of food, shelter, and a way to contact the mainland. In the meantime, the tyrannosaur is not only hunting, but building a nest within T. rex Kingdom.
  • After investigating the aftermath of the fight on Main Street, the campers spot pieces of the Indominus at the edge of the Jurassic World Lagoon as well as a cardboard cutout of Brooklynn advertising a phone charger. They search the gift shops but find no useable phones, but do recover childrens’ walkie-talkies. Using a copy of An Insider’s Guide to Jurassic World, Sammy learns about the park’s emergency distress beacon (EDB), which is located somewhere on Main Street.
  • Ben regains consciousness again. To let the others know he is alive, he plans to activate the EDB himself, since he has read the Jurassic World emergency manuals and knows where it is. To get his bearings, he must climb a tree and look around, which frightens him. Instead of climbing the tree, he decides to wander in what he assumes is the right direction. Unfortunately, none of the available directions lead him anywhere favorable.
  • Kenji recovers frozen pizza from one of the boardwalk restaurants and delivers it to the other campers. While waiting for it to thaw, they are accosted by a group of about thirty compies, and are forced to throw the pizza some distance away to avoid being swarmed by the scavengers. Darius has so far been unable to locate the EDB.
  • After searching for most of the day for a way to Main Street, Ben and Bumpy enter a wide-open valley where they discover a road they can use to reach the main park. This valley is Toro’s territory, though, and the Carnotaurus attacks them; they evade their pursuer by accidentally falling off a short cliff.
  • Yaz takes the first watch, but wakes Darius after realizing he is having a nightmare. She tries to reassure him about his search for the EDB; while her exercise routine does not help him, she humors him in going to the Jurassic World Discovery Walk to learn about the dinosaurs, which he does enjoy.
  • While reading about camouflage, Darius recalls Sammy reading that the technology in the park is often disguised as naturalistic elements.
  • Ben assembles a simple lean-to which he and Bumpy use to stay the night.
Thursday, December 24, 2015
  • Ben awakens, and Bumpy leads him to edible fruit and clean water. Thus begins a daily routine for the two of them: wake up at sunrise, eat fruit, drink water, and rest.
  • Darius relays his theory about the EDB’s location to the other campers. They begin investigating objects that appear natural and discover that some of the trees are fake, though only one contains technology. Darius discovers a missing tree with a debris trail leading into a maintenance alley, which appears to lead to Paddock 9. The tyrannosaur arrives to Main Street with her latest nesting material, another of the fake trees.
  • While investigating the nest, the campers use a camera Brooklynn has recovered to zoom in on the fake tree, discovering the beacon inside. They formulate a plan to retrieve the beacon from the tyrannosaur nest.
  • The tyrannosaur leaves her nest to find more material to build it up. Sammy, from a vantage point in the forest, keeps an eye on the dinosaur’s movements and communicates them to Yaz. With her and Brooklynn keeping watch, Darius and Kenji sneak into the nest and reach the beacon. The housing is damaged, so it cannot be removed, but they activate it from where it rests. Meanwhile, the tyrannosaur selects a new stick for her nest and returns to Main Street, which Sammy reports to the others. Unfortunately, the battery on Kenji’s walkie-talkie is dead, so Brooklynn creates a diversion by yelling and getting the tyrannosaur’s attention. This buys Darius and Kenji enough time to safely escape. Brooklynn uses the cardboard cutout of herself to hold the tyrannosaur’s attention, sacrificing her camera in the process.
  • The campers abandon Main Street after safely escaping, heading north to avoid the tyrannosaur’s territory. With the signal sent, they must now stay alive until help arrives.
  • In order to safely shelter, the campers head for the Kon family penthouse, but the place is sealed: Kenji’s father changed the locks before the incident as a punishment for Kenji failing algebra. This means the campers will have to find other places to stay.
  • While observing the area in the east, Darius spots unusual activity. Two Baryonyx are seen searching the area and calling out, getting a distant response, and a flock of Pteranodons are circling about the same place. Darius concludes that the Pteranodons are nesting in the eastern mountains, and dinosaurs are active in most of the regions of the island. He leads them to the ruins of Camp Cretaceous, despite the other campers’ reluctance to return. They convince Brooklynn to direct them on building a shelter out of the damaged camp materials.
  • Yaz’s broken ankle is slowing her down, so the other campers convince her to rest. Kenji stays behind to set up their shelter while Darius, Sammy, and Brooklynn head southwest toward a first aid center in the valley.
  • The exploration party discovers a detached stegosaur plate, and search for dung; Brooklynn hears an unusual sound, but they dismiss it. Meanwhile, Kenji attempts to get Yaz to relax for the day, but she leaves; he reluctantly goes after her.
  • The exploration party locates the first aid station and collects food, medicine, and other supplies. They hear a distressed vocalization and discover various dinosaurs in cages, the veterinary station having been abandoned. The dinosaurs are clearly suffering, out of food and water. Sammy leads the others in freeing the dinosaurs. However, they face more of a moral dilemma in releasing a Baryonyx, since it is more agitated than the tired herbivores and could harm them.
  • Kenji finds Yaz gathering supplies to move camp debris despite her orders to rest. Her insistence on working despite her injury worsens it. Kenji helps her back to camp.
  • While Darius and Sammy debate how to deal with the caged Baryonyx, two more arrive on the scene, explaining the behavior Darius witnessed earlier. The first to arrive tries to free the caged one while the other chases down Darius and Brooklynn. Darius has Sammy free two more Stegosaurus, then he and Brooklynn free one more; this causes a confrontation between the herbivores and carnivores. Darius, in a moment of compassion, frees the final Baryonyx, and the freed dinosaurs all make for the wild. The campers all reunite after evading a small stampede. After this close call, they decide to construct a treehouse for their safety.
  • Using the debris from the camp, construction begins on a treehouse. While searching through the ruins, Sammy locates Darius’s raptor tooth necklace. Brooklynn again hears a strange humming sound; from a vantage point in a tree, she discovers a frozen patch of flowers. No cause is found.
  • Bumpy quickly moves to take the good spot on the bed in the lean-to she shares with Ben, though Ben had intended this spot for himself.
Late December 2015 to February 2016
Period of 6-8 weeks
  • The campers continue to build up their fortress using debris from Camp Cretaceous, finishing it in six to eight weeks. At some point they begin to record the days, but have now lost track of what the date actually is. They find ways to cooperate, getting enough food and water to survive and defending their home against small predators. Over time they begin to irritate one another, but for the most part continue to get along. By now they have progressed to becoming real friends.
  • Every day, Bumpy awakens Ben to begin their daily routine, eating from the berry bushes and drinking water at the river. At night they sleep in the lean-to, and without fail Bumpy takes the good spot on the bed. Ben grows increasingly weary.
  • The dinosaurs are now breeding. A Compsognathus breeding season takes place during these weeks.
  • Blue begins nesting in the derelict Jurassic Park Visitors’ Centre.
Unknown day, January or February
  • Bumpy takes Ben’s spot on the bed. This time, however, Ben gives in to his frustration, having eaten nothing but fruit for the past several weeks, and had no activity aside from Bumpy’s daily routine. He gets into a fight with her, and she accidentally destroys the lean-to; Ben yells at her and drives her away. For the first time in over a week, he sleeps alone.
Following day
  • After rebuilding the lean-to, Ben tries to apologize to Bumpy, but cannot find her anywhere. He runs into the jungle, frantically looking for his friend, but is turned back by compies. Ben completes his daily routine without Bumpy, and as he does, the compies grow bolder.
  • Ben once more beds for the night without Bumpy.
  • Stormy weather approaches Isla Nublar, and under the cover of darkness, the compies mount their attack on Ben’s lean-to. Initially cowering, Ben snaps and attacks the compies with a stick, driving the swarm away. He realizes that he is not helpless, and that he is capable of being a survivor.
Next few days or weeks, February through mid-March
Unknown times
  • Jeanie lays two eggs via parthenogenesis. She nests near a Pteranodon roost in the eastern mountains, relying on the territorial pterosaurs to keep scavengers away from her eggs.
  • Ben ventures farther from the safe place he and Bumpy had lived in, though he does not find Bumpy. Rival dinosaurs keep him from venturing too far, but he becomes bolder as he faces them. At some point he is attacked by an Allosaurus and escapes it by jumping over a waterfall. Although he cannot get far, he discovers edible insects such as sawfly larvae to obtain the protein he has been sorely missing.
