Devils in the Desert Continuity Note

Devils in the Desert, the second series of Jurassic Park comics released by IDW, is its own canon separate from Jurassic Park: Redemption. It doesn’t mention the events that took place in Redemption, and the location of the Pteranodons is different. The location of the pterosaurs in Redemption is somewhere between Texas and Mexico, since Lex was in route to Lexxcrops headquarters in Costa Rica when her plane was passed by the Pteranodons. The story of Devils in the Desert has Pteranodons nesting in Southern California. Also, in Redemption InGen was never mentioned except for once in Ludlow’s flashback. If InGen was still alive in that story, then it was Tim’s company (for he and his company along with Ludlow’s funding were creating the new Jurassic Park.) In Devil’s Allan Cobb seemed to be in charge of InGen, or at least a primary member of InGen (he is InGen’s Director of Biological Studies, which, in theory, would mean he is in charge of anything dealing with the animals.) Another thing is that when Dr. Pettigrew leaves the InGen headquarters he calls a Louis, explaining information he has on the Pterosaurs and InGen. This could in fact be Dodgson, except they may have misspelled his name as Louis instead of Lewis. If this is true, Lewis Dodgson is supposed to have been killed in Redemption which means this is a different canon since he would be alive.

Devils in the Desert seems to follow the films much better than Redemption did, and actually better than most of the other Jurassic Park comics.

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