Nick (S/F)


Nick was the supervisor of the Indominus rex‘s paddock at Jurassic World. He monitored the dinosaur through security cameras located in her enclosure and operated the crane used to feed her.

While at his post, park operations manager Claire Dearing noticed the Indominus rex was no longer visible and the security cameras did not detect any thermal signatures inside the paddock. This information, combined with the presence of newly-made claw marks on the paddock’s walls, made it seem as if the dinosaur escaped. Nick, fellow employee Ellis, and Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady promptly went inside the enclosure to investigate her apparent disappearance.

As Nick analyzed the claw marks, he received a panicked message from technician Vivian, who informed him the Indominus rex was still inside the enclosure. Nick attempted to flee towards the back door, but when he realized the carnivorous dinosaur was in front of it, he opened and retreated through the main door of the paddock. This enabled the Indominus rex to escape, despite park owner Simon Masrani‘s attempts to close the door.

With the dinosaur now out in the open, Nick tried to evade her by hiding behind a vehicle. His efforts were in vain and she promptly knocked aside his hiding place. Unable to run away, Nick could do nothing but contemplate his approaching demise before the Indominus rex devoured him in a single bite.