  • Near the beginning of March, Kurt Reed and a taskforce operating out of an InGen Security facility in the Atacama Desert land on Isla Nublar and capture Jeanie. Her eggs are discovered, but InGen does not take them, as they are of no use to the I.B.R.I.S. Project.
  • One week after Jeanie’s capture: See March 2016 Isla Nublar Incident.
Unknown day #20, March 2016
  • Having honed his survival skills, Ben fashions a spear to defend himself against Toro and resolves to escape his safe haven via the road through the valley. He sets off shortly after dawn. In the valley, he confronts Toro, using his superior agility and the point of his spear to threaten the dinosaur. During the fight, Bumpy suddenly appears, having grown to nearly her adult size in the intervening days. She tackles Toro and, together with Ben’s spear, they force the carnotaur off the edge of a steep rocky hill. They proceed through the valley without further incident.
  • Darius takes field notes on a group of compies huddling together as they wake for the day. Since observing the dinosaurs exhibiting new behaviors after their release into the wild, he has decided to record their behaviors in a pocket journal he found at the vet station.
  • By now, the treehouse has running water, a stock of food, and places to comfortably sleep. Yaz’s ankle is slowly recovering as she takes time to recover. Darius discovers that the river running to Camp Cretaceous has dried up, and Brooklynn hears the mysterious humming sound. She declares her intention to find the source, aided by Sammy and Yaz; in the meantime Darius and Kenji head along the river to find what has dried it up.
  • Darius and Kenji track the dry riverbed to the site of a former waterfall, indicating that the problem is above the cliffs. They press on.
  • Yaz and Sammy, who have grown closer over the past few weeks, joke with one another on their expedition; Brooklynn begins to feel left out, particularly since the search was her idea and Yaz only came along to spend time with Sammy. While trying to fit in, she manages to uncover the frozen flowers, as well as the strange noise. They discover the cause: a cold air vent, part of the park tunnels’ ventilation system.
  • Darius and Kenji discover a fallen tree causing a blockage in the river. It is too massive to move on their own. Darius witnesses two Stegosaurus competing for dominance. They provoke the hormonal animals to charge, knocking the tree aside and causing the debris to flow downriver. They flee from the stegosaurs, whose fight resumes as they forget the intrusion; now, though, the boys are confronted with a loitering Ceratosaurus. Ultimately, though, it is not aggressive, and they follow it to a watering hole.
  • The girls investigate the ventilation shafts, puzzled as to why they are functional without electricity. The three of them bonding over a shared love of a television show, and they search for the power source by following the humming sound, which leads them to the field genetics laboratory.
  • The boys explore the watering hole, which is frequented by many dinosaurs. Having found a region where predators and prey are at peace, they drink, and appreciate the beauty of the scene.
  • At the field genetics lab, the girls enter to continue their investigation. However, the lab has been mostly stripped bare, which they assume is the work of Mantah Corporation. The three Baryonyx, which Sammy has named Chaos, Grim, and Limbo after characters on the television show they watch, enter the lab after them. While they hide, Brooklynn discovers an envelope marked E750 hidden in the back of a photo frame; she recognizes the number from Wu’s computer, as she had snuck a look at it during a lab tour before the incident. She loses the envelope while they frantically try to evade Chaos. Sammy manages to grab it during their escape; Grim confronts the girls outside the lab, but is called away by Chaos and Limbo, who are still inside. The envelope contains an unmarked key card and several pages of genetic data.
  • As the sun sets, the campers celebrate their day’s victory with a small party. Kenji has discovered Dave’s experimental mixtape which he uses as a soundtrack to their celebration.
  • Sammy calls the others over to watch shooting stars. As they look out to the night sky, they are also drawn to a light coming from the ground: a small fire burning in the forest. Sammy identifies it; this is no natural forest fire, but rather a campfire, lit intentionally. They are not alone on the island.
  • The campers immediately set off toward the campfire, expecting rescue. After losing track of the fire, they are confronted by a Ceratosaurus which gives chase. The theropod is startled and driven off by flares fired from the nearby forest, and three adults appear to guide the campers to safety.
Unknown day #21, February or March 2016
  • Two of the adults introduce themselves as Mitchell (“Mitch”) and Tiffany (“Tiff”), a pair of ecotourists who came to Isla Nublar to view the dinosaurs for themselves. They claim to have gotten the emergency signal right after their boat dropped them off, and introduce their standoffish guide as Hap. Everyone arrives to the luxurious campsite, complete with a dining area and four yurts (one for the couple, one for Hap, one for a bathroom, and one for supplies). The ecotourists treat the campers to breakfast and promise to take them home once their boat, which is now supposedly refueling at the marina in Papagayo, returns in two days.
  • In the forest, Ben and Bumpy spot the campfire smoke and investigate. They also discover a butter knife which was lost by Kenji during the Ceratosaurus confrontation. He overhears Mitch, Tiff, and Hap discussing some kind of a plan; he also hears that they have the other campers, and surmises that these adults are not a rescue team. Ben and Bumpy begin to covertly follow them.
  • Brooklynn probes Hap’s background, but he refuses to answer. He discovers the key card Brooklynn obtained from Wu’s lab, almost refusing to give it back to Brooklynn; this rouses her suspicion, but for the time being, her friends dismiss her concerns since she has been searching for conspiracies the whole time.
  • Brooklynn observes Hap struggling with a camera, from which she discerns that he is not actually a seasoned wildlife photography tour guide. She and Kenji plan to break into his yurt to uncover more about him.
  • Darius rescues Tiff when she inadvisably interacts with a small group of compies. He shares his field guide, and promises to bring them to see more of the dinosaurs.
  • Brooklynn and Kenji try to sneak into Hap’s yurt, but trigger an alarm. Hap confronts them, but Mitch defuses the situation. Brooklynn calls a meeting with her friends to insist again that Hap is hiding secrets, since not even Mitch and Tiff have been allowed inside his yurt. Brooklynn accidentally insults Darius, and she is left behind as the others go along with the adults to view the brachiosaur feeding grounds. Kenji opts to stay behind and comfort Brooklynn, but she again tries to break into Hap’s yurt by disabling the alarm; Hap, having more or less expected this, is waiting for them.
  • Darius shows the others the brachiosaur feeding grounds and then brings them along to the watering hole. Tiff radios Hap to let him know about the change of plans; while he is on the line with her, Brooklynn tries to sneak away with Kenji, but overhears Hap threatening Tiff. Back in the field, an anxious Tiff tells the others that they should return to camp immediately.
  • At camp, they find Brooklynn, Kenji, and Hap all missing. Currently, Hap is pursuing Brooklynn and Kenji through the jungle, finally cornering them at the base of a cliff; he is knocked unconscious by Ben, who arrives with Bumpy in tow. They are shocked, but thrilled, to see their friends alive. He explains how he survived, and they restrain Hap using vines. Hap, who regained consciousness fairly quickly, is threatened by Ben using Hap’s own shock prod; he is stopped only by Brooklynn. Hap insists that Mitch and Tiff are the real enemy, and that he has been trying to save their lives the whole time.
  • Sammy and Yaz become suspicious when Mitch and Tiff seem to prepare for a much bigger operation than just finding their lost friends in the jungle, contradict their boat’s supposed schedule, and retrieve items from Hap’s off-limits yurt. Darius, however, still fully trusts their apparent rescuers. To prove his friends wrong, Darius has them distract Mitch and Tiff while he sneaks into Hap’s yurt, which he finds mostly empty. However, he finds a number of hunting knives and machetes, a steel bear trap, weapons such as a crossbow, and finally the severed and taxidermied head of a Sinoceratops. Mitch discovers him snooping, and the truth is out: their “rescuers” are big game hunters, and Mitch has been using Darius’s knowledge of Isla Nublar and its dinosaurs to track his quarry. He and Tiff never got the distress signal at all. Mitch sees himself as a hero for preserving the dinosaurs, which have been abandoned by Masrani Global and the rest of the world. Darius, naturally, disagrees, but Mitch makes an ultimatum: if Darius does not help him hunt his game, he and Tiff will leave Darius and his friends on the island to die.
  • In the jungle, Brooklynn leads Kenji and Ben in interrogating Hap. He reveals that their boat is not refueling, but waiting at the Northwest Dock, and that he disagreed with Tiff and Mitch’s decision to leave the kids behind. Hap claims to have seen a garage nearby and that he can use a vehicle to get them to the dock. Ben wants to leave Hap in the jungle, but Kenji wants to trust that Hap’s tale is true; Brooklynn takes a third option, bringing Hap along as a prisoner until their friends are rescued and his story can be verified.
