Maiasaura peeblesorum (?) (S/F)

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The “good mother reptile” was described in 1979 by Dr. Jack Horner (Jurassic Park films consultant). This dinosaur brought new concepts that are in place today on the parenting habits of dinosaurs.

It was 9 meters (29.5ft), 3 meters (10ft) in height at the hips and 3 tons in weight. Maiasaura lived during the Late Cretaceous about 80 to 72 million years ago. Maisaura was a member of the Hadrosaur family. It lived during the middle-late Campanian epoch of the Late Cretaceous. Material includes more than 200 individuals including babies to adults. It was found in the Upper Two Medicine Formation (Montana), United States.

This species is in question since Maiasaura only appears on a Field Guide trading card in the Jurassic Park 3 set of trading cards, card #67. The two JP3 trading cards made by InkWorks featuring Muttaburrasaurus and Maiasaura are the only evidence for these animals as being possibly on Isla Sorna.