Maisie Lockwood Adventures #1 Off the Grid

Cover of Book

Maisie Lockwood Adventures was the first original novel in a two book series authored by Tess Sharpe. The novel series takes place two years after the Lockwood Manor Incident as Maisie Lockwood travels with Claire Dearing and Owen Grady across America. During her travels, the book series covers Maisie’s struggles with her self-identity, as well as documents the difficulty of the dinosaurs integrating within this all new world.

Back cover Synopsis:

“With her guardians, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, Maisie has gone off the grid as they search for their lost Velociraptor, Blue, while avoiding the government and other, more sinister threats. But living out of a camper and-without a phone!- is tough. Luckily, they end up at a summer camp site, where Maisie makes some new friends. But it turns out her friends have a secret of their own. And with a group of ruthless dinosaur poachers in the area, no one is safe. This original hardcover novel follows the exciting, all new adventures of Maisie Lockwood as she navigates a world filled with dinosaurs and humans both ferocious and friendly.”




  1. Owen Grady
  2. Claire Dearing
  3. Maisie Lockwood
  4. Blue


  1. Campsite