  • At the garage, Bumpy becomes uneasy, and they are confronted by Grim, Chaos, and Limbo.
  • Darius leads the hunting party toward the watering hole. To stall them, Yaz fakes her ankle pain; the three of them try to have a discussion, but are interrupted by the sounds of a dinosaur approaching.
  • The Baryonyx at the garage narrowly miss the group as Brooklynn accidentally unlocks the garage doors using the key card from the lab. She accidentally opens the main doors, letting the Baryonyx inside; to escape, she takes the wheel of a motorcycle with Kenji behind her and Hap in the sidecar. Ben ignites gasoline to cause an explosion as he rides out on Bumpy; the explosion winds the spinosaur trio and allows them to make an escape.
  • Ben and Bumpy try to lead some of the spinosaurs away, but all three still pursue the motorcycle. Brooklynn leads them on a chase through a field of boulders, and Hap convinces them both to untie him so he can help with the shock prod. He fends off the spinosaurs, but the motorcycle is not fast enough to evade them. Hap uses the shock prod to unhitch the sidecar, fighting the three Baryonyx so the kids can escape; he is eaten.
  • The hunting party is still listening as a dinosaur moves through the forest nearby, the sun having now set. Mitch and Tiff set up their air rifles as a Stegosaurus appears. Darius, unwilling to let them kill the animal, whistles to aggravate it; Mitch misfires in surprise and the dinosaur accepts the challenge. The kids are unable to escape from their captors during the chaos, but Darius manages to tear a note out from his field guide and give it to Yaz. While he and Sammy fight Mitch and Tiff, Yaz makes her escape on her healed leg. The trek to the watering hole resumes under threat of torture.
  • Brooklynn and Kenji find Yaz in the jungle after nearly hitting her with the motorcycle. She relays the news of Darius and Sammy’s capture, and that Darius is leading them to the watering hole. However, they realize that the note Darius gave her was not a page from his field guide at all, but a map of Jurassic World, with the Lagoon marked on it: he’s leading them into Sector 3. Bumpy and Ben rejoin the group, and Yaz is thrilled to see them both alive. They figure out Darius’s plan, that he and Sammy have prior knowledge of Main Street’s layout and therefore an advantage.
  • Darius reaches Main Street, but Mitch and Tiff immediately realize they have been led astray. They confront Darius and Sammy, who intentionally get themselves backed up against a toy display so they can topple it on the hunters. This gives them a chance to enact the first step of their plan: steal the guns, then evade.
  • Brooklynn and her team use the maintenance tunnels as a shortcut to Main Street, bypassing the hazardous terrain. They are stopped by a gate; even Bumpy’s tail cannot bring it down. Hearing the mysterious hum, Brooklynn discerns that there must be a source of electricity, and using the key card she unlocks a door leading to a frigid corridor. She presumes this to be the source of the cold air she discovered near the lab. At the end, they discover a room containing what appears to be a control terminal, perhaps a secret backup power generator. They look for a means to raise the gate. While doing so, Kenji resets the breakers, giving the park power. The green button is flickering, so he presses it until it goes off. This inadvertently overloads the E750 cryonic containment unit within a secret wing of the field genetics lab.
  • Sammy and Darius use debris on Main Street to evade Mitch and Tiff. Power comes back on, illuminating the area. This lets them see their way around, but also allows their enemies to see them easily. Darius and Sammy are cornered, and the power has also restored the park’s network. This helps the poachers identify the watering hole immediately. The tyrannosaur has also awakened, emerging to see what the ruckus is. The poachers try to get the guns from the kids, and during the scuffle, the tyrannosaur bites, snagging the gun tote’s strap on her lower jaw. Mitch grabs at the tote, and is flung around through the air. He manages to get the tote back despite sustaining injury; he and Tiff escape. The tyrannosaur chases Sammy and Darius, who are saved when Brooklynn manages to activate Main Street’s advertising audio loop to distract the animal. By flickering the lights to bedazzle her and activating the outdoor hologram projector, the team in the control room keeps the tyrannosaur occupied enough for Darius and Sammy to escape into the forest.
  • With Mitch and Tiff on their way to the watering hole, Darius vows to save the dinosaurs, even if it means giving up a chance to escape. He encourages his friends to gather and escape without him, but they refuse to leave him behind. Together, they plan to move all the dinosaurs away from the watering hole. Kenji takes a motorcycle through the tunnels to pick up Darius and Sammy, while Ben and Yaz plan to make noise and Brooklynn coordinates all their activity.
  • Mitch and Tiff’s northeastward progress is impeded by a fence, which is now electrified. Their passing also wakes Chaos, Grim, and Limbo, who were sleeping nearby. Brooklynn uses the park PA system to harass the poachers. Grim charges the poachers, and Tiff fatally shoots the dinosaur. Chaos and Limbo mourn their fallen partner, but quickly set on the path to avenge her.
  • Kenji drives Sammy and Darius toward the watering hole from the south. Brooklynn reports that Tiff and Mitch have shot out the power box to the fence, allowing them to bypass it altogether. The motorcycle won’t get there in time, so Darius takes a shortcut through the maintenance tunnels, hoping to slow down their enemies. Once again he plans to do it alone, trusting that his friends will make it out alive without him.
  • Brooklynn is determined to find a way to help and prevent Darius from sacrificing himself, and spots a gyrosphere in storage. She heads that way to acquire a vehicle and get moving.
Unknown day #22, February or March 2016
Early Morning
  • Tiff and Mitch reach the watering hole, the dinosaurs still there as the first rays of sunlight appear. Darius interrupts them, but before he can be accosted, Brooklynn rams the poachers with her gyrosphere. As the poachers recollect themselves, the rest of the team arrives: Yaz at the wheel of a G63 AMV laying on the horn, Kenji and Sammy on the motorcycle playing Dave’s mixtape at full volume, and Ben riding Bumpy waving flashlights in the air. This commotion drives the dinosaurs north away from the watering hole and to safety. Darius and Brooklynn make their escape in the gyrosphere with Tiff and Mitch pursuing on foot.
  • The stampede suddenly turns around and comes back south again, the tyrannosaur having appeared for an early-morning hunt. Sammy is now with Ben on Bumpy, and as the AMV stalls, Yaz joins them. Bumpy runs crosswise through the stampede and they manage to evade the tyrannosaur, though just narrowly.
  • Brooklynn and Darius crash their gyrosphere, causing it to stall; the poachers catch up to them, but are forced to flee when the stampede arrives. The gyrosphere is caught up in the chaos, but as it is knocked around, its systems jolt to life and allow them to take control again. Mitch and Tiff escape up a tree to avoid being trampled, but Tiff’s custom rifle is destroyed. Mitch stumbles into one of the snares he and Hap had set previously, rendering him vulnerable when the tyrannosaur arrives. Unable to free him in time, Tiff abandons her husband to die. Chaos and Limbo watch as the tyrannosaur kills and eats Mitch, then follow Tiff’s trail.
  • Tiff arrives at the Northwest Dock, having stolen the keys to the boat from Mitch before abandoning him, and is chased by Brooklynn and Darius. Ramming through the gate to the harbor causes the gyrosphere to stall again; they continue the chase on foot, but Tiff has already pulled her yacht away from the dock. As she delivers a final insult to the campers, Chaos and Limbo board the yacht, break into the cabin, and kill Tiff. In the process, the radio is destroyed. The yacht drifts southward and out of sight.
  • The group reunites at the Northwest Dock, the boat no longer an option. Rather than try to signal rescue, they instead vow to find a way to escape on their own.
  • Compies and other animals have damaged enough of the park infrastructure to cause Main Street to permanently lose power. There is also a containment failure in the E750 cryonic chamber. Its inhabitant recovers from cryobiotic stasis, breaking free and exiting the laboratory via the maintenance tunnel attachment. After about seven years, Scorpios rex is active again on Isla Nublar.
February/March through June 2016
Period of 3-4 months
  • E750 experiences periods of extreme aggression, during which it slaughters other dinosaurs. It can kill most similarly-sized or defenseless creatures using only its teeth and claws, but its venom can fell even the biggest animals. Not all of its victims are eaten, similar to the Indominus. Its attacks cause its victims to start behaving unusually.
