S.S. Venture 5888 (S/F)

The SS Venture 5888 was the vessel that the male Tyrannosaurus was transported on immediately following the hunting expedition to Isla Sorna. It took the T. rex first to San Diego and then, once the animal had been recaptured, back to Sorna.

Peter Ludlow wanted to use the Tyrannosaurus as an attraction for Jurassic Park: San Diego, but while being transported to the United States the Tyrannosaurus went into a coma, induced by the tranquilizers it had been given. To prevent the T. rex from dying, the crew gave the animal an adrenaline shot, causing the creature to wake up and break free from its holding pen. It proceeded to attack the crew, most of whom were killed before reaching harbor. Also, the captain of the ship was killed, his hand still gripping the wheel. Somehow the Tyrannosaurus was lured into the cargo hold, where it remained, until Jerry (#2) released him into San Diego.

The ship was then later seen, on the news, returning the T. rex to Isla Sorna, after Ian Malcom and Sarah Harding recaptured it.