Anne (T/C)

Anne is the main character and protagonist in Trespasser. Her face is never seen, and all that the player can see of her are her arms and chest. The picture at left is a sketch from Next Generation Magazine (November, 1997; article, “Trespasser”), who did an article on the game.

She lives in a drab grey apartment, which is one of the first things the player sees after the introduction by John Hammond. Her telephone is ringing, and a message plays from a friend of Anne’s named Jill, who wants to know where she is.

Anne is on a plane ride to Costa Rica, when unknown events cause her plane to go down. When Anne wakes up on a beach, she looks around to see that her plane has been completely destroyed, and that she is the lone survivor. It is possible that her arm is fractured in the crash.

All through her adventures through Isla Sorna, Anne recalls segments of memoirs John Hammond wrote, usually marking events that happen to her, like when she sees her first dinosaur. She also talks to herself during the game, commenting on random things or objects, such as when she first discovers she’s on Isla Sorna.

After wandering a short distance from the crash site, she sees a billboard informing her that she is in fact on Isla Sorna, or “Site B”, InGen’s second island occupied by genetically-engineered dinosaurs. Anne passes many abandoned buildings, each the same dull light cream color. She finds several firearms on a box: two Smith & Wesson 686 revolvers, one Mark VII Desert Eagle, and a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun. After taking some practice shots and getting a feel for the weapons, Anne grabs two of her choice and moves on.

Anne comes across her first dinosaurs sometime after this, two Brachiosaurs, a juvenile and an adult, walking around in a valley. The player can choose to fire at them if he or she wishes, but it will have no effect on the animals whatsoever except agitating them slightly, causing them to move faster and make the earth shake more. Her first real threat comes later, when she finds a “Tribe A” Velociraptor lurking in a building site. This is the first of many raptors she encounters in her explorations. Proceeding on, she finds another raptor, and in the distance sees a raised monorail track in a clearing. Climbing to the top of the monorail platform, she follows the tracks until she can jump to the other side of a tall fence on the far side of the clearing, ending the level for the player.

After she is over the fence, whatever weapons Anne had before are gone. She finds another Desert Eagle nearby, and follows a general path through the jungle. After a while, she finds a Triceratops fighting two Velociraptors. The player can choose to interfere, or continue walking. Proceeding on, Anne finds a construction crane, which she climbs. Climbing into a small cabin at the top of the crane arm, she jumps on to another monorail, which she follows.

Once Anne’s off the monorail, she continues along the jungle road, now in a trench-like area. Anne avoids several ambushes by raptors, “Tribe B” now along with “Tribe A”. Exiting the trench, she sees her first Tyrannosaurus rex, which is battling raptors. Avoiding the fight, she eventually ends up in a vast canyon, which is infested with both kinds of raptors. Anne finds an MP5K submachine gun, and a Ruger Redhawk. Exiting the canyon and jumping into a pond, Anne encounters an Albertosaurus and two raptors. After killing them, she moves on. Anne soon finds a crane. Climbing up, she carefully walks over the narrow crane arm and jumps over another fence.

Anne soon enters a town via a key code-activated door. Luckily for her, the code is written on the wall, although it’s backwards, spelling out “BIGLIE”. After fighting many raptors, Anne uses several keycards she finds to unlock various doors in the town, and eventually the gate leading out. After leaving, she comes across two Tyrannosaurs fighting. They ignore her, and she goes around.

Anne comes across a gas station. Beyond that is a gate, opened by a code that is written on the back of a sign. She goes through the gate, and finds what appears to be a construction or lab site, with many trailers and crates. Once again, she uses various keycards to open doors. She eventually gets onto the roof of a building, which is in an L-shape. She walks along the roof and gets into the administrative office. Using a code written on a wall, Anne gets into John Hammond’s personal computer. After listening to a speech that plays, she uses it to open a door behind the administrative building. Once out, she exits into the paddocks. She climbs some crates to get onto a wall, and jumps into the next area.

Anne finds a toxic rifle, which fires a round that kills any animal in one shot. Proceeding into a valley, Anne fights many raptors, including now “Tribe C”, and an Albertosaurus, eventually coming across a Mayan temple. Nearby is a tyrannosaur, which she downs with one shot from the toxic rifle. Anne runs across a narrow bridge made from two wooden planks into the next area.

Anne fights her way down through a valley and up the side of a mountain, which she is able to ascend thanks to many rocks and a road that goes upward towards the top. She goes across a makeshift wooden bridge and uses an elevator system to get to the summit.

She finally comes across a communications center. After fighting several raptors, she uses the emergency radio to call for help. The operators are skeptical at first, but she convinces them that she really is in danger. After calling for help, she proceeds up a metal staircase on the side of the mountain. She fights several raptors on the way up, and once she’s at the top of the mountain, she fights the “Tribe C Alpha” which is meant to be the “boss battle” of the game. After downing the enormous raptor, she uses crates to jump over the electric fence and walks onto the helipad. Finally, a helicopter arrives, and Anne is rescued from Isla Sorna.

Anne’s apartment is seen once again, with another angry message from Jill playing. The last thing the player sees is a Velociraptor claw, similar to the one Alan Grant has, being thrown onto the desk by the phone.