  • At some point before June, and probably not long after leaving stasis, E750 lays a fertile egg through parthenogenesis. The egg hatches, and the offspring quickly reaches adult size. Their combined impact has a damaging effect on Isla Nublar, and between the two of them, at least one is nearly always guaranteed to be in an aggressive state. Attacks on other dinosaurs are interrupted periodically as they attack one another whenever their paths cross, though they do not seem intent on killing one another.
  • Some animals breed during this time, including Brachiosaurus and Dimorphodon.
  • Due to the activity of E750, compies become quite skittish and vacate the Camp Cretaceous area. This is the first unusual dinosaur behavior noticed by the campers, but since the compies could be pests it is a welcome change and not noticed as a sign of anything wrong.
  • The campers make several attempts at escaping Isla Nublar. In no particular order, these efforts include kayaking to Costa Rica (the kayaks were attacked by sharks), using gyrospheres to bobble across the ocean (the spheres were not watertight, flooding and sinking to the seafloor on two separate occasions), learning to fly an abandoned helicopter as suggested by Yaz (if they succeeded in finding one, their chalkboard notes appear to indicate it crashed and exploded), searching for a functional phone in the maintenance tunnels as suggested by Brooklynn (they were attacked by Baryonyx and Pteranodon), and building a raft. The raft is the last plan they attempt in this sequence, but it takes them weeks to amass enough fabric to construct a flimsy sail.
Unknown day, June 2016
  • With Brooklynn’s guidance (as she has limited prior rafting experience), the campers put their raft escape plan into action. Having assembled a raft from various pieces of debris, they set off eastward from Sector 6 near the tennis courts. Ben is saddened about leaving Bumpy, who watches them from the coast. After a few minutes, the water becomes rough as a rogue wave approaches, driven by an approaching tropical storm. The shallow water causes it to amass into an enormous breaking wave; Brooklynn attempts to have them use the wind to power through it, but the wind abruptly changes direction due to the storm. The raft’s sail detaches and the wave swamps the campers, destroying the raft and forcing them to swim to shore.
  • With the outer edge of the storm approaching the island, dinosaurs venture away from the shore in search of shelter.
  • The campers return to the campground, accompanied by Bumpy. Failure of all their prior escape plans has discouraged them, and Ben is beginning to question whether he wants to leave the island at all. Darius maintains that a boat is their best means of escape off the island, and that building a better sail is the solution. Kenji mentions the hang gliders at Lookout Point, which they can access via the Gondola Lift; while Kenji acknowledges that the hang gliders are not able to get them to Costa Rica, the other campers realize they can use a glider as a sail for their raft.
Following day
  • For the moment the storm is holding off, the clouds of yesterday having cleared. The campers reach the Gondola Lift. Kenji and Sammy take the first gondola toward Lookout Point after Brooklynn reactivates the solar-powered lift. Brooklynn and Yaz take the next gondola, making it an awkward trip since they had just had a fight the previous day that was never resolved. Ben decides to remain at the foot of the mountain with Bumpy, and Darius begins to suspect his friend is not all right. He remains at the base to figure it out, but Ben does not open up about his problems. They assemble a sled out of pinnate leaves so Bumpy can haul the hang glider. Their discussion is interrupted by a disturbance in the nearby woods; they quietly retreat, and behind them, a Ceratosaurus is ambushed by one of the Scorpios and killed by venomous spines to the back of the neck.
  • At the summit, Kenji and Sammy use the binoculars to observe the island, and Sammy spots Mitch and Tiff’s yacht stranded against some shallow rocks. Meanwhile, Brooklynn and Yaz compete to try and free a hang glider, which is locked down.
  • Ben finally admits to Darius that he is concerned about leaving Bumpy, since they cannot build a raft big enough to bring her. Darius tries to comfort his friend, but there is no way to make Ben feel better right now.
  • Brooklynn picks the lock on the hang glider, while Yaz decides it would be faster if she bashes it in with a rock. While searching for a good one, she discovers Dimorphodon nests on the mountain peak, and one of the parents emerges to defend its nest. The four campers try to avoid it, but it emits an alarm cry that summons its flock which was sleeping in the trees below. Under assault, Kenji and Sammy manage to get into one of the gondolas while Yaz and Brooklynn are forced to use the hang glider as the only possible escape route. They use low-lying cloud cover to briefly evade the flock, but the hang glider is damaged and crashes in the jungle below. Ben, Darius, and Bumpy provide assistance as the most persistent Dimorphodon makes one final attempt at attack.
  • The glider is damaged, but Darius surmises it can still be used as a sail. However, this may not be necessary at all: Sammy and Kenji relay to the others that the yacht is marooned near the island and accessible if they can swim to it.
  • Off the island’s western coast the campers spot the yacht, planning to swim out and reach it. Darius points out that it is large enough to fit Bumpy, but Ben privately has reservations about taking Bumpy off the island. Brooklynn and Yaz have resolved their conflict through cooperating to survive the Dimorphodon nest.
  • The campers reach the yacht, all having donned swimsuits except Ben, as storm clouds pass near again. They discover evidence of the struggle that took place on the boat, confirming that Tiff was killed. During the attack, the controls were damaged and the radio was destroyed, and since the boat was left idling until it shut down, it is virtually out of gas. They plan to drive it on its remaining gas to the Northwest Dock, where they can hopefully refuel; Ben and Bumpy take the overland route. Kenji pranks Darius and Brooklynn by scaring them, and they begin to plot a revenge prank.
  • Kenji gets the yacht to the dock, and they rendezvous with Ben and Bumpy. Ben had locked the gate to the harbor after passing through to deter unwelcome wildlife, and picked up supplies along the way. For the moment the skies are clear again. Since it is getting later in the day, Darius suggests that they spend the night here and search for gasoline tomorrow.
  • Since there are still a few hours until sunset, the kids have a yacht party, thrown by Kenji as he wants to give them a taste of his life of luxury.
  • Kenji sets out flameless tea candles to provide lighting as the sun goes down. Brooklynn and Darius continue to search for ways to prank Kenji, considering using the fireworks to scare him. The yacht is rammed from the starboard bow, and the port side bow hits the dock and a hole is punctured in the hull. While the damage is high enough that it will not take on water in calm seas, the boat is no longer seaworthy. The storm is still missing the island, but fog is rolling in, reducing visibility; the campers head into the harbor to search for supplies to fix the boat before conditions turn worse and sink it.
  • Everyone splits up to search for tools.
  • Darius discovers that part of the fence around the harbor has been broken from outside by something large, indicating that an animal has breached the perimeter. Meanwhile, Brooklynn attempts to pick the lock on a harbor building, but before she can, Darius arrives to warn her about the intruder. They try to round up their friends without alerting whatever has broken in. After finding Ben, they encounter the intruders: a pair of herbivorous Ouranosaurus, which Darius assures them are non-aggressive. Despite his guarantee, though, the dinosaurs attack the campers. The dinosaurs are behaving unusually, ramming crates as well as one another. Yaz shelters from one of the dinosaurs and rescues Kenji. Soon the group has gathered again except for Sammy and Bumpy, who have met up again. One of the Ouranosaurus attacks, but is fought off by Bumpy, and all of the campers manage to regroup.
  • The campers locate the yacht by the flameless tea candles, which are still on. Using these to navigate, they get back to the yacht with the Ouranosaurus in pursuit. Kenji holds them at bay using party poppers, which makes them hesitate. In the meantime, they plug the hole using spare clothes and create a makeshift patch with duct tape. The yacht pulls away from shore with Kenji again at the helm.
  • Although they have made it away from the dock, the yacht is still pursued by the Ouranosaurus which swim after it to continue their assault. Brooklynn and Darius use the Roman candles they had intended to scare Kenji with to instead scare the Ouranosaurus away. The other campers join in, and the dinosaurs retreat.
  • The campers spend the night on the yacht a few hundred meters offshore.
Following day
  • The yacht has only fumes left, and the campers again must find a way to refuel. Darius is concerned about the behavior of the Ouranosaurus from last night, and finally realizes that the compies disappearing from camp was unusual. He speculates that something has seriously disturbed the island’s ecology.
  • Both Ouranosaurus are killed by the Scorpios rex in the woods near the dock. It had been the reason they invaded the dock, as they had hoped it would provide them safety; they had become aggressive out of stress.
  • Darius replaces soaked tape on the hole, but the boat is still likely to sink if the storm hits the island. Not knowing whether the Northwest Dock is safe and unwilling to risk it, the campers look over Jurassic World maps and schematics for another cache of gas, but the nearest dock is miles away and out of reach. Kenji, however, recalls that his family’s penthouse has a private dock not on the maps, and it isn’t far from their current location.
