Level Five – The Lab (T/C)

The fifth level of Jurassic Park: Trespasser picks up where level four left off. Anne starts off in front of the large, wooden gates that ended the Town level. Behind her is a small utility box which holds an M14 rifle and one Desert Eagle Mark VII pistol. Continuing down the path, shortly ahead is a Triceratops and one male Tyrannosaurus, which are usually seen fighting. Normally, the Tyrannosaurus is victorious but sometimes the Triceratops can kill the predator with enough luck. Regardless, Anne must make her way down the path and avoid the two dinosaurs.

Down the path is a metal fence with a closed gate, where an old bus rests next to a security point. In order to continue, Anne must enter the combination to the keypad (8101), opening the metal gates. Once inside the compound, Anne is surrounded by a variety of objects; trailers, barrels and trucks. To continue with the level, Anne must find a green InGen key-card, which will open another set of gates that leads to the Labs.

Behind a cluster of barrels is a SPAS-12 shotgun, and nearby will be a Tribe B Velociraptor. If Anne chooses to, a small utility shed not too far from where the SPAS-12 was found has a MAC-10 machine pistol inside, and she can get the weapon by using the white key-card lying near the door of the shed.

Getting closer to the larger buildings, Anne must find a yellow key-card to enter the Eastern building. She can find this key-card by entering the small building closer to the edge of the compound. Nearby will be a Tribe B Velociraptor. Once inside the shed via shooting at the wooden slats in the windows, Anne must enter the bathroom to find a yellow keycard sitting atop the toilet. Behind a cluster of large boxes will be a silenced MPS if she chooses to grab it.

Once inside the building, Anne must walk up the flight of stairs, turn left, then enter the room at the end of the hallway. Inside, a white markerboard will read: “David – Card’s is in the Atlantic, good luck!”. This indicates that Anne must reach the Atlantic shipping container close to the compound gates and find the key-card.

In order to reach the key-card, Anne must perform a series of slightly difficult acts. She must first shoot the two slats that hold up the trailer near the utility shed that held the MAC-10 machine pistol, which causes it to tilt and collide with the shed. Climbing on top of the trailer via the boxes on the side of the shed, she must leap from the trailer to the roof of the shed.

After this, she must jump from the roof to the bus stop roof, then from there on top of the bus. Then, she must walk across the wooden plank laid from the bus roof to the shipping container, leap from the first container to the next one in front of her, and then finally jump onto the next one, which is leaning against the Atlantic shipping container.

Crawling inside the container, at the bottom of the container is the green key-card, which Anne must use to open the gates to the compound leading to the Labs. After starting on the path uphill, the area will be relatively clear of enemies, save for a lone Triceratops. After this, there will be two Tribe B Velociraptors. After the two raptors, there will be no more enemies when Anne reaches the Labs.

To enter the Labs, Anne must climb on top of the boxes scattered around a black garbage container, which leads into an open window inside the building. Once inside, Anne must walk down the hallway towards the gray double-doors, which lead to a weathered staircase. Once past the doors upstairs, Anne must pick up the purple key-card, walk past the science work-area and enter the Velociraptor hatcheries, where an open window leads to the roof connecting to the second building. Anne must walk across the roof and enter the second building via a window, which is partially blocked by an air-conditioning unit.

Once inside the building, Anne must enter the room at the end of the hallway next to the stairs, then enter a second room which has a desk, a computer, and a clipboard which reads “526327”. Anne must enter the bathroom which has a red key-card atop the toilet, which is needed to access the third building. Using the purple key-card to exit the building, Anne must enter the third building across from the first building via the red key-card, then enter they key-code (526327) into the keypad to enter the double-doors.

Once past the first set of doors, Anne must use the blue key-card next to the second set of heavy double-doors to access the Cray room, where the one Cray XMP supercomputer InGen owned was held. Inside, Anne must head towards the back wall and find the poster which reads “Cray Bootup” followed by a series of colored squares. Anne must use these to push the buttons in the correct order that are on the consoles around the room, starting from the dark red button and ending at the purple button. Once the order has been created, the monitors will show the InGen logo and a computer voice will indicate that the satellite up-link is connected and that it is attempting connection to the mountain top facility.

Once this is completed, Anne must make her way towards the back of the compound where the holding pens are. Entering through the right entrance, a Tribe B Velociraptor greets her, and Anne must walk up the rebar lying against the wall and cross into the adjacent pen. Anne must climb onto the box via the barrels lying against it, cross down onto the path below, and walk towards the exit.

After departing the holding pens, Anne must walk down into the dried-up riverbed, ending the level.