Velociraptor Communication (S/F)

Velociraptor is arguably the most intelligent dinosaur to have been cloned by InGen. Both subspecies, Velociraptor antirrhopus nublarensis and Velociraptor antirrhopus sornaensis, display complex methods of communication between members of their species. However, V. a. sornaensis took this to a new level: instead of just basic vocalizations and body language like many other animals–including V. a. nublarensis, the V. a. sornaensis appear to have an entire spoken language with which they communicate. This was theorized by Alan Grant based on newly discovered fossil evidence and was confirmed when he went to Isla Sorna along with Paul and Amanda Kirby. There, he witnessed two individual V. a. sornaensis who appeared to be conversing in much the same way that humans do. The full extent of these communicative abilities has yet to be observed or otherwise explained.