  • Using the last of the boat’s gas, they reach the Kon penthouse pier. They use battery-powered Segways to reach the penthouse, encountering a Monolophosaurus along the way; Darius assures them that these small theropods are loners and do not usually attack larger animals. Unbeknownst to him, all of the island’s Monolophosaurus have congregated here for security against the Scorpios, and like the other dinosaurs they are on edge.
  • The keycard Brooklynn recovered allows them into the penthouse. Bumpy waits outside, unable to fit. Unfortunately due to the power being shut down the elevators do not work; the campers use the stairs to reach the penthouse suite far above the ground floor. Briefly distracted by the luxury of the penthouse, the campers need to be reminded by Ben about their original mission.
  • Sammy discovers a drawing Kenji made when he was five years old depicting his family, including a mermaid (most likely a representation of his father’s mistress Candy). Outside, Bumpy puts on a threat display after witnessing the Monolophosaurus entering the penthouse through a ventilation shaft, and Ben realizes something is wrong. He takes Sammy and Yaz toward the garage to find gas, but encounter two of the theropods as they break into the hallway. The three campers escape up a ventilation duct.
  • In the suite, Darius and Brooklynn search for a handheld GPS device which belonged to Daniel Kon, but only find an antique compass. The dinosaurs begin to intrude into the suite, forcing them to barricade the door with furniture. This buys them enough time to escape down the suite’s elevator shaft. In the vents, the others evade more Monolophosaurus and reach the garage, where they are briefly safe. Here they find a can of sealant they can use to patch the yacht, and decide to siphon gas from the Lincoln limousines in the garage.
  • Brooklynn, Darius, and Kenji make their way down the shaft, but are slowed down by Kenji insistently carrying his father’s treasured Gadi Fraiman sculpture. They are attacked from the vents. Brooklynn falls, but thankfully is close enough to the elevator car roof to avoid injury. One of the dinosaurs also falls, knocking the elevator car down just enough to make a set of doors accessible; Darius falls soon after, but the dinosaur’s body cushions the impact. Kenji fends it off by beating it with the sculpture, and they escape out the doors.
  • After some time, Ben has managed to siphon enough gas from the limousines to fill a few cans. Sammy stresses that Mantah Corp may make her life difficult upon returning home. The dinosaurs breach the garage, and the campers use the vehicles as cover to make for the last limousine that still has gas in it. Yaz takes the wheel, finding the key still in the vehicle, and they make their escape; Brooklynn, Darius, and Kenji join them moments later and Bumpy stops the Monolophosaurus from continuing their chase. In the limousine, they make for the penthouse pier.
  • With the gas from the limousines and the antique compass, the yacht is functional. Darius comforts Kenji, who had hoped to impress his friends with the penthouse and feels as though he came up short. Meanwhile, Yaz comforts Sammy, who resolves to stand up to Mantah if she encounters their agents at home. The campers rally to fix the boat, searching for objects to use with the sealant.
  • A drone, probably operated by Mantah agents, scouts Isla Nublar. It identifies a Scorpios rex, attempting to follow it, but is attacked and destroyed by the creature.
Following day
  • Using a meal tray, the campers patch up the hole in the yacht, though the sealant will take around 48 hours to set. Sammy confides in Brooklynn that she wants to learn more about Mantah Corp’s reason for making her a corporate spy, and Brooklynn jumps at the chance to “unbox” Jurassic World once again. She speculates that Mantah was interested in E750. They take the busted-up but functional gyrosphere northeast; Sammy had found a map at the Kon penthouse which she had intended to use to search for Mantah’s objectives, but Brooklynn has other ideas.
  • Kenji distracts a compy using a quarter from the penthouse. This draws other compies which had all intended to use shiny objects to decorate their nests; Kenji throws them more quarters, but one compy steals the antique compass. He, Darius, and Yaz pursue the compy. When Yaz gets close to catching it, the compy drops the compass, and it is quickly snatched by another. They pursue it to the site of a crashed Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse, which is not far from the derelict Jurassic Park Visitors’ Centre. Despite Kenji’s reservations about entering the old building (it is believed to be haunted by some), the compies are seen to be nesting inside, so they follow them. Inside they find multiple compy nests, including one with the compass located on a ledge about thirty feet up the wall.
  • After a few failed attempts following the tunnels or vents, with their last effort ending at the motorpool, Sammy insists to Brooklynn that a spot on a Jurassic World blueprint marked as under construction is the location they should be seeking. It was under construction on this blueprint, but also on the five-year-old map from the Kon penthouse, which Sammy believes means the construction site is a facade for something else. Brooklynn doubts Sammy’s instinct.
  • In the Visitors’ Centre, Darius, Yaz, and Kenji move an old vending machine into position to reach the compy nest where the compass is stashed. Yaz leads them up a climb using the machine, abandoned scaffolding, and lianas. Suddenly the compies scatter; Blue enters the building pursuing some.
  • Brooklynn’s obsession with discovering Jurassic World’s secrets for her own publicity drives Sammy away. Brooklynn tries to follow Sammy in the gyrosphere while Sammy moves on foot; Sammy makes a lot of right turns since the gyrosphere can only turn left.
  • While Blue stalks the Visitors’ Centre lower level, two compies fight over the compass, and it is dropped in the struggle. Darius catches it before it can fall to the floor below. Blue catches a compy and retreats to eat her meal, but she suspects she is not the only intelligent creature here, since things are not where she left them last (the vending machine among them). When the campers think she is gone, they make to leave the Centre, but Blue confronts them.
  • Brooklynn apologizes to Sammy, and they proceed northward to the construction site.
  • Darius, Kenji, and Yaz flee from Blue, hiding in the crashed Mercedes-Benz and finding a tranquilizer rifle. Blue rams the vehicle, trying to break in where the trespassers are trapped. Darius surmises that becaues Blue is alone, the other raptors are no longer living. While Blue rams the vehicle, Yaz puts it in drive, causing it to roll away downhill. During the chase, Blue obscures the windshield view and Kenji strikes the vehicle off a boulder, causing it to roll and land on top of Blue. The campers get out safely, but Blue is trapped and cannot escape. Compies, attracted to the chaos, investigate and find their former predator weak and helpless. As Blue struggles, the compies become emboldened and move in. Darius and Yaz pity Blue, but the rifle does not have enough darts for all the compies. They try to fend off the scavengers while Kenji runs off; they assume he is abandoning Blue, but he is actually going to retrieve quarters from the vending machine to distract the compies. The ploy works, and while the compies collect their trinkets, the campers lift the vehicle and free Blue. Darius makes a show of peace toward Blue, instructing the others to show that they are neither threatening nor vulnerable. However, Kenji tries to distract Blue with a quarter, striking her on the snout; she sends them away with a warning, but does not pursue any longer.
  • Sammy and Brooklynn find the “construction site,” which is clandestinely a wing of Wu’s field lab where E750 was created. They discover its destroyed holding chamber, as well as a laptop formerly owned by Wu. On the laptop, they watch video logs by Wu from 2009, learning about his early experiments into hybridization and the failure that was the Scorpios rex. Now knowing that the unstable creature is loose on the island, they decide an immediate evacuation is imperative. They retreat from the lab, but are interrupted by a stampede caused by the Scorpios which is on a rampage.
  • Darius, reminiscing about his father, expresses to Kenji that he wants to see a Gallimimus (his father’s favorite). Kenji volunteers to take care of packing for the trip, delegating tasks to Ben and Yaz while Darius goes off.
  • A short way from camp, Darius finds a flock of Gallimimus and adds them to his field guide.
  • Roughly an hour after Kenji sent Ben to retrieve toilet paper for their journey, Kenji and Yaz realize he has not yet returned. They go off to try and find Ben; Kenji wants to alert Darius, but decides not to since he wants to appear capable of handling a situation on his own.
  • In the woods, the Gallimimus become nervous and retreat from the area. Darius discovers spines embedded in the bark of a tree, and the carcass of a Gallimimus stashed in the branches. This does not match the attack patterns of any dinosaur he knows.
  • Kenji and Yaz find Ben among an Ankylosaurus herd visiting Bumpy. Ben has been trying to help Bumpy integrate into a wild herd. Kenji and Yaz are upset that Ben went off on his own; in the meanwhile Ben strongly doubts that they will ever see each other again after they get back to the United States.
