Level Six – The Ascent: Part One (T/C)

The sixth level of Jurassic Park: Trespasser starts off in the dried-up riverbed which ended the previous level. Anne must walk down the hill and trek across, soon coming across a lone Albertosaurus, which she may be able to avoid the attention of if she keeps her distance. Not too far ahead is a Tribe B Velociraptor, where off to the right of is a cluster of boulders where human remains and a M-14 rifle lay. Farther up ahead is another Tribe B Velociraptor, and shortly ahead are two other raptors.

After sliding down a hill, Anne comes across a large boulder, where human remains and another Tribe B Velociraptor wait. After walking along for some time, Anne reaches a ridge that overlooks the ocean, where an AK-47 rifle lies on the ground. Anne must keep walking to the right, where nearby an abandoned InGen jeep sits, and nearby are more human remains followed by yet another Tribe B Velociraptor. Farther up ahead is a Stegosaurus, most of the time being attacked by a Tribe B Velociraptor.

Anne must continue walking up the hill, where to her left both a Tribe B and Tribe C Velociraptor stand, walking near another abandoned InGen vehicle. Continuing up the hill, Anne comes across more Tribe C Velociraptors, and nearby another Albertosaurus. After walking some more, Anne comes across the Mayan ruins. She must walk up a tricky Mayan maze, which is booby-trapped in places.

Moving forward, Anne comes across a Mayan village, where a group of Tribe C Velociraptors are stalking around. After exiting the Mayan ruins, Anne will find the Lava Tyrannosaurus walking around the path, where to her left is a Mayan pyramid, which is also booby-trapped. After moving past the tyrannosaur, Anne must continue up the path to a bridge, the middle part of which is missing. Anne must be careful here, otherwise the bridge will collapse.

After walking across the bridge, Anne must walk further up the path, finally reaching the end of the level.