  • The storm becomes stronger as it passes over the island, and Darius runs into Brooklynn and Sammy, who tell him about E750. Darius radios Kenji, who admits that the boat is not yet ready for launch. He comes up with a plan of action to move all their supplies to the boat immediately so that they can leave as soon as possible.
  • Yaz runs to the dock to prep the boat, but the sea has become too rough for travel. Everyone else has gathered at camp, but Yaz returns and reports that the yacht is taking on water and will sink if it attempts to leave. The group must stay on the island until the storm passes. Darius blames Kenji for not having the boat ready in time, but Kenji blames Ben for leaving and not pulling his weight; Brooklynn defuses the argument.
  • The campers strengthen the perimeter fence they have built around camp.
  • Sammy remains optimistic that the campers will stay friends after getting home, but Ben’s pessimism has rubbed off on Yaz, who tries to protect her own feelings by rejecting her growing relationship with Sammy.
  • When Ben and Brooklynn accidentally activate the horn on an overturned ranger vehicle, Kenji realizes that the battery must still have power. With his guidance they hook the battery up to the camp’s perimeter fence and electrify it.
  • The storm has grown stronger still, and Bumpy becomes uneasy. She runs off back to her new herd, and before Ben can go after her, an unknown dinosaur vocalization is heard nearby. The campers retreat into the protected campground to shelter while the Scorpios arrives. It kills a couple Parasaurolophus, but then is drawn to the electricity crackling as rain hits the camp fence. When it touches the fence it is shocked, but this only aggravates it. This attack surprises the campers and their screams alert the Scorpios to their presence. It searches for a way in, eventually clambering up a tree and invading the camp.
  • Lightning strikes a palm tree and it bursts into flames. The Scorpios is captivated by the fire for a moment until the rain puts it out. Once it is no longer distracted, it resumes its attack, striking Sammy with its spined tail. As it closes in on the other campers, the cry of the other Scorpios catches its attention, and it leaves to accept this challenge from its kin.
  • The campers discover that Sammy has been stung with three Scorpios spines in the left side of her stomach, injecting her with a potentially fatal dose of neurotoxin. She falls unconscious for a few seconds and the other campers scramble to help her. Brooklynn and Yaz remove the spines, and Brooklynn bandages Sammy. With the venom already in Sammy’s bloodstream, the only thing that can save her is the antidote, which Brooklynn recalls seeing in Wu’s video logs. She relays the location of the lab to Yaz, who plans to run there and back to get the antidote in time to save Sammy’s life.
  • While Yaz makes her move, Darius and Ben plan to distract the Scorpios using an explosion, since they know fire distracts it. Brooklynn and Kenji care for Sammy, who is slipping in and out of consciousness and hallucinating.
  • A flash flood blocks Yaz’s way, and she attempts to jump the riverbed. She doesn’t quite make it, but is able to catch a vine and climb out. Recovering, she persists east toward the lab. The storm has downed a large tree, which is now blocking the entrance to the lab; she sums up all her strength to move the log and access the door. Nearby, one of the Scorpios attacks a Parasaurolophus herd.
  • Ben leads Darius to his secret stash of gasoline, which he hid without telling the others. They plan to use this to create a massive explosion that will distract the Scorpios and clear a way for Yaz, setting a fuse and sending the gas cans up the Gondola Lift to Lookout Point.
  • In the lab, Yaz struggles to find the antidote and almost gives in to despair, but finds a medical kit with the antidote inside. She begins her run back to camp, but encounters the Scorpios feeding on a parasaur near the raptor paddock. Neither of them makes a move at first, and Yaz slowly prepares to make a rapid getaway. She suddenly bolts, and the Scorpios gives chase. Using the flash-flooded stream from before, she briefly loses her pursuer, but injures her freshly-healed left ankle in the process. The Scorpios uses trees to cross the river and approaches Yaz.
  • Ben’s gas explosion plan almost fails when a small amount of gas ignites halfway up the lift, but it smolders long enough to reach the top before the remainder ignites. The blast destroys Lookout Point, and distracts the Scorpios. Yaz is able to escape.
  • The venom reaches its final stage, with Sammy near death. Yaz manages to limp to camp, and Brooklynn administers the antidote. Sammy’s breathing had stopped, but the antidote takes effect just in time to save her.
Following day
Early morning
  • With a break in the storm, Darius rallies the campers to make it to the yacht and escape Isla Nublar. They pack what they can carry and help Sammy out of camp, heading toward the private pier on the other side of the island. Ben, however, fears for Bumpy’s safety and leaves the others. Darius goes after Ben, sending the others to the boat; he instructs them to leave without either of them if they don’t get to the pier by sunrise.
  • While the others struggle to find the path to the boat, Darius finds a poisoned Sinoceratops and risks his life to remove the spine. It chases him to a cliff edge where Ben saves him. They search for Bumpy.
  • Brooklynn, Kenji, Yaz, and Sammy stop for a water break; Yaz makes ill-advised efforts to be positive for Sammy, which does not come naturally to her and unnerves the others. A stampede of bioluminescent parasaurs, having fled the caves, is chased past them by a Scorpios.
  • Near her favorite berry bushes, Darius and Ben find Bumpy along with her new herd. Ben confesses to Darius that he no longer wants to leave Isla Nublar, since he believes his personal growth is dependent on being on the island. They fight, and Darius admits is fear of abandoning Ben again.
  • As the stampede of parasaurs creates a path through the forest, Kenji realizes he knows where they are and leads the others toward the dock. The Scorpios attacks and kills several of the parasaurs, but the campers get out unscathed. Brooklynn radios Darius, but he cannot respond as his walkie-talkie was broken during the fight. The others reach the yacht. Darius and Ben witness a Scorpios attack the ankylosaur herd, but their armor repels its spines; Ben realizes that Bumpy and her family can survive without his help. However, the fact that two Scorpios attacks occurred immediately after one another so far apart is worrying. Darius agrees to let Ben stay on the island, but only if he comes to the yacht to say goodbye to the others.
  • Sunrise comes, but the campers at the yacht choose not to leave without their friends. Darius and Ben run for the dock, but a Scorpios has gotten there first, forcing the yacht to depart. Darius and Ben think they have been left behind, but must shelter in the Lincoln as both Scorpios converge on the pier and fight one another. The Lincoln is knocked around during the fight and ends up against a tree, but the fight moves into the woods, sparing Ben and Darius. Now knowing that there are two Scorpios, Darius hypothesizes that they can reproduce asexually, and formulates a plan to kill both creatures.
  • The yacht turns around, returning to the dock in the hopes that the Scorpios has gone. Upon arrival, the campers find the upturned Lincoln and discover Ben and Darius’s footprints in the mud.
  • In the woods heading for the crashed car near the Visitors’ Centre, where Darius knows he left a tranquilizer rifle, he and Ben are nearly crushed by a stampede of Brachiosaurus. After they move on, the other campers discover the stampede site, where a young brachiosaur has been left behind. They imitate the calls of the adults and its parent returns to help the juvenile. After reuniting the dinosaurs, Yaz finds more footprints, but also finds Scorpios tracks going the same way.
  • Darius and Ben reach the car crash site and recover the tranquilizer rifle. The other campers arrive as well, agreeing to help kill the Scorpios, but the hybrid creatures attack and corner the campers within the Visitors’ Centre. Darius fires a tranquilizer dart at the one inside the building but misses, and it wrests the gun away from him. They hide in the kitchen, but it breaks in; Kenji activates the gas oven burners to distract it while they escape. Blue joins the confrontation, not knowing the hybrids are in her home. Both the Scorpios fight upon seeing each other, and Darius tries to retrieve the tranquilizer gun, but Blue stops him, thinking he will use it on her. He relenquishes the gun. Blue ignores the campers and deals with the greater threat; one of the hybrids is now facing Blue while the other looks for a way into the building. It climbs on the roof, causing structural damage from its weight. The campers realize that the collapsing roof could kill both hybrids, and help to weaken the support of the Centre. Blue realizes the danger and flees, but the Scorpios are too distracted fighting one another and are trapped within as the building collapses.
  • Believing Scorpios rex to be extinct, the campers begin the trek back to the dock. Ben tells the others that he intends to stay on the island, and while Sammy tries repeatedly to convince her friend to come with them, he turns her offers down.
  • At the dock, the campers bid farewell to Ben. The storm is still holding off, but will return soon, so they need to get going. Ben watches as they leave, and goes off into the jungle, but then regrets his decision. He runs back to the dock, and Kenji stops the yacht as Ben swims out to rejoin his friends for good. He is now confident that his personal growth is not tied to Isla Nublar, but to himself, and he can bring it with him wherever he goes in life.
  • As they attempt to leave, the yacht is accosted by three unmarked black Bell UH-1H-BF Iroquois helicopters and a voice over a megaphone commands them to return to the dock and cut the engine. Kenji believes that these helicopters are their rescue. Furthermore, the sea is once again too rough to pass safely. The campers comply with the helicopter crews’ orders.
  • One of the helicopters lands on the private pier while the other two head inland. The pilot radios their base of operations and asks for orders regarding the kids. However, interference from the storm makes communication impossible for the moment. The helicopter’s gunman, Hansen, gets them onto the Iroquois but does not answer when Ben asks why they are here. Sammy, Kenji, and Ben have gotten onto the helicopter when the tyrannosaur emerges from the forest to confront the intruders; Hansen and the other three campers are left behind as the pilot performs an emergency liftoff. Hansen tries to rendezvous with the helicopter as the pilot swings it around, but is intercepted by the tyrannosaur and killed; this leaves Darius, Brooklynn, and Yaz alone. The helicopter flees as the tyrannosaur chases the campers into the woods.
  • The tyrannosaur goes after Yaz, but is distracted as Darius and Brooklynn pelt her with rocks. Now she chases them, but becomes aware of activity near her home at Main Street as a voice over a megaphone is heard. Another of the three Iroquois is there carrying out an operation at the Lagoon, and the tyrannosaur investigates. The campers witness her chase a mercenary technician down the boardwalk, and while he barely escapes her jaws, he is then eaten by the Mosasaurus. They see the third helicopter pass overhead, mistaking it for the one their friends are on, and follow it to its landing site in the valley just north of Main Street. It is carrying the mercenaries’ leader, Hawkes, two of his subordinates Reed and Dawson, and Henry Wu. At the moment the three teams cannot communicate with one another due to the storm, so Hawkes has not heard whether or not a sample of Indominus DNA has been acquired. In case the retrieval has failed, Wu needs his research laptop, which was left behind during the evacuation and is still in the field lab. The storm makes air travel impossible, so the team sets out on foot. Yaz, Darius, and Brooklynn pursue them in secret, aiming to get there first and steal the laptop. With this, they plan to expose Wu’s machinations to the authorities in Costa Rica.
  • On the way to the designated rendezvous point, the helicopter carrying Ben, Kenji, and Sammy disturbs a flock of Pteranodons which give chase. The pilot initially doubts the campers’ advice to cut the helicopter’s lights, but soon complies, having nothing to lose. With visibility down and the lights no longer drawing their attention, the Pteranodons give up the chase and shelter from the storm instead. Unfortunately, the helicopter is too low over the trees and has to suddenly swerve to avoid a Brachiosaurus, crashing into the canopy.
  • The storm begins to abate.
Following day
Early morning
  • Yaz, Darius, and Brooklynn arrive at the secret E750 wing of the field lab, but the storm has washed more debris up against the entrance. They begin clearing it away, but Wu and his team arrive before they can complete their work, forcing them to hide. Hawkes, Reed, and Dawson begin clearing the debris and Brooklynn leads her friends through the maintenance tunnels via the cold-air vent instead.
  • At the helicopter crash, Kenji is the first to regain consciousness, finding the helicopter suspended in the canopy of a kapok tree by a thick tangle of vines and lianas. He frees himself and wakes Sammy and Ben, but the pilot has been thrown through the windshield. The lianas supporting the helicopter are not strong enough to hold it for long, and it begins to slip free. The campers climb out of it before its support collapses, causing it to fall to the ground on top of the pilot. Its fuel ignites, destroying it.
  • The mercenaries under Hawkes’s direction have cleared the debris and made it inside the lab. Wu finds Scorpios claw marks, advising the mercenaries to be on their toes, but they merely scoff at him. As they go further in, though, evidence becomes clearer that something dangerous had been in here. Meanwhile, Brooklynn finds the laptop and the campers hide in the vent as Hawkes, Wu, and their team enter. The aluminum of the vents makes a small noise as the campers hide, making Hawkes suspicious. Wu cannot find his laptop, lamenting that his research will take years to replicate, though he had planned on making an improved, refined hybrid dinosaur with E750 as a reference. The team leaves to search other lab facilities, and the campers make a retreat through the vent; Hawkes hears their movements and becomes suspicious that they are not alone. He enters the vents as well. He catches Brooklynn, but she manages to pass the laptop to Darius and Yaz before she is captured. Darius and Yaz flee into the forest, and Wu learns the identity of his enemies. Hawkes and Reed pursue Darius and Yaz. Reed is sent forward to catch them using night vision goggles, but stumbles into Chaos and Limbo instead. Taken by surprise, Reed is killed. Realizing his blunder, Hawkes is angered and gives the campers an ultimatum: the helicopter will leave in two hours, and if they do not return the laptop by then, Brooklynn will be taken away.
  • Kenji, Ben, and Sammy return to the boat, but their friends are not on board. Darius and Yaz arrive soon after, and everyone learns that Brooklynn has been captured. Kenji insists that they return the laptop immediately so they can get Brooklynn back. Ben agrees, but Darius and Yaz are insistent that they can’t let Wu succeed. They agree to copy the laptop’s data and then wipe the hard drive, but Kenji is reluctant to go along with it.
  • Wu and Brooklynn learn about Reed’s death, and that the laptop is still not returned. Hawkes threatens Brooklynn, though she remains confident that her friends will succeed. A pair of Monolophosaurus have entered the lab, and Brooklynn provokes them in an effort to escape, but Hawkes catches her once again.
  • Using one of Sammy’s flash drives, which she had stashed using a piece of old chewing gum, the campers begin copying all of the laptop’s files. The process is agonizingly slow, though. Darius makes a plan to rescue Brooklynn, getting her back from Dr. Wu before he realizes the laptop has been tampered with. Kenji is increasingly doubtful that tricking Wu is a safe plan.
  • The mercenaries and Wu trek to the rendezvous point; Wu is confident that the other campers will return the laptop, and assures Brooklynn that she will be safely reunited with them. She, on the other hand, believes that her friends will not follow through with Hawkes’s ultimatum, and condemns Wu’s practices. They come to the flooded stream, still raging from the recent torrential rainfalls, and locate a log to bridge the water. On the way across, Dawson, who was carrying the heavy supply pack, loses his footing and falls into the river; he is washed away and is believed to have drowned. The others make it across safely, though Brooklynn and Wu are horrified that Hawkes did not attempt to save his underling.
  • At camp, the laptop is done copying. Yaz begins wiping the hard drive, which she estimates will take an hour. Kenji is now extremely doubtful that their plan will work. Ben goes to find Bumpy and rally the Ankylosaurus to help them.
  • Wu’s group encounters one of the few remaining bioluminescent parasaurs, which he uses as an example of something beautiful he created through genetic engineering. He learns that Isla Nublar’s ecology was disturbed by the Scorpios, which had reproduced. Hawkes scares off the parasaur with a gunshot and they proceed.
  • Kenji gives up on Darius’s plan, taking the laptop to give it to Wu before it is done wiping. He leaves the flash drive with the copied data so that they can still give it to the authorities. Sammy and the others are occupied as Sammy is trying to create mental pictures to remember camp and her friends by, but then they realize Kenji and the laptop are both gone. The group rushes off to stop him from giving Wu the laptop.
  • Ben and Bumpy scout out the valley where the helicopter is stationed. Wu, Hawkes, and Brooklynn have arrived. Kenji enters the field to give Wu the laptop in exchange for Brooklynn’s safe return; not knowing that Kenji deviated from the plan, Ben assumes that the ploy is underway and initiates an ankylosaur stampede with Bumpy’s help. Hawkes refuses to return Brooklynn, feeling vengeful about the two men he lost due to her intervention, and Kenji fights him as they retreat to the helicopter. In the chaos of the stampede they cannot board it; Brooklynn escapes Hawkes’s grasp, and Wu loses the laptop. Sammy, Darius, and Yaz have now joined and Sammy grabs the laptop. Hawkes struggles between recapturing Brooklynn and retrieving the laptop; he ultimately decides on the laptop, as that is his paycheck. Sammy tosses it in his direction, but is actually aiming for one of the adult Ankylosaurus. Hawkes tries to catch the device but has to dodge the animal. The laptop strikes the dinosaur’s head and is damaged by the horns, and is then trampled on the ground. Hawkes and Wu make it to the helicopter to retreat while the campers are safely led out of the stampede by Darius.
  • Wu is initially furious about losing his research, but hears from the other team that the Indominus sample was successfully retrieved. This means he can still continue his work without the laptop. Hawkes, on the other hand, is not relieved; he chases after the campers in the helicopter. Against Wu’s protests, he dives at the campers, trying to hit them with the aircraft, but they dodge his attack and he is forced to pull up. Hawkes and Wu retreat, joining the rest of the mercenary team and leaving Isla Nublar.
  • The campers bid a final farewell to Bumpy.
  • Darius tries to make things up with Kenji, but he is still angry that Darius was willing to risk Brooklynn’s life to stop Wu. The campers return to the yacht.
  • At long last, with the storm fully lifted, the campers leave Isla Nublar on the yacht.

Unlike prior incidents, which mostly happened behind closed doors, the Jurassic World incident happened during normal park operation and was immediately visible to news outlets around the world. Over twenty thousand visitors were present on the island at the time, including some celebrities such as Dr. Jack Horner and Jimmy Buffet; in particular, Buffet was present on Main Street at the time of the pterosaur attack. In the era of social media, anyone with internet access would have learned almost immediately that something had gone wrong on Isla Nublar.

The heavily-publicized nature of the incident generated stupendous amounts of bad press which led to the permanent closure of Jurassic World. Countless people lost their jobs, and Masrani Global Corporation suffered the most severe financial crisis in its history. COO Richard Wiesner issued an urgent memo to employees and investors advising them that he and the Board were handling the fallout of the incident and to keep faith in the company. However, the death of Simon Masrani meant that Masrani Global Corporation would never be quite the same. Its progressive visionary leader gone, the corporation lost its animal-rights stance and essentially abandoned Jurassic World’s inhabitants in an effort to save face by distancing itself from anything to do with de-extinction. This decision was almost certainly heavily influenced by the class-action lawsuit filed against Masrani Global Corporation by the victims of the incident, which forced Masrani Global to pay out more than eight hundred million U.S. dollars to victims.

InGen would attempt to further the I.B.R.I.S. Project at an offsite location in Chile, despite the loss of its most valuable assets (including both specimens and employees), but this ended three months later. InGen also lost its most valuable asset overall, Dr. Henry Wu, who hid from the authorities at the Lockwood estate with the help of Eli Mills. In late December, the U.S. government held a public testimonial about the incident, at which Claire Dearing spoke. She urged the public to refrain from taking out its collective anger at the animals, but rather on the persons responsible for the bioethical misconduct that led to the incident. In particular she singled out Wu and InGen Security, but with Hoskins dead and Wu nowhere to be found, little could be done. Dearing avoided suffering legal consequences from the incident, most likely due to her open cooperation with the U.S. government’s investigation.

During the trial, a paper trail was discovered which led to the discovery of corruption behind the 2003 rollback of the Gene Guard Act; InGen higher-ups had engaged in acts of bribery to encourage the U.S. government to weaken the law and allow continued de-extinction research. The truth behind the ecological crisis on Isla Sorna in the early 2000s was revealed by an anonymous hacker, further exposing the corruption rampant in InGen. These revelations led to the arrests of several Masrani Global Corporation employees, who were implicated in the illegal acts.

In March of 2016, the U.S. government opened up official inquiries into bioethical misconduct perpetrated by InGen and Dr. Wu. While Wu was unable to represent himself due to still being on the lam, several Masrani Global employees willingly came forward as whistleblowers providing evidence that acts of bioethical misconduct had been committed. That same month, U.S. Congress opened a separate inquiry into any possible violations of the Gene Guard Act committed by InGen between 1997 and 2003. The federal authorities raided Wu’s laboratory facilities, seizing his specimens to prevent him from continuing to develop Indominus and other hybrid specimens. Found guilty of bioethical misconduct, Wu was stripped of his credentials.

Now without the title of Doctor or any of his hybrid embryos, Wu was left with only the specimens he had brought with him to the Lockwood estate. Mills and Wu were both still determined to continue development of the Indominus bloodline, but with all remaining samples in possession of the government, there was only one remaining accessible source of Indominus DNA. In June of 2016, Mills hired a team of mercenaries to retrieve a bone sample from the hybrid animal’s skeletal remains at the bottom of the Jurassic World Lagoon along with Dr. Wu’s research data. During the operation, heavy casualties were sustained, the research laptop was lost, and the Mosasaurus was unintentionally released into the canal leading to the ocean; despite these setbacks, the bone sample was successfully brought to Wu. Using this, he increased the proportion of Velociraptor DNA in the genome in the hopes that this would yield an animal with better social skills. The resulting creature was dubbed Indoraptor; a prototype specimen was developed by 2018. This fulfilled the plans that Wu and Hoskins had made years before, to create a smaller and more manageable creature for military or paramilitary use.

Wu was far from the only former InGen employee whose life was drastically altered by the fallout of the incident. Claire Dearing, once a high-powered manager of the world’s most profitable theme park and research facility, was now unemployed. She was financially well off enough that this was not an immediate concern, and she spent some time traveling the West Coast with Owen Grady. Their relationship dwindled over time, having been stoked mostly by the harrowing experience the incident had brought on them both. Eventually, their fighting led them to break up, and Dearing briefly moved in with the Mitchells in Wisconsin before getting an apartment of her own. Dearing’s view on animal rights was drastically affected by the incident, leading her to develop the Dinosaur Protection Group based in San Francisco, CA by March of 2017. Upon its origin it already had around thirty volunteers, including former offsite Jurassic World IT worker Franklin Webb and hopeful paleoveterinary student Zia Rodriguez. The two of them, along with Dearing, headed the organization. Thanks to their efforts, de-extinct animal rights became a major political issue in the United States and worldwide.

Throughout 2017, Mount Sibo in the north of Isla Nublar showed signs of becoming active for the first time since the 1520s. This was of great concern to the Dinosaur Protection Group, as an eruption would mean the death of nearly all Isla Nublar’s inhabitants. Over the next year, they lobbied government offices and non-governmental organizations to gain support for a rescue mission to Isla Nublar, the aim being to relocate all the dinosaurs to a safe haven. Masrani Global Corporation denied assistance, still intending to avoid any association with de-extinction. The United States government, which became increasingly anti-science between 2015 and 2018, also showed reluctance to help. Some help was promised by the Costa Rican Department of Biological Preserves, the only governmental organization to offer support.

Despite attempts at lobbying, the U.S. Senate announced on June 22, 2018 that they would allow the extinction of Isla Nublar’s inhabitants on the grounds that it was a privately-owned island and not the government’s concern. The decision was influenced by the testimony of Dr. Ian Malcolm, survivor of the 1993 and 1997 incidents; Dr. Malcolm firmly believed that, while the dinosaurs had rights as living things, they could never be allowed to coexist with humans. This sentiment was also felt by many members of the public, and by some non-governmental organizations such as Extinction Now!

In the meantime, Wu’s prototype Indoraptor was deemed a failure as it lacked the emotional attributes of a pack animal. Wu determined that this was a result of the animal lacking familial bonds. He requested that Blue, the last surviving Velociraptor antirrhopus masranii and the only one to show high levels of empathy, be retrieved from Isla Nublar to act as a surrogate mother for the next generation of Indoraptors. Eli Mills, not completely understanding what Wu meant, agreed to retrieve Blue. Mills had already sent a mercenary team headed by Ken Wheatley to Isla Nublar via the S. S. Arcadia to capture as many dinosaurs as they could; his intent was to auction them off on the black market in order to finance Wu’s research and add to the Lockwood fortune. Benjamin Lockwood himself was unaware of the auction plans and believed that the dinosaurs were instead being relocated to an island sanctuary where they could live in safety. Wheatley was already working on Isla Nublar before the government’s non-action decision on June 22, but Lockwood was likely unaware of this. Immediately after the announcement of the government’s decision, Lockwood called Dearing to invite her to his estate and explain to her the plan to rescue the dinosaurs.

The supposed rescue operation took place the following day, on June 23. Dearing managed to recruit Grady for the operation as he was more familiar with Blue than anyone else. The eruption of Mount Sibo occurred on the same day, and was followed by the Lockwood Manor incident on June 24. This would ultimately release a handful of dinosaurs into the forests of Northern California, as well as the acquisition of several other dinosaurs and an entire set of preserved embryos by various black-market buyers.